Flotation Therapy Solutions

Flotation Therapy Solutions

Sensory deprivation for anxiety is a valid mindful solution for stress and depression. Learn about isolation tanks and flotation therapy solutions. Float tank benefits are many, including improved creativity. Experience deep relaxation and powerful meditative states.

Flotation Therapy Solutions

First of all, let’s learn about isolation tanks and float tank benefits. Most noteworthy, flotation therapy is a way to heal from stress. Hence, sensory deprivation for anxiety is prevalent. For many, an isolation tank provides total relaxation in a private space. “Floating” is a mindful term given to the act of using a sensory deprivation chamber. Even more, some have constructed such tanks in their homes. In contrast, commercial tanks are becoming widely available. Likewise, even your local spa might have a flotation therapy solution. Floating is certainly very popular, being utilized by many celebrities such as Joe Rogan and more. The problem is, home installation of flotation tanks can be costly. Even more, spas often charge high fees for sensory deprivation solutions. Binaural Beat technology can offer a much cheaper and accessible solution. There is even a “virtual isolation tank” you can try free.

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About Isolation Tanks

Above all, the most apparent form of flotation therapy solutions is an isolation tank. Furthermore, the thing about isolation tanks is their effectiveness. Most noteworthy, sensory deprivation for anxiety is exceptionally beneficial. Anxiety relief is only one of the float tank benefits. First of all, an isolation tank is entirely light-proof. Even more, the tank contains about 12 inches of water kept at exact body temperature. This water bath is heavily salted with hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt, creating a buoyant solution. Consequently, you simply lie on your back and relax. Hence, you will feel entirely weightless as if you were floating in the complete isolation of space. If you want to get an idea, try the virtual isolation tank video with a good pair of headphones. Even better, contact your location spa or wellness center and check the cost of using their isolation chamber.

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Float Tank Benefits   

Now that you know about isolation tanks and flotation therapy solutions let’s talk benefits. We already know sensory deprivation for anxiety is prevalent. What about other float tank benefits? Flotation therapy also reduces cortisol. Since amplified levels of cortisol are related to stress, isolation tanks are incredible for stress reduction. Furthermore, since a session is only about 40-60 minutes, it is also a fast solution. Even more, in flotation therapy the temperature is maintained at the correct level. The bath is large enough to float without touching the tank. Even more, molecular diffusion causes Magnesium to absorb through the skin due to the dissolved Epsom salt. Hence, this diffusion tends to correct magnesium deficiency, another added benefit. Finally, this high buoyancy solution creates a zero-gravity setting. Unless you are in space (or maybe trying the free version), a flotation tank is the only place to encounter a zero-g environment.

History of Sensory Deprivation

Sensory Deprivation for Anxiety

Most noteworthy, one of the most significant float tank benefits is sensory deprivation for anxiety. You use flotation therapy solutions for anxiety, and there is a big reason. First of all, the beautiful thing about isolation tanks is how effective they are at forcing mindfulness. Consequently, in an isolation chamber it is completely silent, no interruptions, nowhere to escape. Hence, you face your fear and anxiety. Most noteworthy, floating is a compelling experience, even hallucinogenic to many. For a small sample of this experience, try the virtual isolation tank track with good headphones. Above all, with the forced mindfulness of isolation, the experience can be profound, even life-changing. Now you are starting to see why many celebrities are getting isolation tanks installed. In contrast, the rest of us have local wellness centers and binaural therapy as an accessible version of isolation therapy.

About Isolation tanks and Flotation Therapy Solutions Sensory Deprivation for Anxiety

Sensory deprivation for anxiety is an increasingly popular mindfulness solution stress, anxiety, and depression. If you are still interested, we recommend you learn about isolation tanks and local flotation therapy solutions. Float tank benefits are many, including improved creativity, profound compelling experiences, and fear-facing. Finally, are you ready to experience deep relaxation and powerful meditative states?


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5 Replies to “Flotation Therapy Solutions”

  1. Lex Carroll says:

    I have always wanted an isolation float tank. I even looked into building one. It was just too out of my reach. I finally got to try one at a local spa and it really wasn’t all it was hyped up to be. Has anybody had any good experiences with this?

  2. I must say that I have never used water therapy but I absolutely love the virtual isolation tank video in this post. Great sleeping music!

  3. addy marks says:

    Do people actually have these in their home?

  4. ANON ShADow says:

    Life Hack: Fill your tub with salted body-temp water and use that as a makeshift float tank. Turn off all the lights, and try to forget your are in a tub.

  5. Judy earrd says:

    I can’t imagine this is comfortable. Floating in a hot dark tank is definitely not for me. You can achieve similar results with the use of some good meditation music. Maybe some binaural beats or ASMR.

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