Exploring Temple Ball Hash

Exploring Temple Ball Hash

Today we explore marijuana vs hash, including dry sift hash and water hash. Then, we discuss the process to make a hash ball. What is the pinnacle of premium quality hash, Temple Ball Hash? Finally, we introduce you to some legends of hash like Baba Ku and Frenchy Cannoli.

Marijuana vs Hash

Marijuana Vs Hash

Firstly, what is Marijuana vs Hash? Let’s cover the basics before we get to the variations of hash like dry sift hash and water hash. Long before the legends of hash like Frenchy Cannoli and Baba Ku, before divulging the secrets of the marijuana hash ball named Temple Ball Hash, we need to start from the beginning. Even more, this foundation will help you better understand the process if you decide to make a hash ball. Marijuana is the dried flowers, or buds, of the cannabis plant. It contains psychoactive compounds like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Hash gets made from the trichomes of the plant. The resinous glands that cover the surface are where most of the THC is. Finally, the resin is separated from the plant to form hash.

Defining Marijuana

Before you make the coveted temple ball hash or even a mediocre marijuana hash ball, let’s talk marijuana vs hash a little more. Meanwhile, experts like Frenchy Cannoli, and legends like Baba Ku, know (knew) the intricacies of dry sift hash and water hash, we aren’t there yet. Firstly, the legal position of cannabis varies among states. Even more, people who are considering marijuana should first check whether it is legal. What is marijuana, strictly, and how is it used? People use dried leaves, seeds, oil, and other parts of the cannabis plant for recreational and medicinal purposes. It can have a pleasurable effect and may soothe the symptoms of various conditions, such as chronic pain. Nearly 100 million people in the US have admitted using marijuana at least once.

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Defining Hash

The hash side of marijuana vs hash isn’t that complicated, either. Hash is simply the separated resin of the cannabis plant. There are many methods used to separate the resin, including making dry sift hash or water hash. Once the resin gets extracted, it is often heated and rolled into a marijuana hash ball. The epitome of hash balls is temple ball hash. This ball is a beautiful, shiny, resinous sphere of full-melt hash of the highest quality. Frenchy Cannoli is one of the living legends of this form of hash and has all kinds of excellent tutorials on how to make a hash ball. Baba Ku, another legend, was an early pioneer of hash technology. Without Baba Ku, who knows, maybe we wouldn’t have the marijuana hash ball.

Marijuana Hash Ball

Marijuana Hash Ball

Do you have an interest in the minutia of marijuana vs hash? Firstly, for dry sift hash, water hash, the marijuana hash ball, and temple ball hash, we must recommend Frenchy Cannoli. Unlike Baba Ku, Frenchy Cannoli is very much alive and has many tutorial videos that will cover this process. Even more, if you want to make a hash ball, Frenchy Cannoli is the mentor you need. What is a marijuana hash ball? Try this: next time you get a good look at marijuana, check out the crystals coating the flower itself. Those are trichomes. Hence, they contain most of the THC. Furthermore, separating trichomes from marijuana and condensing them is how you make hash. This resin is often gently heated and rolled into a marijuana hash ball, which is much potent than the cannabis flower.

Hash Ball Teks

In your search for marijuana vs hash, you have probably come across some teks (or methods) for making dry sift hash or water hash. Above all, a marijuana hash ball, or temple ball hash, usually originates from one of these two methods. In this article, we cover how to make a hash ball, but there are other extraction methods as well. For instance, solvent extraction using alcohol, butane, or CO2 has become very popular. Even more, Frenchy Cannoli, as references several times, does not use solvents. Baba Ku, an advocate of hash technology, probably used a dry sift method. Therefore, if you are considering making hash, the easiest way is by doing the dry sift methods. The water extraction method is more accessible but requires some more equipment. We will cover both practices in detail.

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Temple Ball Hash

Firstly, you’ve heard us mention temple ball hash several times now. Even more, temple ball hash is considered the best of the best form of a marijuana hash ball. Hence, they are resinous, shiny, beautiful balls of pure resin. Just search Frenchy Cannoli for some fantastic examples of temple ball hash. He uses a water hash method to produce some of the most fantastic temple balls you will ever see, and is more than willing to help you make a hash ball. Moreover, we will cover both Frenchy Cannoli and Baba Ku in a bit. Another aspect of temple ball hash is that it is usually aged. Aging allows the essential oils to meld together in perfect harmony.  Even more, you generally age temple ball hash for three months, up to decades.

Make a Hash Ball

Make A Hash Ball Expert Frenchy Cannoli

Now that you have a good grasp on marijuana vs hash, are you ready to make a hash ball? Firstly, set expectations. To sum it up, you are no Frenchy Cannoli or Baba Ku, hence don’t expect the perfect temple ball hash your first time out. Even more, you will also need to choose between using a dry sift hash or water hash method. For a first-time hash maker, we recommend the dry sift way because it only requires a few simple tools. Furthermore, water hash requires a little more time and effort, but you might get the reward of a more significant yield. Finally, you need some marijuana. A water method can use either trimmings of the plant or full bud. However, with dry sifting, you might have more luck working with the full bud of marijuana.

Dry Sift Hash

Firstly, the dry sift hash method has been around for centuries. Hence, when we talk marijuana vs hash, water hash came later as dry requires some essential tools. Even more, you can produce an excellent marijuana hash ball, but achieving temple ball hash might be more complicated by hand. Above all, to make a hash ball as Baba Ku did, try the dry sift method. For more control, yield, and to get closer to a temple ball, see Frenchy Cannoli and water hash. Likewise, to make dry sift, you should get a “sift box” or use a set of micron screens. The process is simple: gently rub the cannabis over the screens. The resin glands fall through the screens, collecting. The process is not usually fast, and very therapeutic. Many will sift for 30 minutes or longer to obtain the perfect collection of resin.

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Water Hash

You make a marijuana hash ball using the dry sift hash method. Take a deep breath! Now it is time to try water hash. Think you can make temple ball hash like Frenchy Cannoli? Even more, maybe you are the next Baba Ku. Finally, let’s make a hash ball. Similar to the dry hash method, you are using micron screens. However, these screens are bags re: “bubble bags.” Most importantly, when cannabis is churned around in ice water, the resin glands drop off. From there, they collect in these unique hash bags. As a result, the water hash is sifted through these bubble bags, dried, and heat-pressed into a hash ball. If the quality is high enough, the process exacting, and with the touch of an artisan’s hand – maybe you can achieve a temple ball like the legends of hash.

Legends of Hash

Legends Of Hash Making Dry Sift Hash and Water Hash Frenchy Cannoli

We can’t talk marijuana vs hash without mentioning some of the legends like Frenchy Cannoli and Baba Ku. In addition, there are others (of course), but we decided to focus on one living (Frenchy) and one not (Baba). Firstly, Frenchy Cannoli is a modern example of the water hash master. Baba Ku was an early advocate of methods like Dry Sift Hash, and a massive supporter of cannabis. Hence, whether looking to make a basic marijuana hash ball or connoisseur-level temple ball hash, looking at the early and modern legends of hash will only bring about more success in your hash endeavors. Above all, hash is a real art. While many have turned to solvent extractions or pressing, some still stick to these fantastic and legendary methods. So, who are these legends of hash?

Baba Ku

Firstly, how much marijuana have you smoked today? According to legend, Baba Ku smoked three kilograms of hashish per day. Even more, Baba Ku is known by Afghan smokers to be the man sent to earth by the Creator to populate the entire world with cannabis. Sounds like a great job. Moreover, it is Baba Ku, who is to present hash (and methods to smoke and make hash) to the Afghan people. Even more, the tale of Baba Ku says he healed plague victims with his powerful hash balls. In addition, Baba Ku might account for the spread of information about hashish throughout Afghanistan. You will see depictions of Baba Ku with a massive water pipe. How big? His pipe held approximately 40 liters of mountain stream water. Now that is a legend!

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Frenchy Cannoli

Finally, Frenchy Cannoli is a modern master of temple ball hash. He is based in California and is a mentor, artist, and activist devoted to the production and appreciation of traditional cannabis concentrates. Frenchy grew up in Nice, France. Even more, he spent over twenty years staying with traditional hash makers learning classic techniques handed down over generations. From Morocco to Mexico, to Nepal, Pakistan, and India, he spent years living in caves and harvesting cannabis resin with Parvati Valley cultivators. Above all, if you are considering experimenting with traditional extraction methods, search out Frenchy Cannoli. Most importantly, he has loads of free tutorials videos that go into very deep detail on how to make coveted temple ball hash.

Exploring Temple Ball Hash, Dry Sift Hash

Today we explored marijuana vs hash making, including dry sift hash and water hash. Then, we covered the process to make your hash ball. Finally, we discussed temple ball hash and introduced you to some legends of hash like Baba Ku and Frenchy Cannoli.


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8 Replies to “Exploring Temple Ball Hash”

  1. I have always seen those beautiful Instagram pictures of hash balls but it never occurred to me how it was actually made. Still illegal here, so haven’t seen anything at that level of quality IRL. Can somebody describe how it tastes please?

  2. Anakin Janis says:

    I am nearing 70 years old and I have been “dry sifting” by hand since I was a young lad. Things are so fancy now. For anybody who wants to try their hand at hash making do one thing first. Make a hand-made hash ball. It takes a lot of work. You’ll probably make a mess. You might hate the process but it connects you with a plant on a physical level that bubble hash just doesn’t do. After you hand make a ball then you can move on to the technology. Trust grampa here!

  3. master grower says:

    Can you actually buy Frenchy Cannoli product at dispensaries? Where is he located? Anybody with first hand knowledge describe what it’s like?

  4. H. Zillas says:

    This article kinda makes it sound like you can just go buy some bubble bags and have a temple ball. It can’t be understated that temple ball hash making takes a lot of practice. These guys are artists through and through. I believe the real good ones are made from pure nug and not sift too. Maybe wrong on that. Any experts in the house?

  5. stacey horrocks says:

    What about squishing with a heated press and live resin? I am so confused about the term “live resin” hearing it lots lately. Does it just mean the plant was not dried so it is still live when you make hash from it?

    1. “Live” resin or rosin does mean that the plant was harvested and usually fresh frozen. The plant is freeze dried to prevent loss of terpenes of decay of any “live” plant tastes/compounds/qualities.

      To me I am even a little unclear “when” the plant is freeze dried. Seems to me that for live resin the whole plant would just get freeze dried, for live rosin the fresh plant is frozen- made into bubble hash- and then they freeze dry and press the hash made from the fresh frozen plant.

      Resin and rosin are two different styles of concentrates. Resin being the result of a solvent based extract, rosin being solvent less, just heat pressure and time. Seems to me that the live resins are cleaner and more pure, but there is something special about the unadulterated rosin that hits differently….and I can’t say I have a clear favorite.

      I’m no expert but I’ve got a basic knowledge of what’s going down or at least I think I do. I’m not a professional, just an enthusiastic hobbyist. Any pros feel free to correct me or elaborate.

  6. Nathan Wiger says:

    So dumb question here but how do you use it? Can it be used in an editable? Dabbed? Smoked? Waterpipe or roll? I know these are basic but you guys seem like experts.

  7. Emmett Byard says:

    RIP Frenchy Cannoli

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