Brain Entrainment Music

brain entrainment music and binaural beat benefits using brainwave synchronization and frequency mind altering

Professional brain entrainment music is used all over the world to aid sleep, calm stress, and much more. Even more, there are countless binaural beat benefits. Brainwave synchronization is powerfully beneficial and easy to use. Even more, brain hackers are using these stimulating tones in frequency mind altering sessions.

Brain Entrainment Music

First of all, not all brain entrainment music is created equal. Even more, mind audio on platforms like YouTube and audio sharing services are very hit or miss (mostly miss). Likewise, you will find fake or scam binaural, subliminal, mind audio, or “sonic journey” videos making all kinds of unbelievable claims. Binaural beats and subliminal audio (and other forms of mind audio) are not health miracles. Likewise, they will not change physical aspects of your body, cure cancer, or make you superhuman. However, countless real binaural beat benefits are proven, powerful, and professional.

Binaural Beat Conditioning

Entrainment Popularity

In addition, brainwave synchronization is very common all over the world (thus the influx of fake and scam content).  In the same vein, professional binaural induction eases stress and anxiety, helps you enter REM sleep, causes deep sates of Zen-like meditation. Even more, pro binaural products are used for frequency mind altering, as proven by companies like that specialize in the mind-altering aspect of brain entrainment music.

Binaural Beat Benefits

Our brain contains billions and billions of cells called neurons. Even more, these cells communicate with each other through electrical waves. Likewise, these neurons are always sending electrical signals, producing a measurable amount of energy. A device known as an EEG, or electroencephalogram, detects this energy. If you view this output, it is cyclical and in waves. First of all, it is possible to train your brain to alter these electrical waves through deep states of meditation and Zen techniques. However, with no external stimuli to help brain training, this can take months or years to experience binaural beat benefits. However, there is a shortcut to achieving these results – no years of Zen meditation training required.

Experience Synaesthesia

Professional Binaural Beats

Using professional brain entrainment music, we can certainly synchronize our brainwaves to achieve a specific EEG pattern. For instance, using brainwave synchronization, we can enter high states of relaxation, focus, meditation, and other more powerful (almost drug-like) states. Frequency mind altering has become a safe and effective way to achieve these effects. Even more, those who can master the combination of meditation and binaural beats can reap powerful benefits: Better sleep, dream clarity, stress reduction, anti-anxiety, and much more. So, how can you achieve this quickly? With brainwave synchronization.

Brainwave Synchronization

Above all, to truly understand binaural beat benefits and how brain entrainment music can cause powerful states of synchronization, we must have a base knowledge in the categories of brainwaves.

Beta Frequency (14-32 HRZ)

First of all, Beta is the base brainwave frequency, and the most common. Our brain produces beta brainwaves when we are awake, going about our daily life. Thinking, speaking, and other rational is certainly in the left hemisphere of our brain.

Alpha Frequency (7-14 HRZ)

Secondly, the Alpha waves are in the lower spectrum. Above all, alpha state starts when our thoughts are not engaged in complex cognitive though, such as when we are daydreaming or meditating. Even more, we also experience alpha states when we are gently busy with routine tasks that do not require complex thinking.

My Out of Body Experience

Theta Frequency (3.5-7 HRZ)

In addition, we frequently use Theta frequencies states in mindful sessions, going back hundreds of years. When in this state, you feel like you are in a deep trance. Likewise, we refer to this as being asleep while awake. We relax our body so deeply that it is nearly asleep, while we are cognitively awake. The Zen frequency, and coveted for those who enter deep states of meditation.

Delta Frequency (0.1-3.5 HRZ)

Moreover, the Delta state happens when we are in a dreamless sleep. Most importantly, the delta state is exceptionally healing. In this state, our body releases healthy hormones like melatonin and DHEA, which can have powerful anti-aging effects. Even more, we produce HGH (human growth hormone) in this state, due to the stimulation of the pituitary gland. That is to say, the delta state is a very healing and regenerative state to achieve.

Gamma Frequency (40+ HRZ)

Finally, the Gamma state is a state of rapid processing and calculation. Our brain is very complex, and has to process data very quickly to enable the things we do daily: think, speak, communicate, etc. So, the gamma state allows the brain to process information from all areas of our mind quickly.

concentration techniques and binaural beats

First of all, this is the baseline. Binaural beat induction is a complex science. For instance, companies like use hundreds of frequencies in a single session to achieve brainwave synchronization. Frequency mind altering is a very complex process. Even more, you may get some limited benefits from listening to a single frequency tone, but powerful results happen through years of research and development from organizations like and the Monroe Institute.

Frequency Mind Altering

Finally, using brain entrainment music to enter drug-like states if often referred to as Frequency Mind Altering. The most common form of this type of brain entrainment certainly comes from the company. iDoser took this concept mainstream decades ago, and have been refining the technology ever since. Likewise, countless binaural beat benefits like improving cognition and sleep with brainwave synchronization are achievable. That is to say, frequency mind altering takes this concept further by using incredibly complex sessions of frequency modulation to simulate drug-like effects. For instance, users claim they can experience simulated drug-like effects of marijuana by using potent binaural induction from companies like However, using binaural induction in this way is an extreme example of the technology. Even if beyond your scope, you should still explore binaural beats for their natural health and mindful benefits.

brain entrainment music and binaural beat benefits using brainwave synchronization and frequency mind altering

In conclusion, if you are using professional (non-amateur or YouTube) brain entrainment music, then you are aware of the fantastic benefits like better sleep and less stress. A quick google search will show the many other binaural beat benefits as well. Even more, maybe you are exploring the mind-altering effects with potent induction like No matter your path, brainwave synchronization is hugely beneficial and easy to use.


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5 Replies to “Brain Entrainment Music”

  1. carli heather says:

    I have my doubts that binaural beats can trigger hallucinations on par with LSD. I can confirm that using binaural beats “with” psychedelics really does add another dimension to it. Worth experimenting with. When I mixed binaural beats with acid, it really expanded the trip. I am very experienced with tripping, so I was surprised at the gateways it opened. That is, if you can handle tripping and listening to frequencies. It can be very jarring. Also, as a negative for it, it made the entire experience just way to intense for me. I haven’t mixed binaural beats and psychedelics since. Anybody else have similar experiences? Would love to compare.

  2. Carl Anon says:

    If you are a lucid traveler, binaural beats are essential. I was averaging something like 2 lucid dreams a year, with really trying hard using dream journals, etc. After using binaural beats for lucid dreams for a few months enables me to lucid on demand. Just use good ones and stay away from the fake youtube stuff.

  3. nathan w. says:

    I love to smoke marijuana or vape and listen to binaural frequencies. I know much of it is mixed with music these days. Try the pure tones without anything else. I think they are stronger. I-Doser actually has free software that can play the tones without music on your computer. Good download and free. I have tried finding outer software but there is much real good binaural beat software out there.

  4. Dua Champ says:

    All these experiences seem very intense. For a non-cool mom who just needs something to de-stress, binaural beats and meditation have been a lifesaver for me. Things are bad where I am due to Covid and adding some meditation and this special binaural beat music has really helped. Can anybody recommend some I haven’t tried yet? What kind of binaural brainwaves are you all using?

  5. Ken Williams says:

    Ugh agree on Youtube. Youtube has become a dumping ground for fake subliminals and binaural beats. It’s actually pretty sad because these youtube scammers are trying to convince little kids they can “make them lose weight” or “be pretty” using some scam subliminal video on youtube. It’s disgusting. Want to use binaurals or subliminals to meditate, explore spirituality, get a natural high – fine! Don’t claim you can cure diseases, change eye color, make people lose weight, and all kinds of other nonsense.

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