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Your Higher Self is the evolved non-physical form of yourself. It is the distillation of soul and consciousness: YOU, but without limits and eternal. Your Higher Self is that spark inside that drives inspiration. It is your voice of reason and your intuition. Have you met your Higher Self? Here’s how…How much do you really know about yourself? Even a spiritually well-guided and enlightened individual may have limited knowledge of their Higher Self. If you do not meditate then we recommended starting a basic wellness routine before you attempt to communicate with your Higher Self. Take some time to be alone. Try some binaural induction technology from a reputable company like With a good mindfulness base, you will have an easier time with your Higher Self. We all have witnessed our Higher Self at work, though. Have you ever experienced Déjà vu, had a spark on intuition that directed you towards a path, or were visited by an unseen muse that brought flashes of creative inspiration? This is your Higher Self communicating and directing you towards your goals. If you let the relationship between you and your Higher Self flourish and connect on a deeper level you will see a great quality of life improvement. This is a paradox, however, because you and your Higher Self are one, in unity.  You can not separate your physical self from your conscious energy. The first step towards a singular understanding of your Higher Self is the simple state of realization. Your must admit that you are much more than a physical being. There are inconceivable energies that surround and are contained within. If you are willing to accept this, then we can take the next step towards understanding your Higher Self.

Contact Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self should be the only true and trusted guidance you use on the physical plane. Don’t ignore a signal your Higher Self is giving. You could miss a lucrative opportunity or, worse, go down a negative path. Simply put, don’t dismiss a hunch or premonition. Learn to know the signals of your Higher Self. Ignoring those gut feelings could have dire consequences. Remember, your Higher Self does not communicate in a physical sense. Most of us are used to living and perceiving in the physical plane only. It is very easy to miss the signals our Higher Self is giving us. Also, since our Higher Self communicates through dreams and premonitions, it could be difficult to understand the message even if it is being received. A communication from out Higher Self may be nothing more than a strong urge or desire. Using meditation and induction techniques like will help you to tune to your body’s natural translators. Being well aligned will help you discern between fear-based ego and the eternal voice of your Higher Self. Now that you accept your Higher Self as a powerful compass in your life, and you are using wellness techniques to better refine that understanding, it is time for you to meet your Higher Self. How it is possible to encounter something as conceptual as your Higher Self? Get ready, because we are about to put you face to face with your Eternal Being.

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It is time to meet your Higher Self for the first time. Set the mood. Be under soft lights, with some binaural induction from, away from distractions, and comfortable. Close your eyes and imagine somewhere you love to be. It must be peaceful, tranquil, and loving. You must see both you and your location in perfect clarity. Now, imagine your Higher Self. You can visualize your Higher Self as a physical being, as a friend, lover, or sibling sitting next you to. Or, you can see your Higher Self as energy, or electricity, or a more spiritual being. You can decide, as this is just a vessel for your Higher Self to appear. Once your Higher Self appears you can begin your conversation. This conversation might consist of words, like you asking your Higher Self questions – or even your Higher Self asking you questions. The conversation might not consist of words at all. Your Higher Self may communicate in feelings, imagery, or awareness. Be open to what your Higher Self offers. Even with binaural induction, it may be hard to tell the difference between fear and ego. Also, where does your Higher Self begin and your Imagination end? How valid is your Higher Self if you are just imagining it all? It’s actually simple to tell if you are communicating with your Higher Self. Do this easy test…

You are deep in a meditative state induced by binaural induction with iDoser. You are serene in your crafted environment in your mind. Everything is perfect, and then your Higher Self appears. Maybe you see your Higher Self as a friend or as spiritual energy. You begin communicating with your Higher Self and then suddenly realize you may be imagining all of this. How do you know the answers you receive form your Higher Self is not just fear-based ego in your mind’s eye? Remember, you exist within a physical world. You are not in a physical space now. So, if you feel physical sensations of nervousness, strain, dread, or irritation – then you are talking to the ego and not the Higher Self. The ego creates identity around discomfort. The ego is fear-based, and your Higher Self does not communicate in terms of negativity. Don’t be afraid. Your ego is an important entity as well. Simply declare that you want to meet your Higher Self. Visualize this until your ego is driven out by your Higher Self. When you feel physical sensations of lightness, love, energy, and happiness, then you are talking to the Higher Self. From here, it is between you and your Energy. Let a relationship flourish and listen to all advice given by your Higher Self. You will be better off for it.

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9 Replies to “Contact Your Higher Self”

  1. Keanu Crane says:

    For years I would ignore intuition and then regret it when things didn’t go the way I wanted. Never tried idosing or really meditate. My higher self meets me only in my dreams. Be aware we are all different and this energy can greet us differently. Lucid dreaming has been my meditation.

  2. Chelsy Cain says:

    I would recommend iDose before visualizing energy. For me it works more better as a preparation method than using during meditation. But I always preferred meditating in silence. Dose anybody here use idose, binaurals, nature sounds, white nose during their meditation? If so, what do you recommend?

  3. Raees Gilbert says:

    Great article. I was looking up the difference between Ego and Higher Self and came across this. I didn’t realize Ego was fear based and Higher Self was love? Pretty interesting.

  4. Lilah Arellano says:

    I recommended using marijuana or CBD (if you don’t want the THC) during your meditations. I couldn’t stand meditating and it felt like a waste of time. Once I assed micro-dosing to my meditation it all turned around.

  5. Effie Wright says:

    Stay away from youtube stuff. I was making real good progress with meditation. I began listening to some youtube mind audio and I started having trouble concentrating. Come to find out the youtube channel was run by a 15 year old who was just posting crappy stock audio and calling it mind audio.

  6. Maricela Gonzales says:

    One thing this article doesn’t mention is that once you use this method to contact your higher self it will be much easier to do in the future. It takes practice.

  7. Lowell Lockett says:

    I am an expert in yoga and an instructor. Contacting your higher self is not as easy as this article might suggest but it is possible. Give it time and don’t rush it is my advice.

  8. This is a great technique for those wishing to explore themselves a little deeper. A great article. Thank you.

  9. Allison Roy says:

    I intend to contribute a guest post to your website that will help you get good traffic as well as interest your readers.

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