Theta Waves: Dream Frequency Songs for REM Sleep

Theta Waves Dream Frequency Songs for REM Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping? Insomniac? Or maybe you simply want to guarantee you reach perfect REM sleep every night? Let us explore Theta Waves, the dream frequency songs used to achieve lucid dreams and REM sleep.

Riding Theta Waves to Perfect Sleep

The Lucid Induction Video
Your brain operates over a variety of ranges. An electroencephalogram (EEG) measures these waves in hertz. For example, Gamma waves are the fastest and oscillate up to 100 Hertz and Beta waves into the 12-38 range. Alpha waves are between 8 and 12 Hertz. Both Delta and Theta are associated with sleep and can assist with REM sleep – but today, we explore those amazing Theta waves. Most importantly, Theta waves are strong during internal focus, meditation, prayer, and spiritual awareness. Along with Delta, they can help achieve rejuvenating REM sleep. Even more, they seem to help with lucid dream recall. Moreover, being lucid is the ability to recall and control your dreams. How can you control the frequency of your brain? Millions have turned to professional binaural beat companies (like that produce powerful dream frequency songs.

Exploring the Powerful Dream Frequency

Sleep Music Rain Sounds Binaural Recording Congo Rainforest
Theta waves function at the frequency of 3.5 to 7.5 Hertz. For example, you can think of this as your brain operating in low-power mode. Theta waves are used in dream frequency songs because there is a close connection to creativity, imagination, dreaming and daydreaming, and memories. Consequently, while a pure Delta wave can help with deep REM sleep, Theta seems to help with dreaming and lucid control. When the theta wave is optimal, it promotes learning and memory health as well. That is to say, Theta waves are not the end-all. For instance, the best dream frequency songs use complex combinations of frequencies, something pioneered by decades ago. i-Doser utilizes complex frequency ranges across the entire spectrum to create all forms of holistic audio induction scenarios. Concerning sleep, what exactly is REM sleep anyway?

What is Rapid Eye Movement REM Sleep?

Insomniac Sleeping Music
Our brain moves through many different phases of sleep. One of these is rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. During this stage, your eyes move quickly. The other stages of sleep are considered non-REM (NREM). During REM sleep, our brain is nearly as active as it is when awake. Above all, it is during this stage that our brain may be processing memories and consolidating. Maybe our brain is defragmenting during this phase, in computer terms. Most importantly, dream frequency songs help achieve REM sleep. Not only because of the therapeutic qualities but because of dreams. REM sleep is often associated with highly vivid dreams. REM sleep may be where lucid dreaming is best triggered, another relatively common use for dream frequency songs that utilize theta waves to help reach REM.

Professional vs. Amateur Sleep Music

Adult Lullaby Music
A quick search on YouTube or Google and you find thousands of audio tracks that use theta waves. That is to say, dream frequency songs are all over the internet. With the popularity of and other professional companies, amateur copycats have flooded social media with ineffective induction audio. Look at the reviews, and you will find this amateur audio is causing headaches or making professional dream frequency music less effective. These amateur pump-and-dump video scams certainly have no testing or quality assurance. Most professional holistic advisers do not recommend using amateur content without background research first, as they may prevent REM sleep. For example, some keen users have even found some questionable subliminal content in amateur YouTube videos. Our recommendation is to go with a company like that has been in business for decades.

Theta Waves Dream Frequency Songs for REM Sleep
With amazing dream frequency music, you can ride theta waves to perfect REM sleep. Moreover, today we explored powerful Theta Waves and the fantastic dream frequency songs used to achieve lucid dreams and REM sleep.


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6 Replies to “Theta Waves: Dream Frequency Songs for REM Sleep”

  1. Your comment about subliminal videos caught my eyes. A year or two ago I was really into some of those “change eye color” subliminal videos on youtube. Yea I kinda knew they were fake but I wanted blue eyes bad. I showed a musician friend of mine and he imported the audio and enhanced it. Come to find out the video was filled with someone whispering about satanism all kinds of really insane things I won’t even post here. We checked a few more and many videos did things like this. Some were just hiding “subscribe now” subliminal voices – but some way worse. Stay away from anything labeled subliminal on YouTube.

  2. sean seano says:

    I tried some of the videos linked in this article. Anybody else try? Do I need headphones? Any commenters use binaural beats?

  3. Matt Neour says:

    It also helps to schedule your meditation before bed. This relaxes you and helps you enter a deeper sleep. Melatonin can also help.

  4. I know the I dosing stuff is the most popular for this kind of thing. I agree most of the youtube videos are garbage. So my question is… does anybody have any recommendations besides doser?

  5. Uncle Buck says:

    Wait so that video Mind Audio Central used to have on YouTube about curing your gayness and changing your ethnicity with his whispering wasn’t real? Those were kids making those fake subliminal videos I think.

  6. andrea favela says:

    Nobody does sleep music like idoser. I have tried many of the youtube videos and so much is done by kids or amateurs. I prefer the professional sessions by experts.

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