Quality Headphones Required

When asked why simulations don’t work, it is instinct for me to inquire about headphones. Most of the time the answer is “I don’t use them” or “my white iPod ear-buds.” In the case of no headphones, you aren’t doing it correctly. As for those Apple stock ear-buds? Don’t expect results. I’m going to speak about the importance of quality earphones, listen up…

Simulating a distinct mood or experience through the use of binaural simulations is not an exact science. The brain is an incredibly complex organ. The best advice I can give to budding travelers is to maximize the controls that help to achieve your experience. I have written about my EXPERIENCE method, available in this guide (for those that want continued reading), but the bascic needs to achieve success are: a quality environment free of distractions, mind-ready (as I like to say), where you are calm, open, and with closed eyes. Also extremely important is quality headphones or ear-buds. In my sequence designs, I use incrediably complex frequency modulations and diversified range of ampliture – these are brain-programs, afterall. So what makes a quality equipment, for us non-audiophiles? A lot comes down to preference, but you will need more than those few-dollars ear-buds or 3-year old headphones. My preference is an over-the-ear set of quality Sennheiser’s, but I’m a developer in addition to a user. You may not have that kind of expendable cash. You can easily get started with a $20-50 pair of quality headphones. If you want to save yourself some research, I-Doser has actually gone through the process of testing a set of headphones and earbuds and have an Amazon.com supplied list of equipment they have achieved strong results with. If you prefer ear-buds, they are a fine choice also. In our testing there was no descernable difference in results from quality headphones to ear-buds. Also, be careful of wireless. I prefer an extension cord for my headphones so they can stretch to my bed as opposed to a wireless solution. If you decide to use wireless equipment, you will definately want to choose from an approved list. Some wireless headphones can disrupt the source audio

Quick tips for the day:

  1. Read the Guide!
  2. Buy yourself a pair of quality headphones.
  3. Use good sequences from a reputable company.
  4. Use a Condition Dose to prepare.
  5. Be in a quiet, peaceful, environment.
  6. Eyes-closed helps most people.
  7. Listen to the whole sequence.

Good luck, travelers.

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  1. I read this article a few years ago and bought a pair of sennheiser’s from the recommended list and my friend’s dog recently destroyed them. now, the recommended list page is not up and I can’t remember which they were. They weren’t expensive, maybe less than $30. Any chance of getting the list back up?

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