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Posts from the ‘Recreation’ Category


Real User Experiences

Today we give you something truly intense: Real users and experts discussing I-Doser Simulated Experiences. You know you want more – Just keep reading… Read more »

Extreme 2012 Doses

Binaural Dosing Goes Extreme

While creating a simulated mood or experience though the use of binaural beats is nothing new, things just got EXTREME with some powerful new releases that are sure to turn some heads… Read more »

Fictional Simulations

Fictional Simulations… Now a Reality

Imagine if you could physically simulate the emotional experience so intricately imagined in a great piece of fiction: be it a book, a movie, or a video game – and actually feel what your imagination creates…

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Prescription Simulations

I can only speak to use in the United States, but prescription drug use is a rampant problem. While companies like I-Doser have been releasing Recreational Drug sequences for years, there is a new breakthrough in binaural simulations: mimicking the effects of prescription drugs. How well do they work? Read on…
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Digital Drugs

I-Doser made nationwide headlines when two things happened: mentioned the company in their Threat Level release, and Oklahoma’s Mustang Public School sent out a letter to parents warning them of the new craze (covered in a news 9 video). Let’s set the record straight right now… Read more »


Can “music” get you high?

I would never use the term “music” to describe the complex audio simulations that I produce. Some of our more complex and detailed simulations I have worked on have taken YEARS to produce. However, I point you to a reprint of a great article by Kristi Eaton. She covers the skeptic view, and the believer view – in wonderful detail. Check it out… Read more »