HowTo Power Nap Tutorial

HowTo Power Nap

Do you want to know how to harness the power of your sleeping hours? What are the benefits of power napping and what other types of naps are there? Do you think your lifestyle is too busy to nap? What nap is right for you? Let us show you how to get massive gains from just a 20 minute nap!

More than 85% of mammals are polyphasic sleepers, meaning that they sleep for short periods throughout the day. Humans are part of the minority of monophasic sleepers. We divide our days into distinct periods of sleep and wakefulness. While the young and elderly nap, it seems the rest of us are becoming more and more sleep deprived in an increasingly hectic world. Does your busy lifestyle keep you from napping? Are you aware that there are 8 different kinds of naps? How much can your productivity increase if you start taking the right kind of nap for you – and WHAT IS the right kind of nap for you? What is sleep enhancement, and what benefits can it being you in your busy life? We are going to explore all this, and more. But first – THE POWER NAP!

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Probably the most common of all naps is the “Power Nap.” This nap will give a quick and easy recharge. Within 30 minutes you are asleep and then awake, completely refreshed. Actual sleep time should be in the 20-minute range to prevent deep REM, with 10- minute buffer to fall asleep and then gently wake up. Do not sleep past the 30-minute mark. Get into an active mind or body state shortly after waking up for the most benefit. Do not use nature sounds, spa audio, or any form of amateur YouTube binaural based audio as it could seriously hinder the effects of a Power Nap. To truly amp the effects of a Power Nap, use a binaural brain dose of the Sleep or Recharge variety from a reputable brain audio company like These mind doses have shown to increase sleep benefits many times over just a quick Power Nap. As this type of nap profits someone with a busy lifestyle, add in binaural enhancement audio for max benefits. Since this is a short nap without deeply entering REM, professional science audio while you sleep will give you the most benefits. If there is one type of nap to integrate into your day, the Power Nap with binaural doses is the thing to try.

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Past the Power Nap, the next most common nap is probably the Afternoon Nap. The Afternoon Nap (or Afternoon Kip) is a nap that lasts about an hour and usually takes place in the middle of the day. Recovery time will be more than a Power Nap because you are potentially entering light REM, but hopefully not enough to trigger your body into thinking you are going to bed for the night. The Afternoon Nap, while longer than the Power Nap, will require about an hour of down time after the nap to recover. You may feel groggy when you wake. You can refine these benefits a bit more by using a sleep healing binaural brain dose during sleep and a natural stimulant brain dose upon waking. This will give you the max benefit of the nap, but a much quicker recovery. Visit for more information of sleep and nap hacking.

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The other 6 types of naps tend to be variations on short and long sleep naps. Unless you are healing from an injury, sick, elderly, or young – we do not recommend Sleep Naps, or naps that can stretch significantly longer than an hour. With this much sleep, your body can enter deep REM and will start the hibernation process, thinking you are going to bed for the night. This long nap can be incredibly hard to recover from when you wake, and you may find yourself groggy for hours. While binaural dosing can help with this recovery, Sleep Naps tend to be too long for the average napper looking to complement their busy lifestyle. There are also negative naps that we will not be covering here. The Collapse: when you have worked your body to the point of exhaustion and The Drunk Collapse: when you pass out from drinking. These are a body’s reaction to negative influence. Food Coma or Dinner Nap, when you have consumed so much your body wants to sleep – or the “5 Minutes More” nap, where you keep adding additional time to a nap – are also negative naps that should be avoided unless necessary.

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If you are of the mindset that a nap is a waste of time, we ask that you consider the many cultures where naps are both socially acceptable and an integral part of life. For instance, Daytime Siesta napping is practiced in Portugal, Spain, the Philippines, Malta and by much of Latin America. The Japanese follow the tradition of daytime or “sleep while being present” napping – working long hours, they micro or Power Nap when available. While your place of employment might not allow Power Naps, consider the benefits if you can make it a part of your daily life. Try integrating proven science music by companies like into your naps, or even just your daily meditation or quiet time if you do not have the luxury of naps. You may find you day more energetic, more productive, and you might just be flat out happier for trying something that seems so simple.

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4 Replies to “HowTo Power Nap Tutorial”

  1. Jay Renolds says:

    Long time napper here (re: 20+ years) and only recently started upgrading my naps with binaurals. I started with the YouTube stuff, but soon realized that it was pretty bad compared to the pros and it was giving me massive waking headaches. I would recommend either not using audio or sticking with their recommendation of idoser. That’s what I use and have been very happy with it.

  2. I am from a culture that take short sleep during day. Very suprised it is not more common. I am going to try those doses your soke of. They seem very interested.

  3. Jessica Tyrrney says:

    Agree you should not use nature audio or chill music to sleep to. I was getting horrible sleep and was told by a doctor that listening to some ambient music off youtube was screwing my sleep patterns. I think it was even call power binaurals or something. I went without any music for a long time until I discovered idosing. I use their app and create short go to sleep sessions that end shortly after I go to sleep. Perfect for me.

  4. Dan Potter says:

    Love this tutorial! You would think this would be a simple thing but so many over or under sleep and don’t get why they still feel tired. I dont use idose to sleep like you guys but i have used their recreation doses.

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