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May 17, 2016


New 2016 Elite Doses

New 2016 Elite Doses

After years of research, the 2016 Elite Collection of brainwave doses is finally here. I-Doser is the leading provider of binaural doses. 2016 Elite Collection represents the strongest binaurals ever. Let’s explore…

Millions use scientifically tuned audio to help achieve a simulated mood or experience, and this collection is great addition for seasoned users. Or, the perfect starting point for new mind hackers as well. Many use brainwave audio to relax, enhance meditation, create holistic balance, have lucid dreams, enhance sexual experiences, and so much more.  With nearly 50 new doses in the 2016 Elite Collection, and hundreds of available doses in the I-Doser back catalog, the possibilities are endless.

New 2016 Elite Doses

Are you new to brainwave dosing or mind hacking? Luckily, I-Doser has made a very complicated process simple for all users. It is this reason why they are the top binaural company in the world and have been leading the industry for over a decade. On a Mac or PC computer, all you need is the FREE I-Doser Player Software. It includes several free doses. This is the #1 Top Downloaded software in the CNET Science Category, even beating out Google Earth. It is really a beautiful piece of software that you should have installed on your computers or laptops for when you need a quick mind dose. I-Doser is also giving away one of their 2016 Elite Doses FREE, so make sure to grab that.

Free I-Doser Dose

Next, you just need a good pair of headphones. Listen to their soothing binaural audio, and your brainwaves attempt to tune to a specific frequency to mimic a mood or simulate an experience. Over 10 million people worldwide are currently using I-Doser, and it is the most used audio for meditation, yoga, lucid dreams, simulated recreation, sexual exploration and so much more. I-Doser produced a very slick promo video covering the new collection. Check it out!

2016 Elite Dose Promo

I know the good team at I-Doser has been working very hard on this collection. Be sure to grab the free dose and explore a collection of experiences that is unlike anything you have ever heard or felt. A simulated mood or experience can completely change a bad day, help you deeply explore your inner being, or simply experience a mindset you would normally never achieve.

CLICK TO Check out the 2016 Elite Collection!

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  1. James Keefor
    May 17 2016

    I beat you guys to this post! I got 20 of the new elite doses and the free one before you even posted this! Thought I was on to a secret, but now you guys are promoting the colelction. Have to say, really great stuff. I’ve tried many binaurals before yours – and IDose is by far the most effective! THANK YOU!


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