Reality Shifting Methods: How to Shift to Desired Reality

reality shifting methods

What is a Reality Shift? Is shifting realities dangerous? Today we teach you how to change to the desired reality using powerful reality shifting methods. Finally, we explore places to reality shift to. Ready to take control of your existence?

What is a Reality Shift?

how to shift to a desired reality

We are potentially shifting dozens of times every instant, and most don’t even realize it. For example, every breath we take and every time we blink is a potential shift in our reality. Likewise, reality shifting might sound impossible, magical, and unreachable. However, it is not as complex as it seems. In the most straightforward terms, reality shifting allows us to inhabit an alternate universe in our minds. To harness reality shifting methods means being able to transcend our physical confines and visit alternate realities. Places to reality shift to can be existing fictional universes or ones we self-create. Above all, to reality shift is to visit a universe where we feel accepted, safe, and engrossed. Today we explore how to shift to a desired reality while answering the question, “is shifting realities dangerous?”

The Popularity of Shifting

A reality shift might seem like pure Science Fiction. Moreover, is shifting realities dangerous to our mind or body? Learning how to shift to a desired reality sounds impossible, but it is much more popular than you might think. Further, millions of people all over the world are using powerful reality shifting methods to visit fantastic alternate worlds. Places to reality shift to are only limited by the imagination of the shifter. How popular is shifting? Shifting has certainly become increasingly popular on various social media platforms. The tags #shifting and #shiftingrealities get billions and billions of views, with videos and entire accounts dedicated to sharing different reality shifting methods and tips. Mind-forward companies like have been refining the process for decades, long before the fad hit big.

Experience A Reality Shift

Escapism and Reality Shifting

For many who reality shift, it is a means of escapism. For example, the question inevitably arises: is shifting realities dangerous to mental health? That is to say, using powerful reality shifting methods to escape real life can’t be healthy, correct? Let us not forget that life has many positive forms of escapism: movies, music, and video games, to name a few. In other words, escapism does not necessarily mean reality shifting is dangerous. For many, shifting is appealing because it gives a sense of excitement and new opportunities. In a world of pandemics and war, maybe reality shifting is a harmless method of escapism? Shifting can certainly be a response to the very real stressors of social isolation and pressure brought about by daily stressors. But we respond to negative stimuli in many ways. Is this dangerous?

Is Shifting Realities Dangerous?

is shifting realities dangerous

Mental health is a very personal topic. Therefore, is shifting realities dangerous because it is an escape? Who are we to decide if an individual is reality shifting as a form of entertaining escapism or to discharge the realities of life? For example, many experts will argue that reality shifting is a way of trying to feel more control in a more dangerous world. Likewise, reality shifting methods are not complicated. Anybody can do it. We are in no position here to scrutinize places to reality shift to, the reasons to escape there, or even the mindset of the shifter. However, many shifters have come forward to claim they shift because they are depressed or even suicidal. If you are suffering from depression, certainly seek professional help.

Reality Shift Respawning

Is reality shifting dangerous if you incorporate respawning? For instance, the idea of permanently going to a desired reality is known as “respawning.” A reality shift respawn happens when either physical death occurs or when a shifter leaves a “clone” of themselves in their physical body while their soul remains in their desired reality. Most importantly, we do not endorse respawning. The places to reality shift should be a temporary location. We have an actual reality, certainly a beautiful gift to us. As you learn how to shift to a desired reality, ignore methods involving death or permanent shifting. A small fringe community of shifters endorses respawning. Meanwhile, (on YouTube especially) fake and scam channels claim to induce a “natural” death like a heart attack and respawning. Gross.

Music That Brings Success

Less Dangerous Reality Shifting Methods

Is shifting realities dangerous? Maybe it doesn’t matter. For example, are you OK with your current reality? Perhaps you aren’t interested in a reality shift. However, are you attentive to the concept of transcendental and self-exploration through methods like mindfulness and meditation? For instance, you don’t need to know how to shift to a desired reality if you are already a master of lucid dreams and can find your escape. Many would argue that most reality shifting methods are just advanced meditation techniques. Some find that audio induction like professional binaural beats or ASMR can certainly take us anywhere we want, much more effectively than a reality shift. Those places to reality shift to are the same places we can visit in a lucid dream or through powerful audio induction technology.

Reality Shift Methods

reality shifting methods

Is it time you experienced a reality shift? Firstly, there are a few things to consider before undergoing your first shift. Above all, we have discussed the contemplation, “is shifting realities dangerous, and is it for me?” It is time to learn how to shift to a desired reality. However, there are a few considerations. First, have you considered the places to reality shift to? You must also decide on the various reality shifting methods. Next, we will cover a standard process and the raven method of reality shifting. Finally, we would recommend at least a base in mindfulness and meditation to guarantee success. Luckily, the company has made this very simple. You will have the condensed knowledge you need to shift successfully without years of meditation experience with a few audio induction sessions.

Standard Reality Shift Method

It is time to reality shift. Firstly, have you done some audio induction sessions to build a meditation base? Induction is certainly critical. Although some can reality shift right out of the gate, those that have used professional induction sessions like those from as a base have more success. It is also essential not to be fearful. Is shifting realities dangerous? Most importantly, it can be intense and very internalized. Be prepared by being in a comfortable place where you will not get interrupted. One of the fundamental reality shifting methods is the scripting of the desired reality, known as a “DR.” DRs can be fictional worlds, and shifters create their lives within them, including their appearance and interactions. The more detail in your scripted reality, the more potential for success.

Flow State Activation

The Raven Reality Shift Method

An advanced reality shift method is the Raven Method. When people ask, “is shifting realities dangerous?” it is because they heard of the Raven Method, only by ominous name alone. Firstly, with a base in audio induction to get your mind ready, it is time to try one of the most popular reality shifting methods. Moreover, as you learn how to shift to a desired reality, your path should be audio induction base (, the standard method, and the Raven Method. Pick one of your places to reality shift to, and let’s go. Firstly, lie down on your front while trying to remain still. Secondly, count to 100 and visualize what you will do in your desired reality. This process will lead you to “wake up” in your DR.

Places to Reality Shift To

places to reality shift to

You know how to shift to a DR, but what places to reality shift to? Those who want to shift reality have the desired reality in mind. Is reality shifting dangerous if you choose a scary desired reality? In short, yes. Moreover, why travel to an alternative dark reality? It certainly might sound exciting, but that kind of fear is not for beginner shifters. Firstly, you have used audio induction to condition your mind and have learned to script your desired reality. Even more, you have a dedicated shifting space and are accustomed to reality shifting methods like the Raven Method. Where would you like your desired reality to be? For beginners, we recommend picking one DR and sticking with it until (at least) you have achieved a successful shift.

Reality Shifting Locations

Despite knowing how to reality shift, are you still at a loss as to where you want your first desired reality to be? Firstly, it should be a place you are interested in and would be happy? In addition, is shifting realities dangerous if you choose a place less ideal to yourself? Not necessarily. However, we wouldn’t recommend going into some nightmare. Pick wisely. Knowing how to shift to a desired reality is often not the most challenging part of being a shifter. Picking your location is. The best reality shifting methods in the world don’t prepare you for where you want to go. So, where are some places to reality shift to? Some find inspiration in video games, books, tv shows, and movies. Other people certainly create their own desired reality. The beauty is you can even choose alternate worlds or even universes. The choice is yours.

Using Virtual Psilocybin

Mindfulness and Reality Shifting

There may be better methods than a reality shift. For example, millions worldwide use powerful audio induction technology to achieve higher states that are more powerful than the best reality shift. “Is shifting realities dangerous?” You don’t see anybody asking if mindfulness is dangerous, so why do we ask this? It is new, it sounds impossible and magical, so logically there is fear. We have taught you how to shift to a desired reality using reality shifting methods. However, those places to reality shift to are the same places you can visit through meditation and other methods. Even more, based on most shifting methods online, shifting is a form of meditation, whether you consider it self-hypnosis or not. It seems even the best shifters confuse transcendental meditation and shifting.

reality shifting methods

Have you experienced a reality shift? Is shifting realities dangerous and something you would try? How do you shift to a desired reality using powerful reality shifting methods? What are the places you reality shift to?


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9 Replies to “Reality Shifting Methods: How to Shift to Desired Reality”

  1. Matt Boein says:

    I don’t think you should completely deny respawn. If a shifter wants a permanent residence, they should be allowed to respawn.

  2. N. Eggers says:

    It’s funny when you go down this rabbit hole; you realize it is primarily TikTok kids pretending to go to Hogwarts. There is some sense in lucid dreaming, but I’m not on with this. It seems fake.

  3. Heath Anon says:

    I have been reality-shifting for 20 years before it was a fad. Binaural beats have been my secret weapon in being successful. Since everybody uses iDoser, I guess it is not such a big secret. I would warn against all the fake content on YouTube. If you are on a channel that says they can “repair your DNA,” it is time to unsub.

  4. tim haddawy says:

    The YT channels claiming they have subliminal content that can make you respawn are the same scam channels that say they can use subliminal audio to change your hair or eye color. Everybody knows they are fake now. I don’t think they are even fooling the kids anymore.

  5. the traveler says:

    I reality shift to a desired reality of my own location. I always thought it was strange people go to book locations when you can ultimately make your own.

  6. tay mccarthy says:

    LOCATION DIRECTORY: Post where you shift to for others to see. Shoot me, and I go to Hogwarts. I don’t care about the hate that DR gets.

  7. I go to Dune. I live a simple life there. I am no hero there, but I am happy.

  8. J Skaufman says:

    I reality shift to Lord of the Rings.

  9. Wilhelm Eberhard says:

    My mind is open to different possibilities, but it doesn’t mean I will uncritically accept anything. Reality shifting and astral projection seem to be nothing but programmed dreams. They are not even lucid dreams, nor controlled dreams. They are just dreams that fulfill your expectations. What the article says about the importance of location has great importance. The easiest way to program a dream is to “travel” to a well known real location (at least for me). There was a time when I thought I could be experiencing astral projection, but I noticed I was seeing things that had been in my home for years, but were no longer there. It was either time traveling, reality shifting or my memory filling in details to create a reconstruction of my home in a dream. I couldn’t obtain valuable and verifiable information from those experiences to proof they were astral projections or time traveling, and I observed too many inconsistencies. I concluded they were just programmed dreams (not lucid dreams). They are good experiences. I like them. But they don’t seem to be a real place one could go. They exist only In a person’s mind.

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