Effective Mindful Music

Effective Mindful Music

What makes the most effective mindful music? Have you heard of ASMR, Subliminal, Nature Sounds, or Guided Meditations? There is one definitive answer when it comes to the top meditation audio. Let’s find out the brain music must users integrate into their mindfulness routine…

Effective Mindful Music

There are some basic considerations you should make when choosing music to meditate to. Firstly, ask yourself if you want to be using Passive or Active Audio when meditating, doing yoga, participating in cognitive thought, lucid dreaming, or performing practices like Reiki, Dharma, Solfeggio, or Kundalini. You choice could effect how well your body accepts, processes, and reacts to a mindful technique or routine. While a Passive Audio session could be calming, an Active Audio program could tune your brain for optimum performance.

What Is Mind Audio?

Passive Audio

The type of music called Passive Audio includes recordings like nature sounds, standard meditation, or white noise. Passive Audio will not have any direct effect on your mind. It will simply be calming sounds to practice to.

Active Audio

Active Audio will dynamically affect your thought, brainwaves, or synapses. It will help you meditate, retain, and process your mindful music session.  Active Audio includes powerful technology like binaural brainwave dosing with products like iDoser, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), and Subliminal Audio.

The most effective of these forms of Active Audio is binaural brainwave dosing. With over 83% of user achieving positive results, binaural enhanced music can dramatically improve your mindful sessions.

ASMR will have a short term claiming effect. It is less effective for long term meditation of cognitive sessions.

Ineffective Mindful Music

The least operative active audio is subliminal sessions. Often with negative intentions, these recordings might be inaudible to the conscious mind because it is below the threshold of hearing. Most subliminal audio online is also scam related, with fake subliminal providers making false claims. If you find a subliminal maker declaring they can change your eye or hair color, help you lose weight, or change your sex, then you should avoid them at all costs. Scam mindful audio will not harm you, but it will negatively affect any progress you may have made with legitimate practices.

What Is Karma?

No matter what form of passive or active audio you choose, it is advisable you stay away from any form of streaming audio. Youtube, Spotify, or streaming off any website will render many active audio sessions very ineffective. Due to compression and the audio codecs used to deliver these sounds, they are completely ineffective for mindful sessions.

Top Meditation Audio

So, with so many scam providers, how do you know what the top meditation audio is? There are some classic indicators you should look for when choosing effective mindful music.

Binaural Beats Tested

How long has the provider been in business? Do not choose any mindful provider that has been around for less than 5 years. For instance, iDoser.com has been in the mindful audio industry for well over a decade. They have the best-selling binaural dosing app for both iOS and Android. Their free brain software for Mac and PC is used by over 10 million people worldwide. Many of their audio packs have become triple-platinum selling.

iDoser for Mobile Phones

Never use a provider only delivers via a video site like YouTube. Stay away from providers who only stream from their site and don’t offer physical downloads or real-time rendering via apps or software. Check their content. If you see any products offering impossible health benefits like changing your hair or eye color, then avoid.

As always, stay positive, stay grounded, and recognize the beauty around you.

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5 Replies to “Effective Mindful Music”

  1. Paula Russell says:

    I am personally very sick of all the false mindfulness music on YouTube. I just saw a subliminal maker on YouTube claiming they can “100% change you from male to female in 10 minutes” by listening to him whispering over some bad stock audio. Really giving legit companies like idoser, calm, and headspace a bad name.

  2. Junior Mason says:

    Been using binaural dosing with my meditation for a decade. I actually can’t remember how things were before it. I think when I started I used rainforest music. Trust, if you are using generic meditation music you need to try some of these more advanced methods now.

  3. Samuel Buxton says:

    PASS on subliminal music. You didn’t mention it, but many of these YouTube scammers fill their audio with affirmations to try and get you to like and subscribe to their videos. Also, most of them are like 13 years old. No wonder people hate the subliminal stuff.

  4. Aliya Farrell says:

    Is there a middle ground? I would like something that is maybe mostly passive with a little active binaural kick at the beginning middle and end. Is that even possible or is it all active or all passive?

  5. Fearne Hastings says:

    I think I-Doser has been around for longer than 10 years, no? I used it in high school.

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