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I can only speak to use in the United States, but prescription drug use is a rampant problem. While companies like I-Doser have been releasing Recreational Drug sequences for years, there is a new breakthrough in binaural simulations: mimicking the effects of prescription drugs. How well do they work? Read on…
One word comes to mind when I think of prescription drug use: abuse. The prescription drugs that are commonly abused in the United States fall into several broad categories: opioids/narcotics/pain relievers, depressants, and stimulants. Individuals abuse these drugs because they are an easily accessible and inexpensive means of altering a user’s mental and physical state; the effects vary depending upon the drugs they abuse. Yes, it is illegal to use prescription drugs without a valid prescription or to distribute them. The penalties associated with the abuse or illegal distribution of prescription drugs vary depending upon the drug type.

Granted, I would never recommend replacing a doctor-prescribed prescription for a binaural audio simulation if the reasons for the prescription are valid. If you fall into the sect of people who like prescription drug EFFECTS, and obtain them outside of the normal legal/doctor system, I am going to recommend you take a step back and #1: look at the dangers involved. #2. Seek out some very powerful (but safe) simulation experience like Prescription Simulations 1 or Prescription Simulations 2. These are both available in MP3 and CD versions. In our testing, we found both to be very powerful compilations, and worth checking if you have any interest in binaurals.

Prescription Simulation CDs and MP3s

Prescription Simulations 1 is a collection of 4 doses: Oxy, Vico, Zolo, and Darvo. Each audio track contains our advanced binaural beats that will synchronize your brainwaves to a simulated state. Mixed with our sophisticated auditory pulses are soothing backtracks of soundscapes to help your brain induce of state of sedation, euphoria, calm, and dulled. For those seeking calm and extreme sedation.

Prescription Simulations 2 is a collection of 4 doses: Valim, Xanak, Klono, and Ambie. Each audio track contains our advanced binaural beats that will synchronize your brainwaves to a simulated state. Mixed with our sophisticated auditory pulses are backtracks of soundscapes to help your soothe your brain. Have euphoric thoughts, be calm, and sleep deeply. For those seeking rest and altered sedation.

While it may sound amazing that there are audio sequences that can recreate the effects of powerful prescription drugs, remember that Binaural Beats are not a “new age” fad. Binaural Beats have been researched for almost 170 years. The human brain goes through many frequency cycles during each day. Different frequencies produce different effects to the human consciousness. Using this information, it has been discovered that the brains receiving and operating frequency can be altered by sound waves.

Binaural Beats work by broadcasting two separate frequencies in each ear. For example, if you wanted to tune your brain to a 7 Hz frequency, you could play 200 Hz in your right ear, and 207 Hz in your left ear. The brain will compensate for the difference between the two and produce a third tone that will be exactly 7 Hz. This will result in your brain frequency being lowered and tuned to the desired 7 Hz operating stage.

Using this information and with their complete understanding of human brain operating frequencies, I-Doser still continues to be the leader in this space by far. They have been around for over a decade, and are still considered the only go-to source for high quality binaural brainwave simulations that can mimic a specific mood or experience.

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  1. I am just looking into your offerings. What do you have in the line of “anti-biotics”? Some years ago, I had looked at the site; There were limitations on what I could get in terms of finances. (That may still be the case.) I would also like to know what you have that mimics Oxygen and Nitric Oxide for body builders. Thank you for your time and consideration.! Namaste’ Scot

    1. You can see out sport simulations here:

      CD/MP3s Packs:

      PC/MAC Doses:

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