Binaural Power Packs

Maybe you have tried a few simulated experiences. Or, maybe you are completely new to this amazing phenomenon.  Either way, let’s optimize your results in some amazing ways…Ok, first off. What are binaural brainwave doses and are they something you should integrate into your life? Brainwave dosing, or the concept of altering a mood or simulating experience with the use of specialized audio was not invented by I-Doser (despite lots of misconception here). However, they brought it mainstream and it has become a common name across the world. Literally, I-Doser is known in nearly every country now across the entire globe. Where do you start, though? It might seem complicated, but all you need is a few things. You will need either a mobile device, or a computer, and a good pair of high quality headphones. All set? Great! Now it’s time to get some doses. Here is the meat of our conversation here… You ABSOLUTELY must go with Dose Packs to truly find what works best for you. What is a dose pack? Well, that’s why we are here!

Brainwave Power Packs

Dose packs are collections of doses and you can get them either in MP3 format, to use on any device. OR, you can up your game and get the FREE I-Doser software for Mac and PC, and then add dose packs to the software. Can you buy individual doses? Yes, of course. As a matter of fact, I-Doser pioneered the concept of the single-serve premium binaural brainwave dose. So, why dose packs then? Here is the thing – binaural brainwave dosing takes a little practice and some time for your brain to become acclimated to the concept of mood altering with sound. While I-Doser is kind enough to offer some free doses, that might not be enough for you to really delve deep and get used to dosing. That is why they offer dose packs. These are collections of doses that are very often much cheaper than if you purchased a bunch of separate doses. They allow you to explore and entire genre of doses and therefore you might find more success than if you just randomly hit some one-off doses. If you are completely new to binaural brainwave dosing, this is really the best way to go.

Next stop: mood alteration!

Click here to get the free software and add dose packs

Click here to get dose packs in MP3 format

You are now ready to begin your journey. Fair warning, digital dosing can be intense, mind-altering and possibly alarming for those who have never altered brainwaves in this form of powerful way. Good luck, and continue to read through BinauralBlog for more resources on this world-wide phenomenon.

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