HowTo Cure Nightmares

Cure Sleep Terror Nightmares

Do you get perfect sleep every night? When you add up the number of people who suffer from sleep terrors, nightmares, apnea, insomnia and general poor sleep – you will find that very few of us are getting the required rest for a busy lifestyle. Let’s take a look at those numbers. You will be SHOCKED…

1 out of every 2 adults has nightmares on occasion and between 2% and 8% of adults are plagued by them. 15% of children have sleep terrors, with 2% of adults suffering from sleep inhibiting-bad dreams. 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, with 80% of the cases of moderate and severe obstructive sleep apnea undiagnosed. About ONE IN THREE people have mild insomnia, and many suffer from severe poor sleep.

HowTo Cure Sleep Terror

Let’s briefly cover each of these because it is important you understand the root source of your sleep difficulties before you absolutely crush it with some very simple methods. Nightmares are vivid realistic dreams that often rattle you awake. The can set your heart pounding in fear. An occasional nightmare is normal, but frequent nightmares that disrupt REM sleep can be problematic. Sleep Terrors, sometimes related but fundamentally different than nightmares – are often more intense. The subject of sleep terror may scream, cry, and be overtaken by foreboding fear. They can often not be awaken during an episode. They may feel paralyzed, helpless, and time distortion may make a 20 minute episode feel like an eternity. Sleep apnea often refers to trouble breathing while sleeping. It can be a potentially serious disorder. Insomnia is simply when you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. So how can you take back control of your night and get the most restful energizing sleep you’ve ever had? There are a few ways.

HowTo Cure Nightmares

First, if you suffer from sleep apnea or other disruptive issues that could cause mental or physical harm, please seek medical attention. Advances in technology and medication can greatly aid in your rehabilitation. Don’t accept not sleeping as normal. While we can’t give medical advice, we can offer some very powerful techniques that could help with general insomnia, nightmare control, and low-level sleep terror.

Meditate. Our minds race in a busy world and it is important that you take time to rest your mind. You may not be into full-on formal meditation, but put 30 minutes aside a day to listen to your favorite music without interruption, as a start. Move towards softer songs, or try 30 minutes of silence on occasion. Make it part of your daily routine. If you are a busy thinker you may find that meditation is difficult. Resist the urge use nature sounds, white noise, or amateur compositions like binaural tone music off streaming sites like YouTube. Many of them will reverse forward progression. If you want to try brainwave science audio products, go with an official source like – with over a decade of experience, they really have a grasp of brainwave alignment for meditation and it can make the process dramatically easier.

Meditation Tutorial

Lucid Dream. To crush your nightmares you must know your dreams. Keep a dream journal by your bed. If a dream or a nightmare wakes you, write it down. If you remember your dream when you awake, write it down. Similar to meditation, build a routine of remembering your dreams. For many, this will be enough – just the act of acknowledging and interpreting your dreams and nightmares may be adequate to make you feel more in power. For absolute control, you can take the next step and learn lucid dreaming. See for software, apps, and tutorials on how to control your dreams every single night. Their refined methods have made lucid dreaming mainstream and easily achievable. When you can control a nightmare, it has no power over you.

EASY Lucid Dream Guide

Use Binaurals. While perfect for meditation, millions of users are using brainwave tuning to help them with sleep issues. Binaural Brainwave Alignment is the process of playing alternating tones that combine to tune the brain to a specific operating frequency. This can have a dramatic effect on mood, sleep, and energy. Unfortunately, loads of amateur streaming binaurals that are completely ineffective have turned off many people to the concept. With recent advancements by companies like iDoser and the Monroe Institute, you can literally pull up a mood dose on a phone app and re-program your brain in about ten minutes. While certainly not for everyone, millions have had success with the apps and software available at companies like

How To Use Binaurals

No matter your level of sleep quality – work towards better rest and you will find your days equally improve. Practice simple meditation and move into more advanced lucid and introspection methods like chakra alignment and kundalini with the help from reputable sources like Eat healthy, treat your body well, and you will find that you will soon have complete control over your nights, your dreams, and your life.

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5 Replies to “HowTo Cure Nightmares”

  1. Tim Olikor says:

    I have suffered from sleep terrors for years – much mor eintense than nightmares, as you say. I tried all forms of treatment, then moved to youtube binaural brainwave music and it made them much more work and more frequent. I wasn’t even considering how amateur they were, and man did things get worse. A friend of mine recommended IDose and I have been using it for about 6 months. I am not completely night terror free, but it has helped cut down on them by about half. Truly amazing if you stick with the real thing.

  2. Marissa Talylor says:

    I suffer from nightmares almost ever single night. I just downloaded the IDOSER app from apple. Lets see how this works!

  3. Jared Freemont says:

    Tried lots of binaurals on youtube and wrote them off as new age bunk. I knew they were amateur as it is blatantly obvious but I thought a binaural was a binaural. Not true. I now use Monroe and will be checking out idoser because I think it is cheaper. I wouldn’t say it was life changing, but it has greatly improved my life in many ways: sleep, sexual, and recreational.

  4. Linda Calvin says:

    +1 MEDITATE MEDITATE MEDITATE but do it with GOOD QUALITY meditation music. Yes, everybody knows about idoser but there are others. Maybe not as good, but there are options.

  5. jjtreemont says:

    Just stopping in to say I have been an idoser user for almost 10 years. I don’t go a day without it. Never used for nightmares but I bet it works great.

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