What Happens When You DIE

What Happens When You DIE?

Only the DEAD know what happens when you DIE. Since they are no longer here, it is up to the living to search for answers. We explore the deep dark secrets of the great beyond, try to answer some often-unasked questions, and discover how you can explore death through meditative simulation.Death is a process that happens in several stages. The first stage is clinical death. This phase typically lasts about 5 minutes and it is in this period where some vital processes stop – the heart ceases pumping blood and breathing halts. Since there may be enough oxygen in the brain at this stage, critical organs like the kidneys and the eyes may remain alive though the stage of death. A life analog would be the master yogis and meditation professionals who can achieve almost a stage one state of complete Zen. While leaders have practiced under expert mentor-ship to achieve this level of oneness, stillness, and calmness, in meditative practice – non-professionals have been able to achieve it as well using some specialized processes.

What Happens When You DIE? VIDEO

If you are interested in reaching a life analog to a stage one-death experience, try iDoser.com to learn how you can simulate stage one experiences. They are the leader in Simulated Experiences. with over a decade of experience. I-Doser brand binaurals out perform any other available binaural by at least 10x and they have free doses for everyone to try free.

The Stages of Death

Biological death is the second stage. This is when cells begin to degenerate and all major organs, including the brain, begin to shut down. When you cool the body to a point below normal operating temperature to a point of hypothermia, you can stall second stage biological death. Stage one clinical death and stage two biological death are well understood. While you can get close to simulating a stage two death through VERY deep meditation and binaural simulation – it can be hard to both get that deep in, and to easily return, if not a life-long master of the meditative arts. If you are interested in high-level meditation, lucid control, binaural simulation, or other forms or recreational meditation – please visit iDoser.com – the leaders in this space for over a decade. You now know the stages of death. You know how to experiment with those experiences while alive. What remains elusive is what happens after someone is both clinically and biologically dead. Here is where it gets interesting.

Worlds Deepest Meditation

Can you believe that more than 8 million Americans have reported near death experiences, according to research done by O.O.B.E. Research Center in Los Angeles? N.D.E. (or Near Death Experience) occurs when a person is either clinically dead, near dead, or in a situation where death is likely or expected. The sensations you feel during a Near Death Experience include floating outside your body or moving through a tunnel towards light.  You may see deceased loved ones, unidentifiable entities, angels, or light beings. You may feel feeling of elation, covered in a warm glow, or a complete disconnect from the universe and your body. Millions of people have has these experiences. Amazingly enough, you can experience some of these sensations now using binaural brain simulation, or tricking you brain into reaching a desired state – specifically an out of body experience or N.D.E. There are apps and software to help with this at iDoser.com, the leader in brainwave technology. Do millions of Americans having similar experiences count as proof to there being something more on the other side, or are they just the body’s natural reactions to shutting down – the dreams of death before it is completely over? Please comment with your opinion! What do you think is on the other side?

Want To Try Death?

While the mystery of death will always remain, we inch ever closer to understanding some of life’s biggest questions surrounding life and death. With amazing technology from world leaders like iDoser.com and the Monroe Institute, we are starting to understand what those experiences may feel like through brain hacking and binaural simulation. It’s only been in the past decade where companies like iDoser has perfected binaural technology enough where anyone can experiment with lucid dreams, Out of Body and Near Death Experiences, and many other forms of simulated experiences. Even if you decide not to experiment with technology designed to simulate life stages, it is worth asking yourself the BIG questions, even if they do not have answers. Stay Curious!

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4 Replies to “What Happens When You DIE”

  1. TheGodLight says:

    I have to chime in here. I had a near death experience during a car accident and I saw light an entities completely unlike a dream, and convinced me for life there is something beyond. I have also tried the I-Dose brand NDE and Death doses out of sheer curiosity as to how they will compare. I wrote to i-dose about my experience, but to make a long story short, the pretty closely nailed it. At one point I thought I actually communicated with the entities I saw during my NDE. Amazing. Scary. Freaky. Just be aware if you decide to try this.

  2. MatthewJoJohnson says:

    I have used IDoser to meditate but haven’t reached these levels yet, like feeling floating, seeing lights or whatever. I have had some very profound experiences though after I swore off binaurals when I found out I’ve been using ineffective fake YouTube ones for months. Note to others, stay away from anything on youtube claiming to be binaural of isochronic. That garbage put my meditation practice behind months and was very degrading to my progress as a yogi.

  3. Sherry Craig Hilter says:

    Great article! I has heard about stages of grief but not about stages of death. I am on my way to try our iDoser. Very interesting and you have a new fan now!

  4. Tim Thommy says:

    GREAT article! Love you guys. First time comment but had to say I enjoy your stuff

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