Easy Astral Projection Guide for an Out of Body Experience

Easy Astral Projection Guide For An Out Of Body Experience

Astral Projection, or an Out of Body Experience, is the separation of your astral being from your physical body. BUT, is it even real? What can you do while separated? Let’s discuss the TRUTH behind astral projection, lucid dreams, and how you can achieve results in just a few simple steps. Ready to let go?

The logical first step to Astral Projection is Lucid Dreaming. Those who have control and recall over their dreams are proven to have an easier time learning and controlling an Astral Event. There are some amazing benefits, and great fun to be had, with Lucid Dream Control. So, before we dive deep into Astral Projection, let’s talk a little about what we consider to the the critical first step to you own personal Astral Event, and how you can most easily achieve success.

Astral Projection Lucid Dreaming

Phase One Lucid Dreaming for an Out of Body Experience and Easy Astral Projection

This sounds crazy. How can you possibly separate from your physical body? This CAN’T be real. Terms like Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, and Out of Body Experiences sound like metaphysical nonsense if you haven’t been initiated with some of the techniques or experiences that can result from these practices. You already dream, and sometimes remember those dreams. Lucid Dreaming has been scientifically proven and millions of people use technology like iDoser.com to help remember and control their dreams and have out of body experiences. Along that line of thought, it starts to get easier to accept that those eight hours we sleep might be a doorway or portal into something unknown. Think about this: We are biologically conditioned to forget our dreams. This is why we remember so few of them. What are they hiding that our body has a mechanism to try and keep them from us?

Guaranteed Astral Projection

It is important you see what is behind your dreams, and that is why the first step to Astral Projection is learning to Lucid Dream.

Importance of Lucid Dreaming to Astral Projection

iDoser.com has a very easy tutorial (click here to view) on how to achieve a Lucid Dream. A concept that was once very hard to accomplish without specific training has now become easy with advancements in binaural brain technology. In order to Astral Project in the real world, and have a pure separation of body, you must first master Lucid Dreaming. Starting with focus, vibration, and separation is typically too difficult a first step. Mastering Lucid Dreaming with the iDoser Technique will make the transition from physical to astral much easier.

Attract Money Guided Meditation Positive Affirmation

You have now mastered lucid dreaming and have perfect control over your dreams. This is a very personal experience (but not an out of bo dy experience yet_, and it is up to you when you are ready. If you can, on demand, control a dream on any given night – then you are ready for the next phase of your astral projection training.

Focus and Transition

Phase Two Focus and Transition for an Easy Astral Projection

Once you are successfully controlling and remembering dreams, start working towards your first Astral Projection Experience. Understand that this transition is difficult, it takes practice, and It’s important you never falter in your belief that you can do it. If you’ve been Lucid Dream training with binaural technology from iDoser, continue with their specialized astral doses.

You must first master Focus and Breathing before you will enter a Vibrational Phase. Above all, empty your mind with each controlled breath, and remain attentive on keeping outside distractions away. Think of this as an “emptying of the mind,” with it becoming more void with each breath you take. In addition, when you master this, and you will recognize a cognitive change: a feeling of heavy numbness – like there is a thick, warm,  blanket covering you. Stay focused as the first hints of body separation begin. It is critical you remain calm, keep breathing controlled, and concentrate.

Lucid Dream Guide
Lucid Dreaming, proper meditation and breathing techniques, and the mastery of intense focus will prepare you for what is about to come next. For many, this will be the first taste of the “magic” that is astral separation. Most importantly, these feelings will  be new, unique, and potentially eye-opening and frightening. Don’t rush this next step, and stay with your Lucid Dream training for as long as it takes for you to be comfortable.

Vibrational Phase

Phase Three Vibrational Phase for Astral Projection

You will start to lose sense of your body towards of the end of the Focus and Transition Phases. This is where you will begin to feel a slight vibration or buzzing. Some describe this as a shimmer, or inner glow. If you panic, you might lose the vibrational wave so continue your controlled breathing and stay calm. Remember your Lucid Dream training from iDoser.com: just how fear, excitement, or frustration can cause a dream to flee… the same is true of astral projection and having an out of body experience. Don’t be afraid, don’t try to force the experience, and don’t quit if it doesn’t happen right away. You may also shift between the Focus and Transition Phases many times before settling into the Vibrational Phase and retaining control.

Duration of Vibrational Phase

This might take weeks, or even months. Above all, continue your lucid dream training, astral projection focusing, and binaural brain therapy. Once you can successfully recognize and control the vibrational feeling you get when you deeply focus, and can regularly sense the separation of your body begin to happen, you will enter the Visualization Phase – the next critical stage to your Astral Projection Event.

Five Stages of Sleep

Now is a good time to look at your Stages of Sleep and how well you are sleeping at night. Fatigued, those suffering from night terrors or nightmares, or people with insomnia will have issues with Lucid Dreaming and, therefore, it will carry over into any astral projection attempts. Incorporating meditation, binaural brainwave dosing, eliminating caffeine, and other methods may help with your critical sleep cycles and improve your astral and lucid attempts. Above all, you will need to be well rested and alert for the next phase.

Astral Projection Visualization

Phase Four Visualization for an Out of Body Experience

Are you feeling the inner glimmer and have control over the Vibrational Phase? You are ready to visualize yourself lifting from your body. This must be more than just “thinking about” floating away. It has to be an intense focus. You must WILL your astral body to leave your physical body. Some people like to visualize a rope pulling their astral body from their physical. Some have forceful thoughts to try and bully their astral body out. You can try a gentle coaxing to help the separation. Experiment with various methods and see what works best.

Duration of Visualization Phase

This is a very personal experience, and it will be difficult to have your first separation. Visualization is another phase that can last weeks or months. Remember, your astral and physical body have never been separated. You are probably not completely sure they even CAN separate. The great cosmic force will do everything it can to prevent it. Since you have already been through Lucid Dream training with iDoser, this step should be much easier with proper binaural preparation.

Find Your Chi Energy

Now is a good time to begin getting into more advanced meditation, chakra, or kundailni techniques. Any way you can advance your spiritual understanding of self and ego will help you prepare for the two final phases. This is where actual separation will happen, an out of body experience, and it could be an intense and emotional experience. Be prepared with some advanced techniques. Visit http://iDoser.com for a free spiritual toolkit. Advance your training with some of the worlds most powerful and proven techniques.

Astral Projection Rising

Phase Five Rising with Lucid Dreams and Out of Body Experiences

Meanwhile, one day, it will just happen. Your astral body will separate, but only for a second. This is common. Your physical body will try to snap your astral body back as soon as it divides. Separation should happen more frequently now, but you will have trouble keeping both bodies apart. Again, you will have to experiment with forceful or gentle techniques similar to the Visualization Phase. This will improve with time, in the same way recall progresses with lucid dreaming.

Here, again, is another connection to your Lucid Dream training with iDoser.com – those with enhanced dream recall seem to have more control over their astral body. It is also important you stay rested. For example, after your first successful separation, instinct and pure curiosity will want to keep pushing forward. You must ease into this. Don’t force the experience. With more practice you will stay separated longer. You will be able to travel further form your physical body, entering the Exploration Phase.

Flow State Activation

Some find that listening to relaxing music, reading poetry, doing art, or being creative can help you towards achieving pure separation from your body. Take it easy and don’t rush. Often people will get frustrated when they don’t see instant results. For instance – try a change in diet, music, and incorporate some creative hobbies into your life. Simple changes might be what’s needed to have a lasting astral experience. Once you can successfully achieve projection and have control, you can enter into the final phase.

Astral Projection Exploration

Phase Six Exploration, Out of Body Experience, Lucid Dreams

One day, long after you have mastered Lucid Dreaming, Focus, Controlled Breathing, and have felt the Vibrational field; something magical will happen. You will be able to separate from your physical body with the same control you have over your lucid dreams. The months of training will pay off. The discovery that your astral form can travel a limitless distance from your physical body with an out of body experience is a critical one. Where will you go? Somewhere in your town? Maybe somewhere in your state? How about somewhere in your country? Anywhere in the world… or travel beyond the planet, beyond the universe… the choice is yours.

You have now achieved something most people think is magic. For example, you have control of your sleep with powerful lucid dream induction techniques from iDoser.com. Control of your body, both physical and astral with out of body experiences. Control of your universe, and the unlimited potential of limitless travel. Welcome aboard, Astral Traveler.

You Have Been Selected

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  1. Calvin Daros says:

    Its funny i was just asking on a FB group how to astral project and I came across this. I am starting to work on lucid dreaming first and am excited to begin. Thanks for the great article.

  2. jenni freeport says:

    love this article it has loads of information I needed to astral leaving body. Has anyone has success?

  3. Robert Timber says:

    I will go on the record saying I have had great result using the idoser “easy” lucid dream guide. It seemed a little more in depth than this one (but not really easy), but I can say that I got good results because of it. Astral it a bit much for me, but lucid is cool.

  4. Michael Duffer says:

    Finally an astral projection guide I can understand. I have read many of them and they are all very vague. I was starting to think it was intentional so people wont understand. I get this one and am excited to start.

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  6. I have always been fascinated by the concept of astral projection and lucid dreams. Your article provided a comprehensive and informative overview of these experiences.

  7. Wise Old Man says:

    It’s amazing how our consciousness can transcend our physical bodies and explore the realms of the astral plane!

  8. As someone who has experienced lucid dreams and out of body experiences, I can attest to the profound impact they have on our understanding of reality.

  9. Clifford Smith says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize there was so much to learn about astral projection and lucid dreams! Your article provided a deep dive into the techniques behind these phenomena. I’m excited to try some of the tips you shared to enhance my own dream experiences.

  10. Owen Evans says:

    I appreciated how you delved into the different techniques and benefits of astral projection, and how it relates to lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. Fascinating stuff!

  11. It’s incredible to think about the limitless possibilities of our consciousness beyond the physical realm.

  12. Donald Price says:

    I’ve had a few lucid dreams and out of body experiences myself, and it’s truly a surreal and eye-opening experience.

  13. I found it fascinating how our minds can navigate alternate realities and dimensions through these experiences.

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  15. I enjoyed how you explored the potential benefits of these experiences, such as personal growth, expanded awareness, and spiritual exploration.

  16. John Amico says:

    I tried this 2 nights ago and had a lucid dream. Tried again last night and had full on projection. All I can say is thank you.

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    Does having a lucid dream count as astral projection?

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    This actually worked I tried it last night and came back here this AM to say thank you!

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