How Gamers Meditate

How Gamers Meditate

Are you a Pro Gamer, Twitch Streamer, Social Gamer, or Casual Player? Practicing is often not enough for gamers who compete in gaming competitions with the sole purpose of destroying their competition. How are gamers combining mindfulness and gaming for substantial advantages against their opponents?

A Pro Gamer has to  be many things; dedicated, focused, and able to handle mission critical thought with split-second timing. Playing games like DOTA, StarCraft, Counter-Strike, or League of Legends (a few of the most played games during competition) require incredible amounts of brain computation. Many professional gamers are making 10 moves per SECOND in popular games like Star Craft. This is immensely taxing on the human brain, and the difference between a win and a loss can be the constant maintaining of your critical thought process during every single second of a game. A lapse of a second or two could mean the difference between a win and a loss. But it’s not just pro gamers – Many Let’s Play Gamers, Twitch Streamers, or Social Gaming Celebrities face a similar challenge, just not with the pressure of a gaming championship. Fatigue, loss of concentration, frustration, and overall skill are often viewed and criticized by social followers. Pro Gamer, Social Gamer, or Casual Gamer – your dexterity, response, reaction, and concentration can be greatly improved by two very simple things. As you already know, practice is key. However, incorporating mindfulness meditation into your sessions can be the fundamental change you need to take your gaming prowess to the absolute next level. Before you shrug and click away – we are not talking traditional (sit with legs crossed and eyes closed) meditation. Gamers are using Binaural Tech Meditation to tune their brains for improved memory, response time, cognitive and critical thinking, and more. If you are a Pro Gamer, your competition is guaranteed to be using this technology. If you are a causal or social gamer, this little secret could blast you past your peers are far as followers, likes, and subscriptions based on a mass increase in potential. So, how do GAMERS tune their BRAIN? It’s a lot easier than you might think.

How Gamers Meditate Video

Before we begin your personal brain training for absolute domination in games, we need to understand what gaming actually does to the brain. One of the aspects of “positive gaming” is that it can build problem solving skills. Playing games allows for us to hone rapid puzzle solving abilities — many consider this to be “brain training.” Research suggests that the use of video games to train soldiers and surgeons is a viable option, largely because decisions are no less accurate when made by action-packed video game players. This probably makes sense to you, as a gamer, and calls back to those “10 critical moves a second” Pro Gamers make. People make decisions based on constantly calculated and refined probabilities. It makes sense that our brains get one hell of a “work out” playing these games and they often very quickly fatigue, critically changing player outcome. Action games, for instance, go a long way to train our brains to make faster decisions without losing accuracy. Considering our fast-paced, give-it-to-me-now world, that’s an obvious benefit. This is often referred to as “telescoping.” This means that gamers learn to keep long-term goals in mind while dealing with immediate problems. Players constantly try out a variety of combinations in some games; if one doesn’t work, they develop a new hypothesis, etc. These are considered to be “goal-driven experiences,” which are fundamental to learning, and are also editable though external brain training. With this rapid attack, fatigue, accelerated learning and lightning fast reflexes – it’s no wonder many winning Pro Gamers have turned to brain tuning technology like to refine, train, and condition their brains for a win. Traditional meditation wouldn’t hurt, but the refined technology of iDoser gives gamers the brain training they need from a gamer’s (not a meditator’s) perspective: FAST, EFFECTIVE, and requires nothing but an APP, Software, or some MP3 audio files and a good pair of headphones. Are you ready to learn the secret technique used by some of the world’s top Pro Gamers to almost guarantee wins? It easier than you think, and the results are almost instantaneous.

iDoser Game Brain Tuning

When people think of meditation of mindfulness their often think of a person sitting quietly, contemplative. While this form of meditation is incredibly effective for the general population, the new form of tech meditation being used by gamers is binaural based. Binaural meditation uses very specialized audio you listen to with headphones that tunes brainwaves to a specific frequency in an effort to achieve a very precise result. You do not need to sit quietly and “meditate” in the traditional sense. In fact, Pro Gamers often game while directly using an iDoser gaming brain altering session. While not required to use during gaming sessions (the effects are beneficial and carry forward), many gamers like to because they can actually witness the effects in real time. Try this: Open your favorite game, play a bit to gauge your current skill level, then put on an iDoser binaural brain session and continue playing. You will almost certainly see improvement within minutes. But, how does it work? In the simplest of terms, your brain operates at specific frequencies depending on what you are doing: sleeping, thinking, feeling, crying, laughing, focusing, or contemplating (for example). iDoser has found the specific frequencies used by gamers for operations like focus, concentration, fast critical processing, and cognitive learning. You listen to a iDoser session, and your brainwaves are tuned to these frequencies and adapts to better reach them during your gaming sessions. With over 10 years of research and development, and the leader in the brainwave space, iDoser has been foremost in this industry for a while. With iDoser you dominate, and win. Simple as that. Even if you don’t use the new high tech brain tuning offered by companies like iDoser, even following some very simple meditation techniques can greatly improve your enjoyment and skill when it comes to Pro, Casual, or Social Gaming. Take your gaming to the next level – because other gamers are tuning their brains right now – and they are ready for you. CLICK HERE TO TUNE YOUR BRAIN FOR GAMES.

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5 Replies to “How Gamers Meditate”

  1. Matth Corvin III says:

    I was in a pro competition just once and got killed but remember some pros talking about using i-doser while they sleep for off hours training. Don’t remember them saying they use it during, but I didn’t really know what they were talking about at the time. Any pros have input? Asleep, not asleep, while you game?

  2. Gamer Cal SigAlphAlph says:

    My pro team has group meditations following the more traditional methods you wrote here. I started tracking and have seen probably a 20% improvement in just a few weeks. Not idose though. Just regular meditation.

  3. Chilly Chambers says:

    I got the idoser gamr meditation cd years about and totally forgot about it! This article makes me want to pull it out. I was such a newb back then. I think time to give a look.

  4. halter hampton says:

    I know for a fact some pro gamer teams started using idoser when marijuana got banned. Don’t know result though, other then one friend who swears by it. Some still use MJ because I don’t think they test yet, but some refuse to risk a ban and have turned to idoser.

  5. John Stone says:

    How did I not know about this? Been P-Game for 5 years.

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