Meditation and Binaurals

Meditation has grown in popularity, but some find that it too difficult or they can’t achieve results. We discuss the usage of brainwave doses to enhance the spiritual or meditative journey…

People are meditating right now. I’m not talking about the overly religious, holistic, alternative medicine, hippie, or otherwise niche demographic (but they meditate too) – just regular everyday people, like you and me. The ever-connected life and fast pace of the modern person, I believe, has directly influenced its recent surge in popularity. Herein is the problem. It’s very difficult for those without guidance to just tame a busy mind, never mind go completely blank – the sweet spot of meditation. Unfortunately, those that try often don’t see results or give up before the true benefits are seen. I’m not saying you are doing it wrong, but you can great enhance your experience if you integrate binaural brainwave therapy (from a trusted provider) into your meditative sessions.

Spiritual Simulations

Let’s talk spirit science. At the very basic core, meditation is just clearing your mind.  This is where you should start. Going blank, visualizing a void that is free of thought, empty of everything… Give it a try right now. Not too easy, is it? The crutch of meditation isn’t the amazing and life-changing results, it achieving that place of Zen, learning to get there, and then being able to recreate it. I will suggest using a guided meditation, but unfortunately you will find most of these are horribly produced “talking voice” or spa music type recordings. Let me put this right out there – talking guided meditations and cheesy new age music are not the way to go. Do yourself a favor and invest in some binaural simulations (the MP3 packs for beginners and the computer software as you advance). These are scientifically tuned to get your brain’s operating frequency where it needs to be to achieve success… and that makes all the difference in the world.

What is I-Doser?

You see, the simple fact is this: Meditation is very often not enough. The human brain, operating at the proper frequency, and tuned to be open to the spirit sciences – is when  you will find certain doors open and all of a sudden your spiritual quality of life begins to drastically increase. Trust me, you will feel the change. When you do, then you can start exploring some more advanced binaural doses such as chakra alignment, Alpha-Delta therapy, and any number of amazing paths you can take with a well curated binaural library of your own. Here at Binaural Blog, we have evaluated loads of binaural companies that offer so-called binaural brainwave recordings. None has even come close to the quality that does, so I would advise you start there as a baseline for what is a truly great line of products. Other than that, keep meditating. Share your experiences, and keep reading here as we explore all things holistic and alternative.

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