Attract Success Tutorial

Attract Success Tutorial

Much of what you accomplish starts with mindset. Intense focus on what you want and visualization can result in accomplishment. However, is there a cheat code for your mind?What do we desire most? What would we most like for our family, our friends, and ourselves? If you guessed Love and Money, you are close. The answer is much broader: happiness. While you can argue love and money may bring joy, it is not the all-encompassing key to everything. They are often a result of your own self-love, determination and mindset AFTER you have succeeded in aligning yourself to accept success. This is where most attraction methods have it wrong. You do not directly attract a single goal of money, sex, love, or any singularity. You align the pillars of yourself (mind, body and spirit) to accept change, to power the determination, and to clear and energize your mindset. The byproduct of this changed self can result in love, financial gain, and more. Most importantly, you worked this process from yourself outward and not from a lofty outward facing dream backwards. How do you do this? LOTS of hard work! However, we may have a cheat code for the brain.

What Brain Cheat Code?

First, if you do not do any form of relaxation technique every day, start there. We would recommend some light daily meditation in a quiet environment. While meditation and yoga have become extremely popular, many struggle quieting their brain. Our brainwaves can be very erratic throughout the day, depending on your level of stress or any number of other factors. You need to calm those brainwaves for a bit each day. This sounds like a small change for the big end goals we speak of, but it is critical. Clearing your mind opens pathways for acceptance and often leads to revelations that can trigger success. If the only time your mind rests is while you sleep, you will have less success interpreting. Once you master waking rest, you can move on to controlling and recalling your dreams in the Lucid Dream tutorial. For now, start with 30 minutes a day, alone, quiet, comfortable and without thought. The use of binaural brainwave tones can be extremely effective here. Nature sound, yoga or meditation music only offers calming sounds and are often counterproductive. Never use YouTube amateur binaural or meditation audio. It is extremely ineffective and sometimes so poorly produced it will have a negative effect. Binaural tones scientifically synchronize your brianwaves to the proper frequency for success alignment. offers hundreds of these powerful audio sequences, but a good place to start in this exercise is with some of the meditation, rest, or other brainwave audio doses by I-Doser. Not only can you use it for meditation and yoga, but many use these brainwave doses to hack their brain to the frequency they want to be operating at in any given moment. Yes, brain hacking is a thing.

Powerful Brain Alignment

You will find that once you start opening your mind on a regular basis it will become easier, especially with the use of binaurals. This comes at a different pace for everyone, so stay with it and determined. Most important, start to inject yourself with daily doses of positivity. Negativity, anger, jealously and other negative energy will retroactively reverse any positive results you are making with your binaural treatment and relaxation sessions. If you feel this or any other negative energy trying to take over, you must be ready to fight it. They will close the receptors we have been working so hard to open. I-Doser has some great binaurals to help control these negative emotions. Sequences like QuickHappy, Tranquil, NoAnger, Nirvana and so many more can help with this. Eat well, sleep well, and keep your brainwave frequency in check. Mind and body have a close connection. What next? Once you have negative energy in control and your mindset aligned great things may start to happen. You could start seeing extremely high levels of energy and creativity. DO NOT INGORE these energy spikes. You need to recognize when these kind of ultra-positive energies are high and then funnel them towards success. This will depend on the person, but harness that energy for work, or creative or artistic endeavors, relationships or friendship – or wherever feels right for you. Just be doing what you love as you subconsciously channel the positive energy you create into what really inspires you. As a gatekeeper to your own energy, you will see something truly amazing start to happen.HowTo Harness Energy

Using powerful brainwave alignment with, and controlling your negative energy through relaxation sessions, you will see those results seep into your day as you aim all that positivity towards life goals. Two amazing things will happen. First, that energy is not singular. It does not just point form you to an endpoint. It will travel though those you make contact with, have connections with, or work or go to school with. Energy travels, and improvement is not a bubble that surrounds only you. You will find you have some control over it, and can direct it, but it does not belong to only you. THIS is where you may find success, love or money attraction as those around you spiritually and subconsciously see amazing in things in what you can do. That is true success attraction.

Attract Success Video

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4 Replies to “Attract Success Tutorial”

  1. Kim Chanella says:

    I will say that my meditation has greatly improved with the addition of binaurals I haven’t used the I-Doser brand (but havent used youtube junk either), Maybe I will check them out. Great post, very positive.

  2. John Poletesky says:

    You guys have been posting some great tutorial work on here. I was about to give up on this site but your dreaming tutorial and this one are at such high production value I can’t help but check in on occasion.

  3. Hathan Ross says:

    I never understood people using nature sounds of meditation music when you are trying to calm yourself. Tone therapy has always made more sense to me and I’ve seen some great results with it. Is IDose that much better?

  4. Jenny Smath says:

    Another amazing post keep it up! You guys are my favorite spirit blog! Been using idoser tones for a few years now. Great stuff!

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