Virtual Meditation Environments

Virtual Meditation Environments

Virtual meditation environments are popular for enhancing a mindful day. Learn to create a wakeful morning routine and an enhanced work setting. Use virtual environments to improve a relaxing recreation space. Finally, fall asleep in a dream sleep atmosphere perfect for lucidity and REM… all with virtual environments.

Create A Wakeful Morning

The first step to a perfect day is using virtual meditation environments to create a wakeful morning. Likewise, long before to arrive at work or school (and to an enhanced work setting), you should mindfully start your day. Even more, if you have a relaxing recreation space where you live, you can escape there for a few precious mindfulness minutes in the morning. What is a virtual meditation environment? First of all, we will be referencing virtual audio-induction enhanced videos that you use for a few moments of escape. These powerful tools contain chromatherapy visuals, mind audio-enhanced induction, and expert production techniques. The result is certainly a unique, fast, and powerful meditation to start your day. These virtual environments are perfect for your morning, day, recreation time, and fantastic for creating a dream sleep atmosphere.

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A Mindful Awakening

First of all, there are many virtual meditation environments you choose from when you create a wakeful morning space. Even more, using induction audio from a professional source like combines powerful meditation audio, stunning virtual environments, and amazing mindful music. Likewise, your conscious awakening should begin a space free of distractions, a place you find relaxing. Your busy day is about to start, so we need a mindful moment. We will certainly continue this stride when we get to work (or however you spend your day) using an enhanced work setting. The trick here is to have a genuinely mindful day by starting with a conscious awakening, entering into a mindfulness work environment, coming home to a relaxing recreation space, and retiring to a dream sleep atmosphere. When using powerful virtual environments like iDoser, we recommend a good pair of meditation headphones.

Enhanced Work Setting

Many create a wakeful morning but then enter a stressful work, school, or home setting without an enhanced work setting. Moreover, virtual meditation environments aren’t just for your morning meditation or your dream sleep atmosphere. A good mindful session is certainly suitable for work, home, or your relaxing recreation space. However, maybe you can’t watch videos at work or school – you might not be able to get the full “virtual environment” experience. If you have access to music, you can also use audio induction without the video part. Even more, if you can’t access music or video during your day, you will have to create a relaxing environment in your mind. By using professional virtual environments outside of your workday, entering a meditative state with your mind becomes exponentially easier.

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Survive a Tough Work Day

First of all, outside of professional virtual meditation environments, there are other mindful ways to survive a tough workday. Even more, it all starts when you create a wakeful morning. For instance, by starting your day off well, you have a better chance of having a good day overall. Likewise, creating an enhanced work setting, one you enjoy being in, surrounded by things you enjoy, is also helping. As when you make a relaxing recreation space at home, you should create an equally (as possible) space at work. Remember, the goal here is a full mindful day from a wakeful morning to an improved work setting, to a deep dream sleep atmosphere. Every day might not be entirely mindful, but the simple act of working towards these goals makes it so.

Relaxing Recreation Space

Virtual meditation environments are perfect for your relaxation time too. Moreover, some companies like got started by helping people achieve virtual, simulated, recreational experiences. Let’s set the scene: You create a wakeful morning and get off to a truly excellent start. Even more, you then spend a lot of your day in an enhanced work setting. It might be stressful at times, but using exceptional virtual environments or powerful mindful audio certainly helps. Finally, before you hit your bed and enter a dream sleep atmosphere, you want to relax. Your relaxing recreation space is essential. Now, this space might be the same as you use for your morning moments. There is a difference, though. You are not getting the day started. You are here to let everything go.

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Let Everything Go

What is the best way to let everything go after a hard day? First of all, virtual meditation environments might include everything from simulating recreational experiences to inducing robust levels of relaxation. Even more, since you already know how to create a wakeful morning and optimize your enhanced work setting, a relaxing recreation space should be accessible. The most critical thing your environment needs is privacy. Hence, there should be no ringing phones, interrupting people, internet. It is just you, an excellent iDoser relaxation session, and your ability to let everything go. You don’t need a lot of time. Powerful virtual relaxation sessions from a professional source like iDoser can start working very quickly. In a bit, you will retire to your dream sleep atmosphere, completing your perfect day.

Dream Sleep Atmosphere

Binaural beats and virtual meditation environments are perfect for creating a fantastic dream sleep atmosphere. Even more, you may sleep better if you did the full complement of mindful exercises today. For instance, did you start a wakeful morning, engage in an enhanced work setting, and take some time in your relaxing recreation space? Finally, now is the time to sleep and dream. Maybe you don’t think about your dreams too much. Hence, virtual sleep environments may help you remember your dreams and enter profound levels of powerful regenerative sleep. Even more. many people have trouble remembering their dreams. Some might even want to take it to the next level and CONTROL their dreams. Having a lucid dream often takes months of training to be able to control a dream. Not anymore. Let’s talk about REM and lucidity.

Sleep Music Rain Sounds Binaural Recording Congo Rainforest

REM and Lucidity

REM sleep is a phase of sleep characterized by the rapid movement of the eyes, accompanied by low muscle tone throughout the body, and the propensity of the sleeper to dream vividly. Moreover, it is often during this phase that you can achieve vivid dreams and even dream control through lucid dreaming. Even more, virtual meditation environments can undoubtedly help you achieve deep REM sleep, helping create a wakeful morning. However, if you want even more, they can even help remember and control dreams in your dream sleep atmosphere. Likewise, just as an enhanced work setting and relaxing recreation space helps with stress, so does where you sleep. Be mindful of your environment, use powerful audio sessions to enhance your sleep, and a beautiful new day begins tomorrow.

Virtual Meditation Environments

You have learned how virtual meditation environments are outstanding for enhancing a mindful day. We covered how to create a wakeful morning routine and an enhanced work setting. You came home to virtual environments to improve a relaxing recreation space and your dream sleep atmosphere.


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  1. I have noticed on the YouTube front how many of these producers are using really cool video effects to go with the subliminal or binaural or whatever. Feels like we are entering a new era for this kind of thing. I know I-Doser started it all and I still think they have the best stuff but it is cool to see where it is going.

  2. Lee Cheng says:

    I have been sleeping to these videos for years. I don’t think they are really new. Maybe they are getting better but not new. Anybody have any recommendations?

  3. Harry hellius says:

    This is the tip of the iceberg. If you want to really take a deep dive into the rabbit hole look into some of the hardcore recreational or erotic experience. Crazy stuff.

  4. It should be said that for binaural beats to work you need a good pair of headphones. Sleeping with headphones on isn’t for everyone. I think that is where these “virtual environments” come in. Especially the sleep ones, being able to be used while sleeping and without headphones. They still work best with stereo separations, like a speaker on each side of your bed.

  5. David Sauder says:

    Is i dosing really that good? Somebody reply.

  6. Matt Linx says:

    Some of those videos were simply beautiful. Thank you.

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