I-Doser Year In Review

I-Doser Year In Review

This year was the biggest in the over 10-year history of I-Doser Simulated Experiences. The passionate dedication from everyone involved in the creation of the world’s most powerful and best-selling binaural brainwave doses is truly amazing. As we look back on the year, we thank you first: our fans…Millions of active users, hundreds-of-thousands of doses sold, and a dedicated user-base that has been with us for years. We are truly humbled by the fact that YOU made I-Doser.com the top brain audio company in the world. There is a lot to reflect on in the past year, and some truly amazing things to look forward to. Let’s take just a minute to reflect on all the accomplishments made by I-Doser in the past year. They have been dedicated to cutting-edge brainwave innovation for over a decade. Their passionate users know the difference between quality binaural doses backed by science and innovation: With over an 83% success rate in testing, it is why thousands are moving from low-quality amateur so-called binaurals  (YouTube, streaming, or those old school nature sounds CDs). To you, we welcome you! New to I-Doser, or simply want to join us in a look back, let’s catch you up.

IDoser Top Mobile App

This year I-Doser released the latest version of their best-selling app and it has stayed at the top of both the Android and iOS charts for the duration of the year. YOU made us the top brain app!

IDoser Windows Certified

With support from Microsoft and the Windows 10 Team, I-Doser released the ONLY official certified binaural brainwave app to the Windows Store for FREE! This is a must-install for Windows users – and a Mac Version is available for Mac users.

I-Doser Elite Collection

The Elite Collection was released and contains hundreds of new powerful brain doses for use with I-Doser Certified Windows and Mac software. Backed by years of research, I-Doser brand binaurals are the strongest available ANYWHERE!

I-Doser MP3 Packs

I-Doser pioneered the mixing of ASMR and Binaural Technology to create the world’s most powerful simulated experiences MP3 packs. As a result, our ASMR Comfort Pack album has become the best-selling binaural album ever released!

I-Doser Social Explosion

I-Doser social presence EXPLODED with thousands of passionate brain hacking fans following us for the absolute best in free offers, news, tutorials and more covering lucid dreams, legal highs, out of body, spiritual, metaphysical and MORE.

Get Free Doses

To celebrate the many milestones in the past year and the AMAZING plans I-Doser has for the new year, they are giving aware free doses for a very limited time.


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5 Replies to “I-Doser Year In Review”

  1. Davin Javier says:

    Ive been one of those following you since the start over a decade. I’m not sure i’ve ever seen a year in review. Would love to see future years covered or a history of post. Love you guys!

  2. trisha Hampter says:

    this past year i switched from using really crappy youtube “power music” that turned out to just be an amateur with a tone generator. after I switch to idose my life has changed. For those causal user who have been scammed by youtube junk binaurals, there is where you want to be

  3. Matt Freeling says:

    Great to see you had an amazing year. I am new to you but I just downloaded the app after hear all the great reviews of it. Can’t wait!

  4. John Ireland says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for the free doses. The free ones are actually some ones I wanted to buy in the new year so you made my holiday. Love the dedication to your customers.

  5. Cathy Gannon says:

    while everyone else is at it – love to you. +1 fooled by fake youtube binaurals and made the switch!

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