Microdosing For Meditation

Microdosing For Meditation and the Truth About Microdosing

Microdosing for meditation is very popular. Let’s explore the truth about microdosing. What are the benefits of microdosing?  We learn how to microdose, explore usage, and reveal the truth. Our extensive coverage of microdosing begins now.

Microdosing For Meditation

First of all, microdosing for meditation is a method of marijuana administration before mindfulness.  Most noteworthy, you vape, smoke, or ingest only a “micro” (or tiny) amount of marijuana. The benefits of this microdosing technique is that doses are very low. Hence, they are unlikely to produce overtly strong effects. The idea is to dose enough for mindful enhancement, but not enough to create a potent THC high. Above all, the truth about microdosing is that it is sometimes difficult to judge how much of a dose constitutes a “micro” dose.  As we learn to microdose, we must establish secure connections to our body and mind to judge how much to dose accurately. Finally, what is the relationship between microdosing and meditation? Even more, how and why has this method of meditation become so popular?

THC Enhanced Mindfulness

Being high during mindfulness might sound like a new practice. The truth about microdosing, and especially microdosing for meditation, is that it has ancient roots going back as far as 1200 BC. Also, to this day, Nepal holds an annual holy marijuana mindfulness celebration. Even more, marijuana has been proven to focus the mind. Similarly, if you struggle to make meditation a part of your daily regime, the addition of marijuana can help you better integrate mindfulness into your life. With the addition of mind audio like professional binaural beats, a lot of the anxiety that goes with marijuana are eliminated. Likewise, there are many benefits of microdosing. However, before you learn how to microdose, consider the root reason for the addition of cannabis to mindfulness. For many, marijuana and consciousness are the perfect combination.

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Marijuana and Consciousness

First of all, the fundamental question when discussing microdosing for meditation is this: Are the benefits of microdosing that marijuana creates an altered state of consciousness, and expands our mind? In contrast, is the truth about microdosing only that we are getting “stoned” and meditating? Above all, is the primary benefit of microdosing that marijuana expands our consciousness? Your first step as you learn how to microdose is to fundamentally understand this: Marijuana is not merely and only recreational. Likewise, when we use marijuana with meditation, our intention is an in-depth inner focus. Cannabis can certainly both elucidate and intensify. It can allow us to release into a more comfortable presence. Above all, meditation can feel right and real when you have adequately microdosed.

Truth About Microdosing

There is still a lot unknown about marijuana and the uses outside of recreation. Hence, when deciding if marijuana and consciousness is the correct choice for you, know the truth about microdosing! Microdosing for meditation is easy, right? Therefore, just smoke or vape before you meditate and job done. Most noteworthy, an incorrect train of thought as you learn how to microdose is that more is better. While the benefits of microdosing are many, marijuana can be complicated to combine with mindfulness. Hence, many factors can affect the spiritual effects of cannabis. First of all, you must consider the strain of the plant, the amount you use, the frequency you use. Even more, you might find it difficult even to meditate while dosed. I think it is time we define what the “micro” part of microdose dose is. Sounds rather vague, doesn’t it?

What is Microdosing

First of all, the term microdosing does not only apply to marijuana dosing. Even more, while microdosing for meditation is extremely popular, marijuana is not the only thing being microdosed. Similarly, the practice of taking small quantities of psychedelic drugs such as LSD is also microdosing. Even more, the term microdosing is the use of any drug used in small amounts. While the use of psychedelics like LSD might have their mindfulness benefits, our focus today is THC. Furthermore, the truth about microdosing is that it is more common than you probably think. In addition to the benefits of microdosing already mentioned people who microdose claim it makes them more prolific, more creative and more focused. All probably perfect additions to mindfulness meditation. Consequently, the main reason why most people learn how to microdose is this deep inner feeling.

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How Much Marijuana to Microdose

The simple truth about microdosing is there is no right answer to, “how much to dose?” Likewise, microdosing for meditation is going to take some trial. While the benefits of microdosing are many, there is no one-size-fits quantity to dose. As you learn how to microdose, there is some advice you can follow. First of all, start with a small dose and work your way up. Cannabis with meditation can be a compelling and awakening experience. Hence, it is best to ease into the proactive. Consequently, if you feel any form of anxiety then it can be countered with professional audio induction like binaural beats. The Triforce of meditation for many is marijuana, mindfulness, and mind audio. As you progress with experience, you can begin to edge towards higher doses, finding the perfect plateau that works for you.

Benefits of Microdosing

We have already discussed many benefits of microdosing for meditation. Furthermore, outside the realm of mindfulness, is there still benefit to microdosing in general? As you learn how to microdose for meditation, the next logical question is… why just meditation? Most noteworthy, microdosing marijuana is the perfect way to achieve a comfortable yet attentive high. Consequently, it shouldn’t “couch-lock” you. Also, it shouldn’t make you anxious. (If it does, try mind audio to level out.) in contrast, consuming marijuana in microdoses will help you avoid specific side effects like paranoia and nervousness. In actuality, small doses of cannabis might provide an understated, but profound form of relief for symptoms like anxiety or insomnia. Even more, microdosing and binaural audio is also the perfect pair, as many enhance the effects of microdosing even more through the use of binaural beats.

Dangers of Microdosing

First of all, the hard truth about microdosing is that it isn’t hazardous. Although, while there are many benefits to microdosing, it absolutely isn’t for everyone. Hence, only you can decide if you want to go down this path and learn how to microdose. Consequently, microdosing for meditation can be a beautiful way to focus, relax, and expand consciousness. In contrast, that doesn’t mean it is an essential addition. Most noteworthy, marijuana is considered a benign drug, and there are no known deaths from THC overdose. However, many people go to hospitals every year because of anxiety attacks brought on by using marijuana. Symptoms of a panic attack brought on by marijuana include a pounding heart and anxiety. These effects usually subside. Even more, the severity can also be reduced or eliminated with the use of binaural beats.

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Is Microdosing Legal?

For most of history, marijuana use was legal. Between 1915 and 1930, 29 U.S. states banned the use of marijuana. Likewise, The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 made cannabis illegal across much of the United States. In contrast, the good news is that change is happening. Most noteworthy, several countries and many states have legalized marijuana for recreational or medical use. Hence, microdosing is legal if marijuana use is legal. Consequently, when considering microdosing for meditation, another thing to think about is the legality in your area. The truth about microdosing is that many are doing it, illegally, by law. Certainly, no matter how many benefits, you must consider microdosing and the law. Furthermore, you might not even want to learn how to microdose if it is not legal in your area. If you are still interested, you might be wondering how to microdose.

How To Microdose

When microdosing for meditation, there is no answer-all on how much to dose. YOU discover and explore your benefits of microdosing. In contrast, there have been recommendations. These may, or may not, act as a good starting point as you learn how to microdose. Most noteworthy, the truth about microdosing is that is it a personal, explorative, and sometimes lengthy learning process. Even more, the recommendation you sometimes hear is that microdoses start with 5 milligrams. in contrast, our advice is to start with the absolute least amount you can. Similarly, weed investor Jeffrey Zucker recommends less than 5 milligrams. You will sometimes hear 10 milligrams promoted as a next-step. Start with the absolute least amount of marijuana you can, and move slowly up from there. Hence, we can’t recommend an exact milligram dose, although we have presented you with some opinions.

Microdosing: Vape or Combust?

First of all, when microdosing for meditation, you technically have three options: combust, vape, or eat. While an editable is certainly a valid form of consumption, we don’t recommend it for microdosing. Most noteworthy, the truth about microdosing is that it can be hard to gauge. Vaping marijuana is generally considered the healthier alternative to combusting, or burning, marijuana. In contrast, it is sometimes difficult to find a vaping device that can effectively vape tiny amounts of marijuana. As vaporizer technology advances, they are becoming better at more effectively vaping micro amounts of marijuana. Furthermore, since the amount of cannabis used for microdosing is so small, maybe combustion is less an issue. Above all, you should carefully research the technology currently available for vaping and weigh it against the health risks of combusting.

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Microdose or Regular Dose?

Finally, you are more advanced in your journey to learn how to microdose. Hence, you probably have one final question. Is it time to up your dose? The truth about microdosing is at some point; you might drop the “micro.” Consequently, once you start expanding your consumption of marijuana, at some point you are regular dosing. If you are microdosing for meditation, you might consider purchasing a good scale. This way you can measure your doses and stop (and go no further) once you reach the perfect “micro” for you. Your path to meditation, mindfulness, and marijuana should go through a lengthy explorative stage – that potentially never ends. Maybe what is the perfect dose for you today, won’t be tomorrow, or next month. Hence, if microdosing is something you are considering, remember, start small. It’s not called microdosing for nothing.

Microdosing For Meditation and the Truth About Microdosing

First of all, microdosing for meditation can be relaxing, uplifting, and beautiful. In contrast, it is not essential. Above all, some great alternatives to marijuana are active audio products from iDoser. Mind audio, just like marijuana, can be a great addition to your meditation routine. It is very effective at enhancing the experience in truly profound ways.


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  1. Bebe KING says:

    I don’t know about the micro part but I have been “dosing” for my meditation for 30 years.

  2. Henry Grothoff says:

    How much does it matter how strong your source is? Like oils are usually way stronger than flower, amiright?

  3. Thank you for this. I am in my 30s. I have been an on and off smoker for my whole life and have been meditating since I was 13 years old. I put 1 + 1 together long ago, but it’s nice to see it written out.

  4. L Cremonini says:

    Not for me. I will stick to my herbal tea. Devil’s Advocate here – keep your meditation clean. All for marijuana. It’s nice to keep your meditation time completely unclouded.

  5. Taylor K. Busch says:

    Binaural Beats, Meditation, Marijuana. The Triforce. LOVE IT! Zelda reference.

  6. Brian Beakmann says:

    You made some interesting connections in this post! Never thought of combining microdosing with binaural beats. You mention microdosing for meditation has roots going back to 1200 BC? Some references would be nice to explore that more.

    Also oil/tincture seems like it would work well for microdosing, as long as you have a sense of potency and can dole out controlled quantities.

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