Advanced Digital Dosing

There are extremely powerful and intense ways to simulate a mood or experience and we’re going to tell you step by step how-to get great effects from digital dosing. Keep reading…What is digital dosing?  Basically, it’s a technique that involves playing two different tones simultaneously through headphones in order to alter brainwaves and achieve a simulated mood or experience.

These simulated experiences can be recreational, sexual, stimulating or nearly whatever you wish.

Does it work? In peer review tests, over 80% of users have achieved at least one simulated experience! While results most certainly may vary, there is a good chance that integrating digital dosing into your lifestyle can greatly enhance many aspects of life.

Before you tell you how to do this let us make one thing clear: We highly recommend the I-Doser brand doses as their process has been refined with years of research and development, and unmatched standards. With thousands of satisfied users, over two million downloads, and hundreds of product offerings: the I-Doser product line continues to lead the industry. They practically invented the concept of recreational binaural dosing, and I-Doser is the second most downloaded Science application on CNET, only bested by Google Earth! So please, support a true industry leader!

*For more information on I-Doser, please click here.

STEP 1: Download binaural dosing software. I-Doser seems to the best in the industry right now. Click here to download I-Doser. While there is a free version, I can attest first-hand that the Premium Version is the way to go. It includes MANY enhanced features not included in the basic free version. Obviously, this article is about achieving the absolute best results, so opt for the paid if you can.


STEP 2: Add doses! After the software is installed, go ahead and check out some of I-Doser’s great dose packs! Click here to add some truly amazing doses! Their dose packs tend to be the best value for the money, so add a pack or two. Individual doses can be purchased, but you will get the maximum savings and have many more options to experience if you go for the packs!


OPTIONAL STEP 3: Is software too much for you? If you tend to avoid using computer software or maybe the process seems a little too advanced, we recommend you start with I-Doser CDs or MP3s. They are shorter and contain ambient music without the need to install software. While the software certainly gives you the most options, and therefore the most chance for success, the CDs and MP3s are a great place to start.


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