Nature Sounds and Music

Nature Sounds and Music with Free Natural Sleep Audio

You would THINK that finding effective nature sounds and music for sleeping would be easy. Most are poorly recorded, too loud, or not produced as a sleep track. FINALLY, there is a source for free natural sleep audio.

Nature Sounds and Music

First of all, free natural sleep audio is hard to come by. Above all, nature sounds and music is extremely effective music for dreaming and sleeping. In contrast, too often it is loud, of poor quality, or simply not intended for sleep.  Try listening to a rain track intended for rest. Do the raindrops sound too hard? Is there loud thunder? Even more, crickets, cicadas, streams, rivers, and other nature sounds are fantastic for sleep. Rather, these pristine recordings are often marred by the sounds of cars, people, or other unnatural additions to a nature track. Above all, in this article we will discuss sleep audio like nature sounds, binaural beats, and lucid dream induction. We will explore what makes these kinds of sounds perfect for enhanced sleep. Finally, we will touch on sensuality and dreams, and the exploration or your sleep world.

Forest Nature Sounds for Sleep

Most noteworthy, when talking about nature sounds and music, you have to begin with the beautiful sounds of the forest. In contrast, this is where free natural sleep audio often fails us. First of all, Mother Nature produces the most effective music for dreaming and sleeping. Likewise, it is incredibly hard to record. While not in the realm of sensuality and dreams, a good nature track can help with non-erotic dreaming and improved REM sleep. Dark Forest is 8 hours of nature sleep music recorded live from a remote and dark ancient forest. Certainly, far away from people, technology, cars, buildings, and NOISE… Even more, this stunning all-night nature session mixes with professional binaural beats from the leading mind audio company. Beautiful night forest nature sounds, amazing professional binaural beats, and beautiful ambient music combine to form the most advanced nature sleep music ever recorded.

Forest Nature Sounds and Music and Free Natural Sleep Audio

Rain Nature Sounds for Sleep

The top tier of nature sounds and music is falling asleep to the rain. Furthermore, free natural sleep audio like rain tracks often include loud thunder or poorly recorded rain. Likewise, effective music and software/apps for dreaming has to be expertly recorded using advanced binaural equipment. Consequently, rain is a beautiful conduit to sensuality and dreams. If you have ever made love to the sound (or in) beautiful summer rain, you understand. Most noteworthy, Sonic Rain is an incredible 8-hour sequence of relaxing binaural rain music. It is certainly for deep sleep, insomnia, and REM induction. Sonic Rain was recorded live in the Congo, where they experience the world’s most potent thunderstorms 228 days a year. Above all, these binaural rain sounds professionally mix with the world’s most advanced binaural beats for deep and rejuvenating sleep.

Sleep Music Rain Sounds Binaural Recording Congo Rainforest

Free Natural Sleep Audio

First of all, let’s talk about free nature sounds and music. Most noteworthy, free natural sleep audio is easy to come by. Amazon Music, Spotify, and YouTube are all viable platforms for accessing potentially useful music for dreaming and sleeping. Sensuality and dreams are also well covered across platforms that serve any form of sleep audio. Also, once you start to actually create your perfect sleep playlist, you will instantly see the problem. The same companies that make standard non-sleep music also produce this so-called sleep. In contrast, sleep audio requires an entirely different skillset. Ineffective amateur content permeates YouTube, and you can actually hinder REM sleep with poorly produced tracks. Even more, what if I told you a company with decades of experience in sleep audio and binaural production has just allowed access to their library of sleep audio… FREE. Would you be interested?

Solfeggio Gregorian Sleep Music

When talking about nature sounds and music, we have to mention Gregorian sleep music. First of all, this free natural sleep audio is proven effective music for dreaming and sleeping. In contrast, finding the perfect recording of it has proven to be complicated. Until now. For now, most noteworthy, the track is the only pure-tone certified 6-hour Gregorian Solfeggio Frequency sequence. First of all, this ancient soundscape is composed of the world’s most potent binaural reproductions of all six notes in the Solfeggio Scale. Even more, each note takes one full hour in the session and has been painstakingly re-created using machine learning, A.I., and advanced audio production methods to guarantee the most accurate reproduction of all six Solfeggio Frequencies. Above all, expertly mixed is live recordings of Gregorian chants, based on the original medieval hymn where the Solfeggio Tones originated.

Listen to Solfeggio Frequencies

Delta Binaural Therapy Music

First of all, nature sounds and music is fantastic, but it’s all about the DELTA. Even more, free natural sleep audio often skips over how effective binaural beats can be. Effective music for dreaming will certainly include binaural beats to enhance sleep. Similarly, binaural beats enhance even induction sound intended for sensuality and dreams. The Adult Lullaby is sleep music with powerful delta waves. Above all, this free track helps you through stages of sleep. Furthermore, a delta wave is a brain wave with a frequency of about 1-4 hertz. Delta waves are related to the deep stage 3 of REM sleep. Finally, The Adult Lullaby has been shown to induce powerful slow-wave sleep. Most noteworthy, if the pure passive nature of rain or forest sounds doesn’t help with your sleep, then a delta therapy solution might be more effective.

sensuality and dreams

Lucid Dream Music Tracks

Finally, let’s move away from nature sounds and music and into the realm of dreams. First of all, free natural sleep audio, like rain sounds, is excellent for improving sleep. In contrast, what about effective music for dreaming? Most noteworthy, imagine being able to have any dream you want. Even more, imagine exploring sensuality and dreams. Most noteworthy, lucid dreaming can help you remember, control, and have some of the most amazing dreams of you your life. Even more, it is straightforward to do with binaural beat frequency induction. Furthermore, unique audio enhanced with binaural beats can help you remember and control your dreams nearly every night. Binaural beats have been certainly around for hundreds of years. However, it is only recently that the technology is available for home-use as a dreaming tool. How does it work? Same as nature music, all you have to do is listen!

Sleeping Music for Boosting Dreams

Nature sounds and music will certainly put you to sleep. Even more, free natural sleep audio will improve REM. Finally, effective music for dreaming will allow you to remember and control your dreams. Enhanced sound includes anything from sensuality and dreams, to personal dream therapy. Boosting dreams is making your dreams more vivid. Above all, lucid dreaming goes one step further and allows you to control your dreams. Therefore, we will give you the tools for both, as some prefer not to control their dreams. First of all, controlling dreams is EASY with lucid dreaming music. Use our Dream Booster lucid dreaming music for enhancing dreams to make them more vivid. Dream Booster uses professional binaural tones, ambient soundscapes, and subliminal affirmations. Dream Booster is the most effective bream booster available. Even more, this is now available free. Want to control your boosted dreams?

Dream Booster Sensuality and Dreams

Sleeping Music for Lucid Dreams

First of all, lucid dreaming is the process of controlling and then remembering your dreams. Furthermore, nature sounds and music along will not help you achieve this. Consequently, free natural sleep audio will help you get to sleep and remain asleep. For that, you need a powerful induction track that does both. Above all, this music is for the insomniac who also wants dream control. Most noteworthy, our advanced sleeping music is composed of binaural beats, subdued ASMR, and orchestrated ambient music. Use before bed to induce REM sleep, and THEN have vivid lucid dreams that you will remember. Perfect for the insomniac who also wants enhanced dreams. Use this sleeping music for deep sleep and amazing lucid dreams. Furthermore, what do many people wish their lucid dreams to be about? SEX!

Insomniac Sleeping Music Effective Music for Dreaming

Sensuality and Dreams

Now that you are controlling and remembering amazing vivid dreams, what’s next? Above all, you are currently using nature sounds and music for those nights you just want fantastic sleep. Even more, we have provided you with free natural sleep audio enhanced with binaural beats for rest. Finally, we have supplied effective music for dreaming. In contrast, what is the top thing many lucid dreamers want to experience? Sensuality and dreams have become an often not-talked-about topic. Even more, many lucid dreamers are having the wildest and best sex of their lives. The catch? Most noteworthy, it is in their dreams. Above all, don’t knock lucid dream sex until you have tried it. Even more, intimate lucid dream sex, or sexual dream edging, can be a liberating experience. You can do, try, and experience literally everything. Even more, once you know how to lucid dream, it’s easy.

Intimate Lucid Dream Sex

First of all, use nature sounds and music to get to sleep. That is probably the route you want to take for 90% of your nights. Even more, with our free natural sleep audio, you are all set! Maybe you have also dipped your toes into effective music for dreaming, and even experienced your first lucid dream. The next obvious step is sensuality and dreams. Lucid Dream Sex Music is an erotic lucid dream sex track that forces your deep subconscious to take you into a lucid dream sex fantasy. Finally, this process will allow your intimate fantasies to come to life vividly. Most noteworthy, you will be lulled into a deep relaxation as you focus on your specific lucid dream sex fantasy. In contrast, maybe you want to go in the opposite direction. Sexual dream edging might be for you.

Lucid Dream Sex Tutorial Effective Music for Dreaming

Sexual Dream Edging

We can guarantee that the nature sounds and music you listen to don’t include this. First of all, free natural sleep audio is terrific, but some of us want more. Furthermore, effective music for dreaming will get you to the lucid phase, where you can remember and control your sensuality and dreams. Likewise, you will have an ideal sexual edging fantasy and completely control it from within a dream. First of all, enhancement for edging, or get the most pleasure without orgasm. Consequently, it can be an insanely powerful erotic experience. Most noteworthy, based on technology developed by the world’s top binaural brainwave company for over a decade, you are sure to have a powerful, spiritual, and SEXUAL experience. Start as you lay down in bed. As you fall asleep, try to visualize your ideal sexual encounter.

Tantric Music Soundtrack

Above all, in this article, we have discussed nature sounds and music. Furthermore, we covered many sources for free natural sleep audio. Even more, we discussed effective music for dreaming. Finally, we included lucid dreaming, dream edging, and more in our coverage of sensuality and dreams. The next step is up to you!

Nature Sounds and Music with Free Natural Sleep Audio Effective Music for Dreaming


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  1. Pinjag Labrese says:

    This was very comprehensive. Most of the linked music tracks are 6-8 hours. This makes sense if you are sleeping all night to it. However, I would recommend you start with a sleep timer. Fall asleep to the audio but sleep most of your night in silence. You may sleep better to silence than to music playing all night.

  2. Kenny boy says:

    I find the erotic dream control very appealing. Does anybody have any recommendations on how to have a lucid sex dream but with good control and able to remember?

  3. daniel pitts says:

    That rain video is beautiful. Not sure if this writer is the one who made it or just linking. If the creator of that video reads this … you have my gratitude.

  4. Helana K. says:

    Simple. If you want to sleep to music use symphony or classical. There are hundreds of hundreds of years of recordings and nothing fancy is needed. Love how everybody is paying for some meditation or sleep app when all you need has been right in front of your eyes.

  5. Mandy-Lynn Valdez says:

    BE HONEST! Does anybody really sleep well to binaural beats?

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