Meditate With Marijuana

Meditate With Marijuana

The combination might seem obvious: the calm contemplative nature of marijuana and the deep introspection of mindfulness meditation… But, how can you maximize the results of BOTH? Even if you don’t consume cannabis, there are methods to harness the power of a simulated THC meditation.

First, even if you don’t consume marijuana, there are ways to simulate the positive effects of THC use during a mindful meditation session. If you DO consume cannabis, then this article will cover how you can successfully combine consumption with a meditation session for added benefits. Even if you are not into meditation, did you know that using meditative type brain music along with your session can increase the “high” by up to 20%? Let’s start with marijuana, though. Why are we discussing the combination of the medicinal plant and a mindful meditation session? There are at least two active chemicals in marijuana that researchers think have medicinal applications. Those are cannabidiol (CBD), which seems to impact the brain without a high and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has pain relieving (and other) properties. In 2010, researchers at Harvard Medical School suggested that that some of the drug’s benefits may actually be from reduced anxiety, which would improve the smoker’s mood and act as a sedative in low doses. Contrary to stoner stereotypes, marijuana usage has actually been shown to have some positive mental effects, particularly in terms of increasing creativity. Even though people’s short-term memories tend to function worse when high, people get better at tests requiring them to come up with new ideas. One study tested participants on their ability to come up with different words related to a concept, and found that using cannabis allowed people to come up with a greater range of related concepts, seeming “to make the brain better at detecting those remote associations that lead to radically new ideas,” according to Wired. Other researchers have found that some participants improve their “verbal fluency,” their ability to come up with different words, while using marijuana. Part of this increased creative ability may come from the release of dopamine in the brain, lessening inhibitions and allowing people to feel more relaxed, giving the brain the ability to perceive things differently. It is because of this that the combination of meditation and marijuana is becoming a more common practice. What if you don’t use marijuana? What if you do use marijuana and meditate, but separately?

Marijuana Meditation

The trifecta of a perfect marijuana based mindful meditation starts with three simple things. First, your meditation. This article does not cover the specifics of meditation (and we assume you are interested in, or already, meditate). For details on meditation technique, we have an amazing tutorial to help you in converting your old ways of meditation to a binaural brainwave science-based meditation – which makes for a strong base when combining THC and mindfulness. There is no preferred consumption method when combining marijuana and contemplation. Some prefer extracts, because they are higher in THC and can bring on more powerful effects. Some prefer to micro dose, or only use a very small amount of marijuana when they meditate. Some prefer to not use marijuana at all, but instead use a binaural brainwave based simulation of marijuana. With growing health concerns of smoking, vaping, and consuming extracts – many users prefer to simulate the effects of marijuana by tuning their brainwaves to a similar frequency to when using THC.  If you are not familiar with binaural based simulated experiences, we highly recommend They have been leading the simulated binaural based meditation market for over a decade. You have your meditation, you have (or have simulated with iDoser) your marijuana. The final critical step to a perfect marijuana meditation is the music. We highly recommend you stay away from nature sounds, white noise, amateur meditation, subliminal, or YouTube audio. Amateur binaural or meditation audio can hinder the effects of professional solutions and actually reverse any forward progress. We assume you want the best meditation session, already have the best weed, and expect the best results. Let talk about your brain for a minute…

iDoser Are You Ready?

If you are meditating the old way (silent contemplation to ineffective audio like nature sounds, white noise, your amateur YouTube audio) then you can easily maximize the benefits of your session by integrating professional science-based brain audio into your routine. Even if you don’t meditate, you can take a binaural brainwave dose after consuming THC that can greatly enhance the duration and effects of your session. Imagine then: consuming your favorite product in your favorite way, listening to a quick binaural dose to maximize the effects, and then meditating to science-based brain audio music to tune your brainwaves and complete the session. Even taking meditation out of the mix – you can greatly enhance your marijuana use by adding a simple 10 minute binaural brain dose  to your session. But how? Binaural brain dosing is easy, and has become the standard in mindful marijuana based meditations. All you need is a good pair of quality headphones and professional binaural brainwave doses from While some will be fine with the novelty of up to 20% “higher” using marijuana followed by a binaural dose, some will find amazing benefits in the combination of binaural dosing, full or micro dosing marijuana, and a full meditation session enhanced with binaural brainwave doses. Called the New Meditation, the Tech Meditation, or other terms flooding the Silicon Valley and Wall Street users who seemed to have embraced the brain dosing concept… no matter where you land, makes it easy to at least try brain dosing – many of their products are free.

Simulated Dabs

Meditation combined with marijuana: either you consume marijuana and are interested in a high tech meditation to match. Or, you don’t consume marijuana, and are maybe interested in using binaural brain dosing to simulate the effects of cannabis in an effort to associate it with your mindfulness routine. Either way, stay healthy, respect the divine plant, and take control you’re your brain with binaural dosing from


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5 Replies to “Meditate With Marijuana”

  1. James Forvin says:

    I don’t think the idea of meditating with marijuana is new, considering my generation has been doing it since the 1960s. However, stacking marijuana, meditation, and binaural brainwaves is somewhat a new concept I have been experimenting with for the past few years. I-Doser does seem to have this market cornered, so I wouldn’t know who else to recommend. Their products are very effective if you can get past the strange concept.

  2. jane the smoker says:

    I can’t use marijuana or dabs due to health issues. A few years back I went on a search for an alternative. I remember considering some of the “legal highs” that are now killing people. Thank god I didn’t. Instead I looked into simulating it with brain audio. I will say that idose was so not effective for me that I thought it was a scam or a placebo. After a few months though it started to kick in. Ive been happy with it.

  3. Ii have been meditating and smoking my entire life. Not sure why it never struck me to combine them. Luv!

  4. Hydra Sam says:

    I had been using really crappy YouTube music to mediate you. So much of it is crap and unless you are a Red subscriber it gets interrupted with ads making it useless. I switched to pro music forget the brand and have never been happier.

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