Simulating Recreation

Some would call it the dark side of brainwave dosing: The simulation of recreational substances, and general exploration into noir subjects. Is it? Or, can it be part of a healthy lifestyle?Let it be known, this this author writes this post simply as a series of questions that emerge as the alternative recreation of brainwave modification becomes ever so popular. This year, we will explore chakras and the spiritual, sleep and lucidity, daily and otherwise meditation-type dosing in reference to the use of binaural sequences to modify mood. Today, however, we discuss simulating the somewhat illicit. The press certainly gravitates to this side of digital dosing, and the forefront leader in the development of these sequences is

Simulating Recreation

Most may think the popularity of the world’s best-know brainwave company came from press it obtained because of its more illicit line of brainwave sequences, particularly those that can help achieve a simulated experience similar to that of illegal substances. This is untrue, and by far the romantic and amorous line of doses far outsells the so-called “digital drugs.” That’s not to say I-Doser does not have a line of recreational simulations – they happen to have the largest, best-selling and most-varied line of products in this category. Period.  An insider told me that their first ever proof-of-concept dose (this is many years ago now) was a simulation of the psychedelic cactus peyote. True or not, one thing can be said: I-Doser has been providing alternatives to potentially harmful substances for a very long time. Here in is the debate. Since I-Doser clearly offers a way to help a user achieve a meditational or otherwise states similar to that of what an illicit substance might – is this a potential gateway, or simply a safe alternative? For me, and humbly opinionated: I lead a healthy lifestyle. I’m all for a somewhat spiritual, meditation, trance-like, mindful way to achieve a simulated state over the use of any form of recreational substance. Is it for everyone? Probably not. But keep this in mind: recreational simulations and mood altering are only a small subset of what I-Doser and other companies offer. Binaural brainwave dosing can be a great way to achieve a state you may not be able to otherwise. It’s up to you to discover this for yourself. One thing if for sure. Not all sequences are created equal. I have evaluated many a poorly designed brainwave sequences that simply did not do anything. We mention I-Doser here a lot, and recommend it. But, whatever company you decide to invest with – keep in mind you are experimenting with brainwaves. Go with a known source, just as you would (one would assume) a known dealer. Happy dosing party people!

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I-Doser has been going an amazing job of producing some truly great videos to explain the process, what a binaural dose is, how it works and (sorta) how it feels. You see, a digital dose is like trying to explain to someone what a 3D movie is like. You really can’t fully explain how it looks or feels – it truly must be experienced oneself to appreciate the artistry and power behind it. If you have any interest in the process of digital dosing, you absolutely must watch this video.

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With that, I hope we have enlightened some of you and you take the imitative to try binaural brainwave dosing today, and preferably from a valid and trusted source like

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