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It is very typical for a new binaural doser (that’s you!) to reach out to me for support. Luckily, there is an offical binaural dosing guide that was written by leaders in the space. There are some invaluable tips for getting the best out of your experience. I would like to talk a bit about a very powerful method covered in the guide that will help you achieve the best effects possible… Let me show you…

Let’s talk equipment, if you are completely new to binaural dosing. You will need the following products and equipment. An educated doser is one who achieves the power powerful and life-changing effects.

  1. The Official Guide for Binaural Dosing
  2. I-Doser Player Application for PC and included or purchased doses
  3. (or) I-Doser Player Application for mobile phones
  4. (or) I-Doser CD
  5. (or)I-Doser MP3 Packs
  6. High quality over-ear headphones
  7. A comfortable location (bed, couch, comfortable chair)
  8. Eye Mask
  9. Covers, Pillows, etc., comfortable support items.

Now that you have everything you need, let’s discuss the E.X.P.E.R.I.E.N.C.E. Method. This method is named because it is the culmination of some of the world’s most advanced binaural dosers (including myself). It is mission-critical that you read and understand every step listed here. Failure to complete even one step could result in a degradation of the results.


Your first step is to create an environment for you to take your dose in. Consider this VERY carefully. We call it the EXPEL step, because you should spend some time looking around your environment for things that can be a distraction. It is important that you listen to the whole dose from beginning to end without interruption. If something can interrupt you, remove it from the environment. This includes phones, pets, and people, outside noise, excessive light, or any distraction that could force you to pause or stop a dose, which will decrease the effectiveness.


So, you have gone through the EXPEL step, not think twice. There is ALWAYS an X-FACTOR, or something you didn’t quite think of that will interrupt your dose. Are you hungry? Eat. Do you, or will you, need to use the restroom during the dose? Go now! Will someone come barging into your environment while you are administrating your dose? Go tell them now that you cannot be interrupted. It your phone turned off? Double-check! Remember, those X-FACTORS can completely ruin a dose session, so think twice after the EXPEL step.


So you have gone through the EXPEL steps and removed any X-FACTORS. You now need to take a look at your environment and PREPARE! Where will you be doing this? We recommend you lay down, so make sure you have a comfortable pillow, headphones that can reach your bed, and the lighting is perfect. Doses should be taken in a dimly lit room, or in a dark room. Close the window, turn off the lights and TV, and pull those bed sheets back. PREPARING your environment is a very important step.


You are going to want to close your eyes for the duration of the dose. This prevents you from focusing on something other than the dose. Some people have a lot of trouble keeping their eyes closed for the duration of the dose without getting tired, or distracted. Because of this, we recommend the EYES step. Close your eyes for a few minutes in your environment and see how much light penetrates your eyelids. If you are not in complete darkness with your eyes closed, then consider using an eye mask. As eye mask is a great addition to dosing because you can have your eyes open under the mask and still be in darkness, or if you are dosing during the dark and can’t be in darkness, this helps. Regardless, consider your EYES before dosing and how you will handle light.


The RELAX step could be the most important step in the EXPERIENCE Method. Many people get very anxious before a dose. What will happen to me? What will the effects be? Will I hallucinate or worse? Our advice? Calm down, don’t think, and RELAX. If your brain is going a mile a minute thinking about effects or process, the dose will be inhibited. Take a few minutes before you dose to do a little meditation and clear you mind.


You are going to want the strongest and most effecting dosing experience possible, so take some time to have some personal INSIGHT. I like to recommend mediation, but maybe at a more advanced level than what is mentioned in the RELAX step. Think about your life, what you are looking to achieve through using an I-Doser Sequence, and become “one” with your environment. A little personal reflection and INSIGHT can go a long way to making this a very positive and effective experience.

The Rest…

That’s E.X.P.E.R.I. – what about the E.N.C.E? Well, I truly believe that enlightenment in this method comes from personal action steps. While one method alone won’t get you to the highest levels, the rest of the steps including some mission critical information should be obtained from the Official Binaural Dosing Guide.

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