Simulate Sex and Love

Simulate Sex and Love

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. Not all of us are in a relationship and some are in a listless or wilted one. Today we talk Simulating Sex and LoveScience Fact: your brain operates at a very specific frequency when you are experiencing the intense pleasures involved with a first love, great sex or simply finding comfort or love in the arms of another. Through years of research, I-Doser has figured out a way to help tune your brain to these frequencies, therefore helping to simulate the feelings associated with sex and love. The results are the only method to achieve a simulated sexual or loving experience through the use of what they refer to as “binaural audio dosing.” While I-Doser originated the concept of digital dosing and have refined the experience, they have also given us two very valuable gifts this Valentine’s: a way to simulate intense sexual or love-inspired feelings, and the ability to enhance any current relationship we are in.

Sex and Love Dosing

Are you NOT in a relationship? Do you feel lonely sometimes? Are you looking for a way to enhance self-pleasure? Then the I-Doser Sex Doses (including some extreme experiences) might be a good way to give yourself something a little special on a day when you maybe need it. It’s quite simple. With a pair of headphones and the I-Doser Software (and a few doses of your choice), you just listen to specialized audio and it helps and your brain slowly tunes to the operating frequency of sexual or loving experiences.

Are you in a relationship but maybe need something extra? Many professionals will tell you that having a healthy “bedroom” relationship is one of the keys to keeping a relationship or marriage long term and healthy. I-Doser has you covered with a whole series of extension doses, extreme or simply low-level enhancements. If you or both you and your partner listen to one of the I-Doser enhancement doses before your evening, you might find that things are suddenly a lot hotter than they once were.

It’s really no surprise that I-Doser brand sex and love doses are their best-selling category of simulated experiences. Their orgasm dose is the best-selling binaural experience in all of the industry’s history! If you are either alone this Valentine’s Day, or looking for a way to spice up an existing marriage or relationship,

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It might surprise you.

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