HowTo Awaken Kundalini

HowTo Awaken Kundalini

Are you interested in spiritual tuning through informed knowledge? Do you want to know how to awaken primal vitality, harness that energy for everyday use, and take your meditation, yoga and spiritual life to the next level? Let’s MOTHER ENERGY take this powerful spiritual journey together.

What is kundalini? Simply put, it is our deep inner ancient vigor. Different traditions and religions teach various method of awakening kundalini. However, what does this even mean? Kundalini is an insentient, natural force. You will often hear it referred to as “mother energy” or absolute maturation. Think of it as a snake curled at the base of your spin waiting to be uncoiled to unleash its remarkable natural energy. It will not straighten unless you feed it. The snake has been starved your ENTIRE LIFE, and we are going to teach you how to nurture it.

Master Mother Energy

Kundalini lies dormant in most of us who do not have the knowledge to tap into it. How can you release its power, and what exactly are the benefits once you are able to take control over it? Maybe you meditate, practice yoga, or have your own form of spiritual reflection. You may already be gaining insight into some of the power, but not fully awakening your kundalini. There are very specific meditation practices, breathing techniques, and mantras that align or awaken kundalini. The problem is that most of us are not meditation or spiritual masters with years of mentorship in the divine arts. The familiar “electric feeling running down the spine” when kundalini awakens is usually only experienced by masters with a lifetime of practice.

Steps to Awaken Kundalini

We will now teach you, systematically, how to have a kundalini awakening. You, an average person with absolutely no master yoga or meditative mentorship, WILL have an awakening. This may take you awhile, but using this simple method can almost guarantee that you will have kundalini emerging much sooner than after a lifetime of training. Simply start with meditation. Take a block of time out of your day to sit and reflect. This does not have to be a long amount of time, but get into the habit of meditating DAILY. If you already meditate, or you are just getting started, make sure you are using enhanced audio while meditating. Spa music, imitation YouTube binaural audio, nature sounds or other cheap forms of meditation audio can actually hinder effects greatly. We highly recommend you use binaural enhanced audio, especially the kundalini trigger and alignment audio available from the very popular brainwave company, You will have a kundalini breakthrough MUCH sooner if your brainwaves align for acceptance as you meditate. It is not a necessity, but you can achieve an awakening nearly double as fast with properly aligned brainwaves.

Easy Spiritual Tutorials

How will you know when your kundalini awakens? Luckily, there are signs of an awakening that you should watch for. Tingling sensations in the arms or legs, energy rushes, intense temperature changes like feeling extreme hot or cold, are all signs you may be experiencing an awakening. You may feel sexual pleasures or the diminishing of such pleasure as various level of the kundalini awaken. This can be drastic, sometimes culminating in a whole body or hands free orgasm. It is important you do not resist, le the snake uncurl and do so in a way that feels progressive and natural. You may experience a series of small awakening before a full emerging, or it could be a single intense awareness. As you become more experienced, you will find you have more control. Continue using meditation and binaural dosing from iDoser to help refine your personal process. Eventually, you will be able to awaken kundalini on command, and then the truly powerful benefits can begin. You can experience extreme sensitivity to sight and sounds, have trace light altered states of consciousness, and feel powerful waves of bliss and infinite love.

Be a Master of Meditation

While kundalini may sound like an unachievable spiritual goal, we are here to assure you that anyone with some basic meditation and brainwave enhancement can reach beginner levels of kundalini awakening. With amazing technology from world leaders like and the Monroe Institute, we are starting to understand what these powerful transcendent experiences feel like through brain hacking and binaural simulation. It’s only been in the past decade where companies like iDoser have perfected binaural technology enough where anyone can experiment with kundalini awakening, next level meditation and yoga sessions, and many other forms of spiritual experiences. Even if you decide not to experiment with technology designed to stimulate an awakening, it is worth exploring your divine, metaphysical, and deeply personal side. Stay Curious and visit for more information. Please subscribe today for the best spiritual tutorials, meditation information, and open discussions about the mystical world.

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6 Replies to “HowTo Awaken Kundalini”

  1. John Kimberly Thompson says:

    I agree that binaurals can be a huge help towards improved meditation and yoga. I have been a dedicated idoser customer for many years and I swear by their meditation doses. I haven’t ever tried their kundalini doses because I think I am good at an everyday meditative level and don’t really need to take it there. If you are looking for a better meditation session, check them out. I really never understood meditation or the benefits until I found the right science music to go with it.

  2. HatTapMeditation says:

    I would have liked to see this cover chakra too … there is a good link between the two. I will say that I was a big user of nature audio on youtube. I just could never get into a very deep meditative state using that or the amateur binaurals there. I’m definitely going to try idose because I was under the impression they were all placebo, but I guess its mostly just the youtube stuff (really, it game me bad headaches). Make sense the amateur stuff could be degrading to progress.

  3. Tanya Stacee says:

    Amazing article. I look forward to your posts! Just had to say!

  4. CanYouSeeMe Tommy says:

    I think there is a link somewhere in here for it but in cause you guys missed it make sure you subscribe to their youtube channel! They have really great video tutorials as well. Love these guys!

  5. Craig Jenny says:

    1 to screw the nature audio spa sounds and whatever that garbage is on youtube people claim “heals” – it doesn’t, Get a GOOD binaurals album (I use Monroe, but also have used idoser). You will thank us all later.

  6. Rich Russo says:

    nice article! good work!

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