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Some of you may be confused on how to create a simulated mood or experience through digital dosing. Now there is a free eBook that reveals all the secrets… is tearing up the social scene (so many likes on facebook and retweets on twitter!) As a guest writer, I have been following the binaural scene for  years- and trust me when I say this: no other company continues to be as innovative or have as much market appeal as I-Doser. I’ve mentioned their line of computer software, digital audio and mobile offerings here before. If you haven’t checked out their line of amazing products, you need to shoot on over to

But what if you are a little confused? I mean, it does sound like Science Fiction: audio that has the effects of your favorite life experiences: mood, the feeling from a recreational or prescription drugs, a full line of sleep aids and other astral and otherworldly experiences and SO much more… I mean, really, how can it work? Can music really make you “high?”

As is tradition for I-Doser, they are giving you something FREE: An eBook that explains everything you need to know about digital dosing. Also, shhh, there is a hidden gift in the eBook so make sure you give it a good read. It surprises me that would put so much production value into something free like this, nor do I know if it is intended to always be a free offering. So, word to the wise, read this while it’s available. It really does to a great job of explaining how digital dosing works.

Get the FREE Dosing eBook

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