Psilocybin Therapy: Growing Magic Mushrooms

psilocybin therapy growing magic mushrooms hallucinogenic fungi mind-altering substance

Psilocybin therapy is growing in popularity all over the world. Let us look at these beneficial hallucinogenic fungi outside the basics of these mushrooms being a mind-altering substance. We will also provide a step-by-step beginner’s guide on growing magic mushrooms.

Why Psilocybin Therapy?

why psilocybin therapy using hallucinogenic fungi

Firstly, psilocybin therapy is not about the recreational value of this hallucinogenic fungi. While it is a mind-altering substance, the real benefit might be in microdosing. Subsequently, mushrooms have been in use for over 15,000 years in spiritual and medical help. Likewise, using psilocybin therapy in responsible ways has shown promising benefits in treating addiction, depression, and anxiety. This article will cover everything, including growing magic mushrooms. It is essential to consider that the US government classifies magic mushrooms as a Schedule I drug. Schedule I government classification means they are “not acceptable” for medical use and are illicit and habit-forming. However, many don’t consider hallucinogenic fungi to be habit-forming because psilocybin use is often infrequent. Tolerance builds extremely fast. Even more, the increased interest in their potential medical use is challenging the classification.

The Hallucinogenic Fungi

Using Virtual Psilocybin

If you are considering psilocybin therapy or growing magic mushrooms, you should certainly know the history of use. Much like marijuana, hallucinogenic fungi have been around for thousands of years, incorporated in many spiritual, recreational, and medical practices. Consequently, with the recent legalization of marijuana across many US states, there are murmurs that psilocybin therapy might be the next to become legal, at least in some use cases. But where did psilocybin originate? In 1966, a mushroom enthusiast was on vacation in Mexico. During his trip, he participated in a Mazatec Indian ritual with music and experienced a hallucinogenic trip from this mind-altering substance. After that, he took the mushrooms home with him to New York. Eventually, Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert started the Harvard Psilocybin Project, where psilocybin was administered to students to study the effects and benefits.

Benefits of Psilocybin

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Unfortunately, there is still a lot we don’t know about these hallucinogenic fungi. For example, in psilocybin therapy, the brain operates much differently than when not on a mind-altering substance. Psilocybin vastly increases brain entropy – or the number of neural states a brain can access. Moreover, when using hallucinogenic fungi, the neurons in your brain communicate to each other in a very open, non-focused, and less organized way. This open pathway of communication could be why many consider magic mushrooms for mindfulness and other spiritual activity. Above all, there’s less of that stream of self-reflective thought that we associate with our independent thinking self, or self-conscious, re: ego during psilocybin therapy. The experience isn’t always positive. However, anyone can have an undesirable, emotionally painful, or even terrifying experience using psilocybin, especially in higher doses. Psilocybin therapy might be best by microdosing, taking tiny amounts of psilocybin.

Growing Magic Mushrooms

growing magic mushrooms the mind-altering substance

For psilocybin therapy, one would obtain psilocybin from growing magic mushrooms and then letting them dry before consumption. The process is certainly not that difficult, despite most online tutorials seeming very technical. Most importantly, growing these hallucinogenic fungi isn’t hard. Honor the beauty of mother nature and be responsible. Also, take all legal considerations, considering classification. That is to say, magic mushrooms are a mind-altering substance. When ready, you will need some simple items like a bag of vermiculite, some brown rice flour, some large containers, and some jars. An essential thing for this process is a spore syringe from a reliable source. These can be obtained online from many reputable sources. Spore syringes contain hallucinogenic fungi spores in water. Keep everything very clean during the process. Per each ½ pint (240ml) jar you use, the following ratio applies 120ml Vermiculite, 60ml Brown Rice Flour, and 60ml water per jar. Couldn’t hurt to have some mind-setting induction music playing.

Sterile Substrate Grow Jar Creation

creating subsctrate jar for growing magic mushrooms

To make the grow jars, firstly pour filtered water slowly over the vermiculite while stirring. Subsequently add the brown rice flour to the wet vermiculite. Mix it well. Fill the mixture into your jars and leave ½ inch free space at the top. Do not tap or pack it down. It should be very loose. Fill the rest of the jar with dry vermiculite to the top, not packing it down. This comes with intuition and practice. You will get it after a few rounds. This dry vermiculite layer hinders airborne contaminants. Prepare the jar lids by drilling four holes in each lid with a drill. The holes should be slightly larger than the diameter of the spore syringe. After that, hand-tighten the jar lids onto the substrate jars. Now take squares of foil and cover the tops of the jars. You can now begin the sterilization process for growing magic mushrooms. Have some enhanced tea (cannabis bhang?) or something to relax. You deserve it.

Mushroom Spore Inoculation

hallucinogenic fungi mushroom spore inoculation

You can sterilize in a large canning pot. Firstly, Add about an inch of water to a large pot. Put in canning rack. Keep the water at a low simmer and steam the jars for 1.5 hours with the lid. We recommend passing the time learning another great recipe, maybe out tasteless cannabutter secret recipe. After that, remove the pot from heat and let jars cool in the pot for 8 hours. Remove the jars and wipe dry. Shake the hallucinogenic fungi spore syringe to break up the spore clumps. In addition, take the cover from the needle and heat it with a torch flame until glowing red. Let cool for a few seconds. Remove foil and inset need about 1 inch deep past the top vermiculite layer your created when filling jars. You should use 1 – 1.5 ml (1 cc) of the spore suspension per jar. Put the foil back on the jars. You have taken your first step in psilocybin therapy. Let’s relax one of these then chill stoner albums (and remember these albums for when you use your mushrooms).

Incubation and Mycelium Growth

mycelium growing from hallucinogenic fungi

Now store the jars at 70-81 °F. Moreover, you can build an effective incubator by using plastic containers. In the meantime, interested in other types of therapy besides psilocybin? How about flotation therapy? Check it out while you wait for germination. You should certainly see the first sign of germination after 3-5 days as bright white specks. The white growth is mycelium. Above all, if anything grows that is not white (green, black, or pink), it is contamination. Discard the contents if this happens. Meanwhile, wait for the entire jar to colonize. It takes 14-28 days for the mycelium to populate the whole jar. Within 5-10 days after complete colonization, remove the lids from the jars and gently tap the cakes out. Soak them in cold water for 12-24 hours, maybe while playing some mindfulness radio to keep you and the cakes happy. After the soak, place the cakes vermiculite side down on squares of foil in the fruiting chamber. Once fruited, it is a mind-altering substance.

Fruiting of Psilocybin Mushrooms

fruiting of growing magic mushrooms for psilocybin therapy

The humidity and temperature in the hallucinogenic fungi fruiting chamber must remain high to encourage pinning and all the growing mycelium to retain as much water as it can hold. The relative humidity (RH) of the air around fruiting mycelium should certainly be at least 90% at around 80 Degrees F for growing magic mushrooms. You must be mindful of all conditions. How is your mindfulness? Do you use any software-based approach? In addition, you can add a layer of wet perlite to your chamber to make it a fruiting chamber. Fruits should begin to form within ten days of birthing. Once fruits start, they grow in a matter of days. Be patient. We know it can be a bit tiring, but you have learned ways to battle that. However, some pins will create tiny mushrooms and then fail to produce. These failed growths are called aborts. These certainly still contain quite a bit of psilocybin and should not be overlooked when harvesting. They are still suitable for psilocybin therapy. Fruits are ready to harvest as soon as their veil begins to break.

Make a Mushroom Spore Print

making a spore print while growing magic mushrooms

Take a print when the hallucinogenic fungi veil first breaks. You certainly don’t want fruits to go much past this phase because they will dump spores before printing. Most importantly, be in a sterile environment.  I always like to take a homemade editable before connecting with nature. (Like a gummy). Firstly, rip a small piece of tin foil and place it in a container with a lid. Pick the mushrooms. Cut off mushroom cap using a sterile knife. Place the mushroom cap on tin foil with gills down. Place two tiny drops of clean water on top of the mushroom. Put the lid on the container. After about 24 hours, spores should have dropped onto foil. Gently remove the mushroom cap from tin foil. Carefully seal up the print in the foil. To store for future growing magic mushrooms, put the tin foil envelope of spore print into a zip lock bag and put it in the fridge. They can certainly last years in storage. Maybe take a look at our companion piece, Exploring Temple Ball Hash if you want to go down the marijuana path.

Magic Mushroom Finalize Grow

finalize growing magic mushrooms

Pick out any large pieces of hallucinogenic fungi debris that you notice in the perlite after growing magic mushrooms. This can be tedious so get those binaural beats rolling to ease the monotony. Moreover, you can clean perlite by putting it in an oven-safe pan. Moisten the perlite lightly and mix it gently, as needed, so the material is uniformly damp but not overly wet or saturated. Cover the container tightly with aluminum foil. We use the same thermometer from our homemade cheeba chews marijuana candy recipe. Poke it through the foil in the center of the container into the perlite. After that, place the container with moistened perlite in an oven set to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove the perlite from the oven when it has been at or above 180 degrees F for 30 minutes. Ironically, 30 minutes is just enough time to take a free MBTI personality test, which is what I did. Let the perlite cool completely before using it. Leave the aluminum foil cover in place until you are ready to use the perlite to avoid accidentally contaminating it. You can save for your subsequent psilocybin therapy grows.

Make a Mushroom Spore Syringe

psilocybin therapy making spore syringe

Make sure you had a good night of sleep, even enhanced if possible. You might need a steady hand. Loosely wrap empty psilocybin therapy spore syringe and small glass container separately in tin foil. Fill a mason jar with reverse-osmosis water and loosely put on the lid. Firstly, sterilize everything in the steam pot for 1 hour and let everything fully cool. Use iso alcohol to sterilize a xacto knife and any work surface. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that mushrooms are also a probiotic. What is a probiotic? We have you covered. So, deep breath, flame sterilize the xacto knife top with a hand torch until red. After that, place down on the sterile surface and let cool. Unwrap hallucinogenic fungi spore print from foil. Scrape off spores with the knife and transfer to glass. Scrape about half the print per syringe. Spore syringes should be stored in a clean bag and placed in a refrigerator. Refrigerating the needles increases the length of time the spores remain clean and usable for growing magic mushrooms in the future.

Dosage and Usage of Psilocybin

magic mushrooms mind-altering substance dosage and usage

Firstly, know that two randomly selected hallucinogenic fungi from your grow can have different psilocybin levels. A good mindset is required. Couldn’t hurt to check your aura color as well to know your current operating state. However, we can make some assumptions when growing magic mushrooms. So, let’s assume our newly harvested and dried magic mushrooms contain about 1% psilocybin. A microdose would certainly be considered much more diminutive than 1-gram. The effects of the mind-altering substance at this level is often unnoticeable but potentially beneficial, maybe for chakra balancing. One gram of magic mushrooms is commonly considered a low dose that produces noticeable effects like euphoria. If you start pushing into 2 grams, you will likely experience some psychedelic effects. Into the 4 gram range, and you’re going to have a full-blown psychedelic experience like synesthesia. Even the most experienced psychonauts don’t get into the 5 gram or higher-level doses. It would most likely be overwhelming. Also, be aware that psilocybin tolerance builds very quickly, hence the less danger of habit.

psilocybin therapy growing magic mushrooms hallucinogenic fungi mind-altering substance

There is still so much we don’t know about psilocybin therapy. Today we explored the potentially beneficial hallucinogenic fungi. If this mind-altering substance is a good fit for your mindful lifestyle, only you can decide. Especially if you consider growing magic mushrooms, it is best to educate on this miracle of nature.


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  1. Far lady june says:

    I had a full-blown bad trip on mushrooms when I was in my early 20s and just have never been able to revisit the experience again. Has anyone ever recovered back to some form us usage after a bad trip?

  2. Carl Stern says:

    Thanks for this. I have seen some other tutorials like the PFTEK and this is so much more cleaner and laid out. I assume it is just a refined PFTEK method with the jars and BRF?

  3. Can someone give an honest answer please? Is it just as easy as this? I have made muffins that were harder to make.

  4. I have been microdosing for maybe a bout a year. I found the dosage I could feel. Like you said, it was like 1 gram. Then I cut back until I couldn’t feel it anymore and just dose with that. I think it has helped with anxiety. It does kind of mess up my stomach though.

  5. Mat Newman says:

    Yea you can’t trip on shrooms for more than 4 days straight you won’t feel it at all with tolerance even worse than weed tolerance

  6. Stella NO says:

    It is said throughout the article but please respect this gift from God. It is not really a get high kind of drug.

  7. Ted lamountis says:

    I think most sterilize using a pressure cooker. This method is probably safer.

  8. AlbertTew says:

    Using mushrooms has changed my life. I micro, and have seen less depression and anxiety. Trick is micro-dosing.

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