How To Improve Intuition

How To Improve Intuition and Practice Intuitive Thinking to Acquire Inner Insight and Develop Conscious Reasoning

There is nothing magic about intuition. Intuition is information that our consciousness evaluates without deliberation. Even more, intuitive thinking is a direct, powerful, and achievable method of reasoning. Will you acquire inner insight and develop consciousness reasoning? Today you learn how to improve intuition for upgraded judgment and better insight into your daily life.

How To Improve Intuition

Firstly, an advanced and refined intuition is a lot like a superpower, but it’s not. As we learn how to improve Intuition, take note: There is nothing supernatural, psychic, or unique about having good intuition. Even more, it is achievable by anyone using some simple exercises and modest knowledge. You might think that intuition is some “magic force.” Want to practice intuitive thinking? Above all, some of the most influential people in the world rely on their intuition to make robust business, love, or life choices. As they acquire inner insight, they consider their highly effective intuition a significant asset. What do they know that we don’t? Even more, what if you aren’t very intuitive? Can you develop consciousness reasoning? The good news is that it is straightforward to develop your intuition, even if you don’t believe you have one.

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Introverted Intuition Example

We are only a few paragraphs in, and you might already be confused about what intuition even is. You aren’t the only one. In other words, there is a lot of confusion about what intuition is and what it isn’t, especially apparent in the personality community. Firstly, there are some classic signs you are an Introverted Intuitive. For example, those who are driven by inspiration. These people have a compelling vision that drives them. If you have full belief in an idea and follow it despite influences, you could be an Introverted Intuitive. Moreover, those that follow the unexplored path, and are more driven by ambiguous, intellectual, and hypothetical thought fall into this category. If you don’t blindly trust the face value, a daydreamer, a lucid dreamer, or a lover of the spiritual and unexplored – let’s continue down this path.

Intuition Meditation Exercise

To learn how to improve intuition is not as hard as you might think. For instance, want to practice intuitive thinking to acquire inner insight? You can, for example exercise making non-critical judgments and compare those rulings to resolutions to develop conscious reasoning. Even more, enhanced meditation like binaural audio induction from professional companies like is beneficial to empaths and those wishing to improve intuition. However, be wary of fake, scam, and amateur content flooding YouTube. It may hinder effects from professional mindfulness sessions. For instance, using technology like is also beneficial to lucid dreaming. Many empaths certainly use lucid dreams to help decipher these critical decisions – sort of like an in-dream workshop. You must practice with low-risk situations. For instance, don’t make an essential family, life, finance, or relationship decision as intuition exercise. You can, however, safely practice intuitive thinking in your daily life.

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Practice Intuitive Thinking

Believe it or not, all of us are intuitive thinkers. We all, to some extent, let emotion guide our life decisions. Even more, the human mind has evolved to allow us to make intuition-based decisions or the “gut feeling.” As you are well aware, however, there are times when our intuitive thinking has led us to make the wrong decision. However, we shouldn’t shy away from intuition, however. All of us should be mindful and practice at improving our intuitive thinking. Finding a balance between analytical and intuitive thinking is a balance we all should work towards. We are all also governed by their own set of morals, which directly influence all decisions we make, analytical or intuitive. We even live in an ever-shifting environment, be that our city, state, country, or the planet as a whole. Evolution of thought, of course, has an influence al all thinking paths.

Intuitive Personality Test

The study of personality types is impressive, and surely has its place when we talk forms of thought as we develop conscious reasoning. When referencing personality types, for example, an extrovert is someone who simply embraces their surroundings more actively. Even more, an extrovert might be more adventuress; in some of the same ways an intuitive thinker might be more than an analytical thinker. While in personality reference, an extrovert is simply a reference to action and environment, it means something slightly different when talking social definition. Carl Jung, a psychiatrist on personality theory, referenced it as “perception via the unconscious.” So, then, what exactly does it mean to have a strong intuition and to acquire inner insight? Let’s keep it simple.

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Having Strong Intuition

Maybe you consider yourself to have a strong intuition, without the need to develop conscious reasoning, or perhaps not. Regardless, what are the pros and cons or strong intuition? First, your “gut feeling” tends always to be right. You have no idea why, but it is. Even more, friends and family have maybe noticed over the years, making you their source for advice. There also may be a link between intuition and intelligence. On the Jungian spectrum, the top 50% of those on the gifted table are all intuitive. For those with an IQ of 130+, nearly 80% of those are intuitive. For example, having a strong intuition may also be related to active imaginations. Even more, our imagination tends to fade as we get older. In the intuitive mind, creativity is highly productive and even involved in critical decision making.

Acquire Inner Insight

First of all, intuition is so much more than a hunch. So how to improve intuition? Many who has gone down the path of intuition improvement end up having a full-blown spiritual awakening as they acquire inner insight. Most importantly, is it an after-effect of refined intuition improved inner insight? Maybe. However, enlightenment doesn’t have to be religious or spiritual – on a personal level, and it can only be full knowledge of the condition. Through meditation, mindfulness, and maybe even technology induction with products like – if you achieve a state of higher consciousness, then you are potentially just baby steps away from a spiritual awakening. Finally, those with inner insight see the world in a very pure way — struck by the miracle of life.

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Third Eye Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful toolset for those looking to improve intuition, open their third eye, and acquire inner insight. Best of all, using affirmations is very easy. Most importantly, Chakra is the principal points used in a variety of ancient mindfulness practices. For instance, the third eye chakra is the sixth in our system. It is an area that guides intuition and connects us to a higher power. Even more, in yogic practice, the third eye chakra is the area where we transcend, when we separate our ego from the rest of the universal system. You become less of an “I,” a solo entity concerning ego. If you’re struggling to listen to your intuition or see clearly, binaural induction audio and third eye affirmations are an excellent place to start. Those with balanced chakra tend to have extrasensory intuition.

Easy Chakra Balancing

While affirmations are simple and readily available, a full chakra balance is a little more complicated as we acquire inner insight.  Even more, Chakra Balancing is a type of energy healing that focuses on channeling latent power into our seven chakras. Firstly, just like your physical body needs exercise, your spiritual body does, in turn. The spiritual energy inside of us drives our imagination and intuition. It helps us to develop conscious reasoning. If you haven’t experienced some of the fantastic technology that is available for the spiritually inclined, definitely take that step. The final step for you to take is to develop your conscious reasoning for improved intuition continuously. As you learn how to improve intuition, be sure to practice intuitive thinking. Are you ready for the final step in intuition refinement?

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Develop Conscious Reasoning

What is the exact opposite of intuition? Many certainly believe it to be reasoning. For example, a standard instance of intuition is the first impression we form when we are spontaneously triggered to make a decision. E Is reasoning more efficient than intuition? The description of intuitions is more or less on target; that of logic relies on a highly artificial use of thinking. Finally, there are so many variables that this often comes down to the individual. What happens when we are factoring in quick intuition vs. long deliberation reasoning? There is no singular, and we, as living beings, use a blended approach of intuition or logic – and this is a critical point. Maybe you shouldn’t chase intuition powerfully strong enough to rely on solely? We need balance with the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The Subconscious Mind

In psychology, the subconscious is the part of the mind that is not currently in awareness. Firstly, this is crucial as we learn how to improve intuition, practice intuitive thinking, and acquire inner insight. Most importantly, awareness can’t be understated: The subconscious mind is the influential subordinate system that runs everything in your life. Firstly, everything that is not conscious stores in the subconscious bank in your mind.  Finally, our subconscious mind stores everything we have seen, done, imagined, or thought. Interacting with your subconsciousness mind is difficult, as the connection between consciousness and unconsciousness is… emotion. We certainly all know how hard it is to work with passion. Your first step in connecting to your subconscious mind is to eliminate the negative emotions – this is where audio-induced meditation can be beneficial as you develop conscious reasoning. There is also the subject of morality.

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Moral Judgement and Reasoning

Moral quandaries are engaging in the topic of intuition. You can practice intuitive thinking all day. But there are often good reasons for and against both choices – the moral difficulty of the decision. Even more, life is full of tough ethical decisions, and do we lead with intuition of analytics? Again, this is very speculative, and we ask these questions to the universe, not generally seeking a definite answer. Does successive logic lead people to change their choices. Where is your alignment on the analytical and intuitive scale? So, how do you develop conscious reasoning? Even more, does the moral severity of the decision alter your use of intuition and analytical thought? Regardless of how intuitive you are, we can take the extra time to be mindful, practice meditation, and improve our mindfulness – in our search to acquire inner insight.

How To Improve Intuition and Practice Intuitive Thinking to Acquire Inner Insight and Develop Conscious Reasoning

Intuition is not magic. With improved intuition, our consciousness will evaluate better without (or with less) analytical deliberation. This form of thinking is a direct, powerful, and achievable method of reasoning – the mixed approach. Today you learned to acquire inner insight and develop consciousness reasoning. How will YOU improve intuition for upgraded judgment and better insight into your daily life?


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5 Replies to “How To Improve Intuition”

  1. Kim Stanton says:

    I’ve always considered myself an empath with high levels of intuition. I have been the go-to for friend and family advice for my whole life. I am not full on psychic but I do have some lingering ability. Even with a lifetime of experience I just had a recent slip and gave very bad advice. Friend-losing level stuff. The moral of this little story: no matter how much an empath, psychic, grounded, or Intuitive you think you are – we are human, and we shouldn’t blindly trust our feelings all the time. Anybody else ever blindly follow their intuition and have bad results?

  2. haley stiles says:

    I have the worst instinct. I trust too easily and always get hurt. I don’t even want to try and improve my insight because improving means making judgments, I will be wrong about and just end up hurting myself.

  3. Work on your chakra and check out some kundalini stuff. I found that practicing spirituality and meditating every day has really helped me to improve my throught process. Having a balanced chakra is my latest discovery and it had made a difference. Look into Root Chakra to start.

  4. Nathan Nasor says:

    Be careful of negative triggers. People who bring you down can really hurt your ability to find balance. This past year I made the decision to remove some very toxic people from my life. The result of having just good people around me is amazing. This has improved my meditation and thinking as well. Quality of life.

  5. puzzle lady says:

    Thank you for this. I find it very hard to trust people. Does anybody have any advice? It really makes me afraid to even start something.

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