The Frequency of God: Truth About The God Frequency

Truth About The God Frequency

What is The Frequency of God? Let us expose the HARD TRUTH about The God Frequency. How does the science of binaural beats fit into all of this? Finally, learn how to experience this yourself using professional audio induction.

The Frequency of God

the frequency of god

Firstly, a hertz is a unit of frequency that works out to one cycle per second. Professional audio induction (often used for advanced sleep sessions, lucid dreaming, and simulated experiences) uses powerful binaural beat sessions to achieve these results. In short, two slightly different frequencies play in each ear through headphones. Subsequently, your brain magically tunes into a third frequency – the difference between the original frequencies.

A.I. Meditation

The science of binaural beats allows us to achieve some fantastic mindfulness and beneficial effects. However, it also opens the door to fake, scam, and very amateur claims. Just search YouTube about the Frequency of God, and you will be shocked at the false claims around this occurrence. Today, we reveal the truth about The God Frequency. However, facts might amaze you, but we will teach you how to experience it yourself!

Truth About The God Frequency

truth about the god frequency

The best way to explain the Frequency of God is to think in terms of music. For example, a guitarist tunes their A string to 440 hertz. A is then the basis for the other strings to be adjusted. However, the issue is that 440 hertz can cause discomfort, is hard on instruments, and can have adverse mindfulness effects like disassociation. Consequently, many artists claim that even just going to 432 hertz is easier on vocal cords, is better for instruments, and is a healthier vibrational mindful experience overall. So, the truth about the God Frequency? Maybe it is not 440 hertz. Meanwhile, the science of binaural beats can help. Using professional audio induction, we can look at 440 hertz and work our way up to 432 hertz and beyond. After that, what happens?

Science of Binaural Beats

science of binaural beats

Is the Frequency of God at 400, 432, 440, 450, or some other hertz level? Above all, the science of binaural beats can be rather revealing here. Firstly, it is critical to use professional audio induction from a reputable source. For example, YouTube overflows with fake, scam, and amateur videos claiming powerful God Frequency reproductions, horrible subliminal cons, or other very unprofessional sonic journey productions.

LSD Simulation

Likewise, many of these channels are just pump-and-dump stock audio posts taking advantage. This started decades ago when took professional binaural beats mainstream. Moreover, many of these videos are not even at the frequency they are claiming. So, what does professional audio induction reveal? Finally, let us demonstrate the final truth about The God Frequency and teach you how to experience it yourself. Ready for the absolute truth?

Professional Audio Induction

professional audio induction

The truth about The God Frequency is that The Frequency of God is within YOU. Using professional audio induction and decades of experience, producers have heavily experimented with hertz range in the golden crest of 400-440 hertz. So, what has the science of binaural beats taught us? Most importantly, reactions are varied. Many found 420 to be meditative, calm, thoughtful, and tranquil. At 432, it was described as a savory experience, deep, revealing, truthful. In the same vein, some have profound experiences at 432, and others slightly higher or lower. If one thing seems inevitable, the frequency sweet spot is different for all of us. So, how can you try it yourself? Luckily, there are hundreds of professional and powerful sessions at various levels. Maybe it should not be called the God Frequency, but the Ego Frequency. What do you think?


The Frequency of God is within you. As a result, you are probably anxious to try The God Frequency yourself. If you decide to use the science of binaural beats and professional audio induction to try it, we would love to hear your experience.


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6 Replies to “The Frequency of God: Truth About The God Frequency”

  1. I have experience using good binaurals. The god frequency stuff though puts me really deep down. Too much so. Sometimes I have trouble coming back up if you know what I mean.

  2. Laura Schumer says:

    YouTube is out of control with all the sad mindfulness videos. I saw a subliminal channel the other day claiming they can cure diseases and make your nose smaller. Literally WTF.

  3. So why do so many people claim the god frequency is in the 900h range? I know I’ve seen a lot at this level claiming to be it but this says 400ish.

  4. Issac Aceson says:

    Thanks for this article it was easily laid out. I tried looking up what this was all about a few months ago and all I could find were online websites trying to sell me their God Frequency program. Are all these scams?

  5. Donny Miller says:

    Thanks so much for linking to the video containing the real god frequency. I watched it all and a little long built I think I will use it for sleeping.

  6. Can someone tell me… is this like listening to the Voice of God?

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