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It has been a long debate as to how effective digital drugs really are – the results are in, and digital doses are MUCH MORE effective than we ever imagined…Getting down to brass tax: -the industry leader in binaural brainwave simulations- has completed it’s research into how effective digital doses can be. Accounting for over 1000 peer participants (1136 and counting), the results are staggering. 83% of users have felt the effects of a digital drug one or more times. This is compounded by the sheer scope at which deals it’s products. I-Doser is a global company that has sold millions of doses, so a peer review study makes the most sense coming from the company that literally OWNS the market. Let’s take a look at the breakdown.

1.2 Million DosersFirstly, lets talk the biggest demographic of the study: “35% of users felt the full effects of dosing, every time they dosed.” This is staggering. This means, that the first time and every time 35% of peer users tried to dose, they felt the amazing effects of of I-Doser brand doses. Almost as close: “29% of users felt the full effects nearly every time. This means, that with the exception of a few uses, they almost always felt the effects. These two combined means that OVER HALF (64% of users) feel the effects of doses nearly every time they have dosed. 19% of users have felt the effects only once, bringing that stat up to 83% of users have felt the effects of a digital dose at least once. The final 17% have never achieved a result. If you calculate in mis-dosing and improper technique, you can start to see now only are these powerful digital drugs effects, but they are BY FAR more effective than ever imagined.

What is the actual scope of products sold and as a company? Even more amazing, considering their social and global reach. I-Doser has been supplying amazing products such as their computer software (get free here), CDs and MP3s (download here), and their mobile iPhone and Android APPS (get them here), for close to a decade. Imitators are abound, but why look elsewhere when there is a company that not only produces the best products on the market, but has been doing it for longer than all the other imitators combined: Go I-Doser or GO HOME! With the proof now being in the pudding, we can all be content that digital dosing is not only mainstream now, but is here to stay for good and forever. The only real question is: why is this still considered taboo? AND Why haven’t you visited to check out the staggering catalog they offer (in addition to getting some free doses, which is always nice)? While some would take top iphone app, top android app, most downloaded science software on CNET, and largest binaural catalog in the business as PROOF enough, I am happy that they have finally released some real-world stats. I never NEVER IMAGINED these were that effective. How deep was the scope of this study? Lets look at I-Doser’s amazing social reach:

I-Doser is Global

With over 2 million software downloads (not including dose sales account for another many million I’m sure), a striving forum with over 50,000 posts, and over 20,000 Facebook likes – there isn’t much more proof needed that I-Doser is clearly leading the pack. Their mixed age and gender demographic also prove that this is a product for the masses, not just a niche. It still blows my mind that their newsletter is reaching over 25,000 ACTIVE subscribers.

If all this isn’t enough to convince you, we will end with this news report that goes in-depth on the power of dosing. This is a must-watch video that shows brain function when simulating a digital dose experience. While most reporters don’t seem to “get” the concept of I-Doser, this one seems somewhat on track (if not for the negative connotation).

We would also be amiss if we didn’t lead to to where to get I-Doser’s line of amazing products:

Get I-Doser Digital Audio Here (CDs/MP3s)
Get I-Doser Software here (Mac and PC)
Get I-Doser Mobile Here (iPhone/Android)


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  1. Rev. Kathleen Carroll says:

    I have purchased over a dozen binural/brain entrainment apps from I-Mobileife but have experienced little results, as of yet. What is the difference. between your “dosing” and brain entrainment Soundwave frequencies that take the listener through various mental ranges from Alpha, to Theta and everything between in order to achieve changes or improvements in health, spirituality, meditation, and even metaphysical abilities such as ESP, Telepathy, Remote viewing , then there are the spiritual programs that hemp you make contact with your Guardian Angels, develop Christ Consciousness and so on. What really works? They even offer health and hygiene programs like pain management, endorphin release, lucid dreaming. I want results and to understand the best way to accomplish my goals to make me more effective as a Minister and Paranormal Investigator. Before I spend any more money with the hope of becoming more psychic and empathic, I want to know the truth behind the science of listening to specific tones and sounds to reach or create specific brainwaves and which are best for my personal requirements? I’m beginning to feel trained to continue buying more apps, LOL!

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