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I’m always amazed when I read through digital dose experience reports. has pioneered the documentation of real user experiences using powerful digital drugs. With thousands of honest experiences, let’s examine some of the most life-changing…
It is very common for first-time users to be apprehensive about using intense digital doses. sells the most intense doses available. This is a great example of a user who was apprehensive at first, but ended up having a smooth and visual experience.
USING LSD DOSE: I was apprehensive before trying this dose. I did not think it wouldn’t work, I simply thought it would not work on me. Although my trip was not as intense as some of the others I have read here, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Through most of the dose the walls were moving in and out, as if breathing. Light didn’t seem to want to stay put. At one point while studying my hand, an aura of light appeared around it. The most intense part was around 80 percent. Colors began flashing before my eyes, despite them being open, and the room seemed to pulsate with bright multicolored lights. This lasted for maybe 2 minutes. In all, it was a pleasant experience. Even now I cant seem to make anything stay put for more than a couple seconds. Very fun. Recommend to anyone.
It is also amazing to hear some of the very spiritual experiences some users have. It is very common, early in a dose, to think or assume that it’s not going to work. Remember, powerful feelings can come from nowhere. As this user says: Let it take you away.
USING OUT OF BODY DOSE: Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVED this one. At first, I seriously thought it wasn’t going to work and so about 10-15 minutes I felt it. I felt as if I were flying in the air. That surge of adrenaline you get when you’re falling. My whole body tingled and I kept thinking to myself “Let it take you away” and it certainly did. As it went down, I felt drawn back to my body, but I felt pressure on my body and face. Like something heavy was sitting there. Toward the end I had that feeling of flying again and at some points I’d imagine scenarios and at one point I imagined walking down my school’s hallway and I felt someone brush up against me, I actually felt it. This is so crazy, try Out of Body, it’s great!
Remember, it is critically important to listen to the whole dose. Binaural sequences are designed to be listened to in their entirety. If you start to feel effect, ride through it and don’t quit. Here is an experience report from a user who quit the dose at 59%, and still achieved some fantastic results. Amazing how good I-Doser brand doses are.
USING THE ALCOHOL DOSE: Tried this dose. I was under the impression that part of making this process work was completely clearing my mind, however, I was physically incapable of doing so. So instead, I just listened very intensely to the beats and allowed my thoughts to drift. Soon I went into somewhat of a trance, kind of like what happens before you go to sleep but you aren’t completely asleep. I don’t remember my thoughts from this time, but I know I was thinking. I also kind of snapped out of the trance to find that my legs were tingling and warm. I continued listening. At one point the music stopped for like a second and I jerked up, and opened my eyes involuntarily. It was really weird. I didn’t get to finish the whole dose and only got to 59% before I had to get up. I found that I felt a little out of it, but I would not describe it as feeling at all like being drunk as I am usually boisterous and obnoxious in that state. If I had to compare the feeling with anything, I would say it was more like being high off of weed. But not as intense. And I also had kind of shaky vision. The effects wore off pretty quickly. Probably would have been better had I tried the whole dose. I will be attempting to try it again later.
Finally, we live in a sexual world. Sex sells, sex is beautiful, sex is great. I love how the best-selling digital dose of all time is the Orgasm Dose. People have had very hot experiences with this dose, and some of the experiences listed at I-Doser prove how completely effective binaural sequences can be on both the mind… and the body.
USING THE ORGASM DOSE: Ok, I was very /very/ skeptical about this…I didn’t want to spend a long time, I just wanted to know is this real? Or just a stupid placebo. Its frickin’ real! I took 10 minutes laid down and tried my best to relax and not think about anything, but that didn’t work so well. I was constantly like, I wonder how far along I am… But even though i couldn’t really focus. I felt tingling everywhere below the waist. I think, if I could’ve relaxed completely, that would have made a world of difference. Overall. Awesome 8D. More than I expected.
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5 Replies to “Real Dosing Experiences”

  1. GWT apphiliated says:

    uhm im a little nervous this isnt bad for you is it? like any of them lots of my friends have tried it and says its awesome but i dont wanna like die lol

    1. No, binaural technology is very safe and effective. As with everything in life: use moderation. See, about, FAQs, etc. for more information.

  2. so i listened to the acid one and nothin happened at all is there any specific things i need to do when listening to get this to work

  3. Akos Fintor says:

    What are the key differences between binaural and Isochronic tones?
    thanks a bunch

    1. Isochronic tones do not require isolated ears to function, and thusly does not require headphones. We have done over a decade of testing on this technique, and isochronic tones are significantly less powerful than I-Doser brand binaurals. Stick with the pros and visit for the best stuff.

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