Mantra: An Empowered Approach to Meditation

Mantra An Empowered Approach to Meditation

What is the meaning of mantra? We take an empowerment approach by utilizing a mindfulness assessment to define your custom mantra and affirmation meditation. Learn to use the Law of Attraction and positive affirmations to bring meditation to the logical, technological, and more effective next level. Ready to learn the meaning of mantra?

Mantra Meaning

Meaning of Mantra

Firstly, ever see people in meditation groups chanting affirmations that bring on a sense of calm and clarity? Want to unlock the secret meaning of mantra? During this article, we will take a mindfulness assessment to reveal the best mantra for you. Even more, this empowerment approach to affirmation meditation certainly uses proven techniques to take your meditation, chakra, yoga, or other mindful practice to the absolute peak of effectiveness. How effective? Neuroscientists can measure and prove some of the mindful benefits of the methods we are discussing today. Likewise, using an excellent mindful meditation technique like binaural beats or positive affirmations is good for the brain. Want to achieve these absolute levels of calm and centeredness? Let’s start with your personal mantra, the first building block in your mindful toolset.

Mantra Examples

Search for mantra examples on Google, and you will find hundreds of articles like “10 Empowering Mantras,” “17 Easy Stress Mantras,” “999 Mantra Examples,” and it goes on. Above all, the true meaning of the mantra is more than just listing 1-9999 positive affirmations and being done. For example, an empowerment approach means you are more involved in your declaration that just repetition or chanting. To some extent, this requires a mindfulness assessment (more on that soon). So, instead of just listing affirmations, let’s try to group our mantras. For instance, a Mental Mantra Set that increases absorption and improves recall and focus. A Physical Mantra to allow healing and renewal. Finally, a Spiritual Mantra for self-realization and empowerment. How do you choose these sets of positive affirmations, chants, mantras (or however you choose to term and integrate)?

Mantra App

Biohacking Apps

We are a Mindfulness Technology Blog and would generally recommend a piece of software or an app to aid in your mindfulness. Therefore, Today is no different, with a slight caveat. Firstly, your personal meaning of mantra should certainly be an exploration. Above all, we are taking an empowerment approach to discover our Mantra Sets. Likewise, downloading an app or software that generates an affirmation meditation or lists mantras is a shortcut to discovery. Once you have taken a mindfulness assessment, made some personal discovery, and have a good base in mantra – then an app that aids in your process is perfectly acceptable. Until then, we would recommend something like an excellent binaural beat app or some professional audio induction while you reflect on a mindfulness assessment, maybe take a quick personality test.

Mindfulness Assessment

Mindfulness Assessment

The meaning of mantra belongs to you. We hate to sound like a broken record but hit that Google Search and check out the unlimited tests, quizzes, polls, and other tools you can use to give yourself a mindfulness assessment. Most importantly, how do you take a transient concept like mindfulness and apply a scale to it? Even more, is it possible to measure how much you are aware of your thoughts and feelings? In short, maybe with an empowerment approach. Remember the Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Mantras? Think about what is important to you, your goals and desires, and work outward from there. Above all, being empowered is a balance between acknowledging the universe is capable while also taking an action-forward approach to making discoveries about yourself. The process will help significantly with an affirmation meditation approach.

Growth Mindset

Two distinct mindsets govern us. A Fixed Mindset accepts that we are static. Moreover, under this mindset, we can’t change ourselves in any meaningful way. Even more, a Fixed Mindset creates an urgency in us to be successful, with consistent validation. On the other hand, a Growth Mindset flourishes with the challenge of life. Failure is certainly a catalyst for growth, and therefore success. We manifest our mindset from a very young age. If you are fixed-centric, is there is an easy way to transition to a growth mindset? You are reading this article, and therefore becoming mindful – the first step to change. Meanwhile, we have veered from the true definite meaning of mantra, as this is yours to define through your mindfulness assessment, empowerment approach, and eventual affirmation meditation techniques. What about your personality?

Free Personality Test

MBTI Personality Video Test and Mindfulness Assessment

In searching for your meaning of mantra, you will come across the MBTI Test. The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator is less a mindfulness assessment and more a personality test. Moreover, since we are taking an empowerment approach (with the end-goal being a good affirmation meditation practice), MBTI isn’t a bad test to take. Even more, we did a massive write-up on this test not too long ago. All you need is a few short minutes, and the MBTI Test can give you some valuable information about your personality type. In short, you now have a good direction on mindful assessments and a grasp on a mantra. Why do we keep recommending an empowerment approach? Don’t just chant affirmations and wait for the universe to reply. We, at least partially, take things into our own hands.

Empowerment Approach

Empowerment Approach

Taking an empowerment approach to meditation, mindfulness, and spirituality means that you are working in a way that empowers yourself.  In your personal search for mantra meaning, for example, find a method (using affirmations, binaural beats, or whatever path best suits you) in a very confident, inclusive, and organized way. This methodology, my friend, is what you are doing by reading this article. Even more, we recommend a mindfulness assessment and MBTI Test because of this. You are certainly taking an active approach (being mindful) about personal discovery right now. Remember how easy we said it was to get lost in an affirmation meditation? The “999 Affirmations” lists plastered on every corner of the internet? Moreover, even we are guilty of this. However, an empowerment approach means to make your own list, after some research.

Empowerment Benefits

Living an empowering life has more benefits than just coming up with your meaning of mantra. Firstly, it goes well beyond your mindfulness assessment and affirmation meditation. After that, an empowerment approach might be a whole new way to look at life. Above all, being empowered means recognizing that you have choices instead of believing that your path is set in stone. A lingering sense of impossibility might gradually turn hopeful. You can see that enthusiastically applying learned information supplies the data to know what to do, instead of feeling powerless. Of course, this is all easier said than done. Change certainly takes time. The sooner we begin to understand that only you can empower yourself, the less we seek others’ empowerment. Simply put: you create your happiness. It’s time to face your ego!

Empowerment and Ego

Our jobs, money, health, love, and other factors govern our life. Moreover, it’s easy to get absorbed in the outside world while ignoring your inside world. Above all, your ego is your reflective consciousness. Think of this as your Inside Self. As mature as you consider yourself, your ego might be a child by comparison. Likewise, in your search for the meaning of mantra, your ego will be there. During your mindfulness assessment, the ego is vying for control. Researching your affirmation meditation approach? Careful of your immature ego. The empowerment approach means you must also help your ego to mature and possibly heal. When you and your ego agree that “I am enough,” you are there. What is enough? You are loved, intelligent, assured, intuitive, creative, and much more. Now begin your affirmation meditation.

Affirmation Meditation

Affirmation Meditation

By now, you are well into finding your meaning of mantra. You maybe took a mindfulness assessment, or the MBTI, with a headstrong empowerment approach. In conclusion, it’s now time to work on your affirmation meditation, chant, mantra, or whatever method you choose. With your Growth Mindset, this will (should) be a fluid list. Above all, always be mindful and relevant in your affirmations. Remember, you are permitted to take control. Life is hectic, unreliable, and challenging sometimes. It is beautiful, stunning, and inspiring other times. Most importantly, today is the day, good or bad, that you take one step closer to a Growth Mindset and an empowered life. Likewise, you just read almost 1500 words about mantras, now is as good a time as any. A good start would be with the words, “I am…”

Subliminal Affirmations

In your search for the meaning of mantra and affirmation meditation, you may come across the concept of subliminal affirmations. Firstly, they grew in popularity on streaming sites for a short amount of time. Most importantly, they are not an empowerment approach for one simple reason: you have no idea what the affirmations are. For example, the concept is somebody is reading affirmations at a completely inaudible level. Meanwhile, your brain picks up these subliminal messages and processes them, even without hearing them. Firstly, you have no idea what those affirmations are. Secondly, you are relying on someone else to affirm. Finally, what if those affirmations were negative? Subliminal messages are often in marketing and advertising. Therefore, we are already inherently suspicious of them. You have no way of knowing, and therefore this is neither empowered nor recommended. We only endorse positive affirmations.

Positive Affirmations

Watch Over 100 Love Affirmations and Mindfulness Assessment

If only all affirmations were positive. However, we just learned that negative affirmations could sneak through a shady subliminal affirmation. Even more, maybe your ego always repeats a negative declaration to you. Perhaps life has been busy, you’ve been less mindful, and are slipping from a Growth Mindset to a Fixed Mindset. Your meaning of mantra might change over time. A mindfulness assessment, even the MBTI, doesn’t have to be a one-time check. Mindfulness is something you should always be aware. As essential as diet and exercise, meditation is critical to a balanced life. Taking an empowerment approach means it is up to you to get yourself back on track. Sit down, talk with your ego, and work towards a better you. If there is one certainty: you can do it.

Mantra An Empowered Approach to Meditation

You are on your way to finding your meaning of mantra. Remember, take an empowerment approach by utilizing a mindfulness assessment to define your custom mantra and affirmation meditation. Continue learning to use mantra and positive affirmations to bring meditation to the more effective next level.


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5 Replies to “Mantra: An Empowered Approach to Meditation”

  1. Criss Sanet says:

    I remember a year or so ago when a bunch of dubious YouTube channels started making subliminal videos filled with negative affirmations but claiming they were positive. They were putting some really negative subliminal affirmations into the videos and were shut down by Youtube for scamming.

  2. Hilda Presoff says:

    It doesn’t have to be this complicated. Start your day with a few compliments to yourself, have a good attitude, and be nice to others. Affirmation comes from the world and the interactions around you.

  3. I have to say that I tried some of this kind of thing for a while I have an affirmation journal that I only write positive things in. Find a news source that leans towards reporting on positive things in our world.

  4. Mark Tobias says:

    Good binaural beats combined with affirmations really amply the Law of Attraction. If you want to go next level meditation then I recommend some good binaural beats. As somebody said before just be cause of all the YouTube scams. I actually saw a “cure coronavirus” meditation on YouTube claiming it could cure the virus. Disgusting.

  5. The world is filled with bad affirmations so you need to combat them with good affirmations all the time or you will lose.

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