Mobile Brain Dosing: Binaural Brainwave Audio Induction

Mobile Brain Dosing BinauralBrainwave Audio Induction

DOSE YOUR BRAIN? Mobile brain dosing has become extremely popular. Do binaural beats work, though? Using professional audio induction with a binaural beat generator can have powerful benefits. Learn to leverage brainwave entrainment for your mindful life.

What is Brainwave Entrainment?

Binaural Brainwave for Mobile iPhone and Android

Brainwave entrainment is a somewhat recent discovery. Lately, using a binaural beat generator to achieve simulated experiences, better sleep, mindfulness, and much more has become extremely popular. Using apps like iDoser on Android may be extremely trendy, but the techniques have existed for centuries. Professional audio induction allows the brain to access a state through various stimulation methods. Maybe this is professional audio induction, ASMR, binaural frequencies, or a combination of many techniques. Essentially, the external stimulation tunes the brain’s activity to synchronize to the external stimulus. For example, using a professional brainwave generator like iDoser on Android can feel amazing. Many people experience brainwave entrainment as producing a trance, enhanced attentiveness, relaxation, lucid dreaming, REM sleep, mindfulness, and more. Do binaural beats work, though? Let’s take a step back in time.

History of Binaural Beats

Mobile Binaural Beat Generator
You can’t cover the history of brainwave entrainment without talking about Heinrich Wilhelm Dove (1803–1879). The discovery of audio induction started in 1839 when the first research on binaural beats took place. Consequently, without Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, there wouldn’t be so many uses for binaural beats. There probably wouldn’t be a binaural beat generator like iDoser on Android. The discovery of binaural beats in 1839 truly happened when Heinrich Wilhelm Dove published his findings on binaural beats in a scientific journal. Furthermore, it wasn’t until 1973 that Gerald Oster published the article Auditory Beats in the brain. Likewise, Oster saw binaural beats as a powerful cognitive and neurological research tool. It wasn’t for many years that they became mainstream and commercialized by the iDoser company.

Science Behind Binaural Beats

First of all, before delving into the currently available research on binaural beats, let’s cover the main uses for this potent audio induction. Most noteworthy, research shows that when a person listens to binaural beats with a binaural beat generator, their levels of cognition change. These changes happen because the binaural beats trigger explicit systems within the brain. For example, an electroencephalogram (EEG) that records electrical brain activity shows that people who use a specific type of binaural therapy (tested against iDoser on Android) had measurable changes in their EEG output. Consequently, how does this relate to binaural beats and meditation? The big question: Do binaural beats work? How can you successfully integrate them into your mindful lifestyle? With modern technology, it is easier than you think.

Do Binaural Beats Work?

iDoser on Android
The psychology of audio induction is polar depending on the perceived soundwave. Most importantly, binaural beats may boost the brain. They might induce a state of active alertness and cognition. Likewise, brainwave entrainment may trigger actual hormonal changes, like melatonin production. Hormone production can benefit the sleep realm: lucid dreams, REM, astral projection, and more. Furthermore, the effects depend on the professional composition of the active audio.  For example, quality is all over, but the standard seems to be iDoser on Android as an excellent mobile binaural beat generator. Above all, the uses are many. We will discuss quality shortly, but how can YOU integrate this tech into mindfulness? Based on all this science talk, it is much easier than you might think.

Binaural Beats and Mindfulness

do binaural beats work?
How do you mindful these days? Have you ever meditated to music or nature sounds? Have trouble sleeping or maybe want more vivid dreams? Perhaps you want to take it a step further and explore lucid dreams. If so, brainwave entrainment may be a fantastic addition to your lifestyle. Considering all the history and science we have covered, you might think it is challenging to get into or that it requires expensive equipment. All you need is a phone or a computer and a pair of headphones. Using a professional binaural beat generator like iDoser on Android means pushing a button. Audio induction has become so integrated and straightforward anybody can try it and answer for themselves: do binaural beats work for you?

Quality Binaural Beats

The quality of binaural beats will vary depending on your source. For example, with the extreme popularity of iDoser on Android and other platforms (a top binaural beat generator), the market has been flooded with low-quality brainwave entrainment. As an example, a proper audio induction sequence consisting of multiple tiers of active audio, custom music, and possibly some ASMR can take months to test and produce. However, when you look at a platform like YouTube that monetizes a frequent posting schedule (re: weekly), you can see why it has such low-quality audio induction and binaural brainwave entrainment. Compared to a company like, which has been leading in quality for decades, the right choice is easy for most people serious about audio induction technology.

Benefits of Audio Induction

Brainwave Entrainment Moodscapes
The brief history of binaural beats makes a stop inside the human mind. Cognition is one of the many popular uses of binaural beats, but why? First of all, the discovery of binaural beats happens on a personal, spiritual, and meditative level. Hence, it is something YOU need to experience. Likewise, all the research on binaural beats won’t prepare you for that moment when you reach Zen, deeply entrained inside an iDoser binaural beat session. We can list hundreds of uses for binaural beats, but it won’t compare to your first time using them. Instead, we should touch on two big ones. Above all, binaural beats have taken over meditation on a truly astounding level. Unfortunately, they have also become a joke with scam YouTube channels posting fake sessions with binaural beats. In contrast, what are some high-level uses for binaural beats?

Fake YouTube Audio Induction

iDoser on Android Hyperskins
If you browse YouTube, you can find thousands of amateur brainwave entrainment videos and other forms of audio induction. Most of this is inferior quality and very questionable. In just writing this article, we have seen hundreds of audio induction videos claiming they can cure diseases, change your physical attributes, and other nonsense. While the amateur and spam quality of audio induction on YouTube won’t hurt you, it will hinder results from professional methods. Instead, stay away and use a real binaural beat generator like iDoser on Android. You see the “do binaural beats work?” question all over YouTube comments because almost all of them are very ineffective. So go with a trusted source for any induction method involving your brain. Best not to trust such things to complete amateurs.

Preparing for Audio Induction

Do binaural beats work? You are about to find out! Let’s talk about a few things you should do to prepare for a brainwave entrainment session. First, reference our notes on quality and go with an excellent binaural beat generator like iDoser on Android, iPhone, Mac, or PC. These have integrated tutorials to guide you. Just like meditation, be in a quiet and comfortable environment away from distractions. Use a good quality pair of headphones and relax. Don’t fight any effects you feel, and go with the session, wherever it takes you. People react differently to brainwave entrainment. For some, the results will be powerful and immediate. It might take a few sessions before you can really start feeling the effects for others. A quality binaural beat generator will be essential.

Using a Binaural Beat Generator

Audio Induction Radio
Many decades ago, the iDoser company took all available research on binaural beats and released a commercial product utilizing the technology. It went viral. Hence, our discussion about brainwave entrainment wouldn’t be complete without the mention of iDoser. Most noteworthy, they are associated with the commercialization of binaural beats. Consequently, they are not part of the discovery of binaural beats but the push towards mainstream use. Even more, their products offer solutions that cover the full range of benefits for binaural beats. Furthermore, they are the originator of the free Mind Audio Platform, and their mobile app is the most used binaural beat app available. Hence, when people talk about binaural beats, they often use the terms “idose, idosing, or idoser” to describe what is essentially a commercial product utilizing the technology discovered in 1839.

iDoser on Android

With mobile processors becoming so powerful, an on-the-go binaural beat generator might be a better choice than computer software. Just start iDoser on Android or iPhone, put on your headphones, and you are good to go. iDoser takes binaural brainwave dosing to the absolute next level with integrated tutorials, skins, powerful moodscape visualizations, custom tuning, and more. The beauty of iDoser is that you can press a button and experience brainwave entrainment or custom-tune your experience to match precisely the outcome you desire. There are other benefits to using a mobile brainwave generator. Ease of use, you probably already have headphones for your phone, and it is always near you. These features are likely a significant reason why iDoser on Android and other devices have gotten so trendy.

Benefits of iDoser

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The benefits of using a brainwave generator like iDoser on Android, iOS, Mac, or PC? iDoser Mobile includes an advanced feature set like Dose Tuning, SlipStreaming, and Library Management. The most extensive dose collection of brainwave entrainment sessions is available for on-the-go dosing with queuing, allowing unlimited dose combinations. An Integrated step-by-step method assists in making sure you get the best possible results from your audio induction journey. Use all Google Android and Apple iOS mobile phones and tablets in Retina and HD clarity with crystal clear premium sound. If you want to check out the company that took binaural brainwave dosing mainstream many decades ago, check out So, where will you go from here? How do you plan to use audio induction techniques?

Mobile Brain Dosing BinauralBrainwave Audio Induction with iDoser on Android
Today we learned how mobile brain dosing has become a popular technique. Using audio induction with a binaural beat generator can have powerful benefits. Do binaural beats work? We hope you will find out for yourself.


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10 Replies to “Mobile Brain Dosing: Binaural Brainwave Audio Induction”

  1. Patty Gottsch says:

    I have heard of ASMR but not of this. I want to try using it to remember and document my dreams. Do you think that will work? I have been very into dream reading lately and I think this might help.

  2. The YT binaural beat stuff is mostly bunk. ASMR become so popular and saturated they needed another sound gimmick to exploit on YT so now it’s flooded with junk.

  3. Like the update i-doser did to the android app. I actually thought it was abandoned but them there was a major update last week and the entire app experience has been changed for the better I think.

  4. Mr Avalon says:

    I am an ex addict and I have used this to help mimic some substances in a more safer way. It really helped me.

  5. Frank Terk says:

    Is there a difference between asmr and binaural beats and subliminals? Can someone help explain that a little better? It all sounds like the same thing to me.

  6. Nick Assio says:

    Thank you for this. Most binaural beat apps are horrible. I just got this one and am loving the concept so far.

  7. says:

    This is an amazing app I use a “dose” or two before sleep for amazing dreams and lucid control or even if I just want to sleep well.

  8. EverettNem says:

    I have been using i-doser for android for literally 5 years and it is the only meditation app that works for me because it is simple, easy, and real good audio “doses” you take each day to keep you going. Really unique approach.

  9. Thomani Nug says:

    I have tried about a dozen binaural players on the app store. Nothing has the same effect as the idoser one. Why is this? Are they just that much better or do they use a secret method?

  10. philip pham says:

    NOTHING even comes close to idoser in quality. The only binaural beat app I need.

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