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November 11, 2010


Digital Drugs

I-Doser made nationwide headlines when two things happened: mentioned the company in their Threat Level release, and Oklahoma’s Mustang Public School sent out a letter to parents warning them of the new craze (covered in a news 9 video). Let’s set the record straight right now… will never refer to their products as “digital drugs” for one reason. By labeling the products “Drugs” there’s obvious negative connotations (that local news loves, of course – scare reporting at its finest). While does sell sequences intended to simulate the effects of recreational narcotics, that is just a small portion of the hundreds of sequences they sell including study aids, sleep support, sexual assistance, meditational and spiritual tracks, and so so much more. I-Doser tries very hard to market its products as able to integrate into almost every aspect of your daily life. Through meditation, relaxation, and the effects of specialized binaural sequences, it IS TRUE: You can achieve some amazing effects. Of course, this is achievable without the negative and harmful effects of street drugs.

What of Oklahoma’s Mustang Public School and their concern for the kids? Let’s hear it from them, first:


I’ll defend I-Doser in two ways here. First, I-Doser requires you be over the age of 18 to purchase their products. They have stated publically that, while using meditational sequences is completely safe, you are working with the subtle modification of your mood. Astral travelers should be old enough to take this process serious. Second, I feel completely symphonic of these kids. Oklahoma’s Mustang Public School sent home warnings to their parents and banned iPods and cell phones. Granted, one would question the use of either in a learning environment, but this is the wrong reason for such drastic action. Boiled down, these sequences are music intended to elicit a feeling. One could say the same for Pink Floyd. I’ve also heard this referred to as a gateway drug. Again, one could say the same for Pink Floyd, but honestly, anything keeping these kids away from harmful substances, be it meditation, or music, or relaxation, so be it.

I will end with this. I am glad I-Doser is bringing the process of meditation and binaural brainwave modification to the masses. They explain it in a clear manner with mass-market appeal, and that’s what was always missing from other vendors in this space. Best of all, they socialize with their extensive Forums and detailed Experience Reports. Even more impressive is this product line – ranging from an mobile App, a PC Program, and a whole line of CDs and MP3s. There is something for the beginning traveller or an experienced cadet.

I am a true advocate of owning your body, including how you feel, and their wide range of products do help to achieve a simulated mood or experience.

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  1. LoLsaCK
    Nov 11 2010

    You know what i say? FUCK THEM for trying to say that I-Dosing is dangerous, if they would have done their research and found out it was completely safe, they would have probably tryed it themselves.

  2. Zoe
    May 31 2011

    This pisses me off. They obviously have no idea what theyre talking about! Ignorance is what causes fear, and these people are obviously ignorant. Gall! If your so worried, why dont you do some fucking research?!!

  3. Chet
    Jun 12 2011

    All press is good press. Remember that. It’s what you do following the “negative” press that creates the overall outcome. Don’t take the defense and offer reason. Understand the oppositions point, appeal to their reason, and be genuine. In most cases, you’ll win 90+% time. Most people just want to be heard. Unfortunately for high school kids, the schools have to jump all over this otherwise parents will be in an uproar; not because of the cause itself but because the schools didn’t do anything. It’s funny how that works. Instead of the parents actually stepping up to be parents and talk about this stuff with their kids, they just pass the problem onto the schools. I always thought it was supposed to be the parent’s responsibility to guide their children especially when it comes to thinking for themselves. Instead, it seems like parents need a lesson on how to actually think. There are goods and bads in everything and the outcomes vary person to person. It’s the choices we make that make us who we are. I agree with Zoe in that it is a bit ignorant to go about this in the way that they did. No matter what a company does to age restrict things, there are always ways around it. And anytime there is an age restriction, curiosity heightens tenfold. So to make the rest of this long story short, anything negative as a result of personal opinion is only worth looking into just to hear all sides and to remain open. News stations are awful ways to stay informed because they are pretty much the kings of negative entertainment. Schools in situations like this try and show kids what not to do and don’t explain why nor offer positive alternatives. So instead, they go off and try to inform themselves and have no idea what to believe either way. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is key.


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