Lucid Dream Sex

An average person thinks about sex 30 times a day. A couple has sex from once a week to once a month. What about sex in dreams? Let’s talk Lucid Dream Sex: Have, control and remember sex in dreams…Lucid Dreaming is the ability to know when you are in a dream, and then to be able to control and recall that dream. This process takes practice, but it is not difficult or hard to master. Please refer to the I-Doser Lucid Dream Tutorial as an introduction to this amazing process and take back those 8 hours a night you sleep! If you find that you have trouble dreaming, and remembering or controlling those dreams, then you may find the process easier with the usage of binaural brainwave doses. This special audio will attempt to synchronize your brainwaves to the proper frequency to both spur vivid dreams and help you remember those dreams. I-Doser leads the binaural industry and they have MP3 doses, an APP, and computer software to enhance this process. Let’ do a quick rundown of how to control your dreams before we talk all the fun things you can do in them.

I-Doser Reality Check

First, learn to do a reality check. One way is to wear a Dream Watch. Every time you look at your watch to tell the time, look away from the watch and then back to it again. Ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” as you glance back at the watch. If something strange happens, as if the time suddenly jumps hours ahead or back, the numbers change to symbols, or you do not see a watch on your arm, THEN YOU ARE DREAMING! You will then need to practice your reaction to the fact you are dreaming. For a long time, you will notice you are dreaming and instantly wake up. Keep a dream journal, and keep practicing. Once you master transition from real to dream, the lines of reality will start to blur and you will begin to have more control over your dreams. Refer to the I-Doser Lucid Dream Tutorial, and make sure to enhance this ability with brainwave doses to align your brain to assist in this process. What will it be like in the beginning?

Lucid Video Tutorial

Once you can dream almost every night, recognize you are dreaming, have some control over those dreams, and then remember them – you can begin to introduce controlled sex into these dreams. In the beginning, you will have little control over your dream world. Strange things may happen; they may steer wildly out of control, turn to nightmares, or be very abstract. It may help to put your mind in the mood. I-Doser has some great sexual doses you can introduce into your dream or relaxation binaural doses. You can SlipStream these doses together, so as you are entering REM your brain triggers erotic thoughts and your dream will most likely be sexual in nature. There is something obvious we should mention, also.

Binaural Warning

DO NOT use streaming YouTube audio, amateur binaurals, guided meditation or vocal audio, or sleep “rain, forest, water sounds” as you go to bed. This can hinder or even stop progress and it can interfere with dream recall. Youtube and streaming audio is completely ineffective when it comes to binaurals, and can have negative effects on your progress. The only recommend audio therapy is professional binaural audio from someone like or the Monroe Institute.

Sexual Mood Enhancement

It could also help if you put yourself in the mood before sleep. Use movies, literature, or whatever normally turns you on to get in the mood shortly before you sleep. This pre-setup along with binaural therapy will almost guarantee erotic dreams. Practice your dream control and recall and you could have your own erotic virtual playland every single night. What can you do once you can lucid dream and introduce sex into those controlled experiences? You are really only limited by your imagination. Do you want some ideas?

What Does Dream Mean?

We have heard stories of people using lucid dream sex to act as self-exploration. You can do things in erotic dreams you would normally never do in reality. People have self-treated sexual issues through their dreams, expanded their sensual comfort, or simply just had fun. I mean, think about it. You can have sex with anybody you want in a dream: a celebrity, musician, or crush. While we have been referring to these experiences as solo-sexual experiences, you can also incorporate binaural doses into your relationship for further exploring the sexual side of your relationship. Share your dreams with each other and further expand your knowledge of someone you love or lust. Whatever your end goal, be it exploration or simply fun, be sure to use the I-Doser Lucid Tutorial for further enhancing dreams. Use binaural doses to put your brain into the correct mindset to make this process much easier. Most importantly, take time to understand yourself and your desires. The connection to your spiritual sexual being is an important one. Capitalize on those 8 hours a night you sleep and learn, love and live.

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  1. Tom Karten says:

    One of the first things I tried after learning to lucid dream was have lucid dream sex. (I wont say with who). I will say to keep practicing, this takes months (at least) to master, although you can start seeing some results quicker using binaurals as the article says. Great stuff!

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