Experience Ego Death: Transcending Personal Identity

How To Experience Ego Death

Personal identity is our source of impulse, desire, and want. Ego, ID, and superego are our psychic apparatus consisting of conscious and unconscious components. Today we learn about self-transcendence and the process of personal ego death.

Your Personal Identity

Your Personal Identity

Above all, our personal identity is like an iceberg. People see a small visual portion of the larger structure that lies hidden. The part of the iceberg above the water is our conscious awareness. However, most ice is hidden under water, representing our unconscious mind. Our ID is the only part of our personal identity present at birth. For example, as a child, we are ruled by ID. We are basic only in our knowledge of satisfying our rudimentary needs. As we grow older, our ego develops to moderate between the ID and the norms of reality. To accomplish true self-transcendence, we must understand the building blocks of our consciousness and unconscious mind. Only then can we experience ego death. So, before we let go of our ego, let’s explore our mind.

Conscious Awareness

You are bombarded by stimuli every second of every day. Most importantly, conscious awareness means you are operating normally, re: processing stimuli consisting of complex thoughts, recollections, emotions, feelings, etc. The psychic apparatus of ego, ID and our personal experiences throughout life is what helps us navigate the beautifully multifaceted world we live. Conscious awareness is a small part of personal identity, however. The unconscious mind lies beneath the normal operating level we usually engage. To experience self-transcendence and ego death, we must have conscious control of our psychic apparatus. Most of us understand our conscious mind. What about your unconscious mind? Likewise, let’s explore that deeply hidden part of our personal identity to better understand how we can achieve transcendence, which is essential in letting go of our ego.

Ego Death Meditation

The Unconscious Mind

A basic understanding of the unconscious mind is essential for self-transcendence and ego death. Firstly, it is a crucial aspect of our psychic apparatus and personal identity. Secondly, the unconscious mind can produce thoughts of anger, bias, compulsiveness, and distress – all detrimental to the process of ego death. Some things we can do to better comprehend our unconscious mind are free association, dream interpretation, and binaural audio induction. Free association is accessible. Write down whatever comes to mind without considering how unimportant, irrelevant, or uncomfortable it might be. A journal or a diary is a great outlet and a wonderful way to start documenting your dreams. Finally, binaural induction is a popular tool for lucid dream recall and more. It has become the go-to tool for unlocking the unconscious mind.

Understanding Psychic Apparatus

Understanding Psychic Apparatus

You may have a vague understanding of psychic apparatus based on our references to ego death and self-transcendence. For example, the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud refers to psychic apparatus as a psychic structure capable of transmission, converting, and encompassing mental energy. You are already aware of some of the constructs: conscious awareness, the unconscious mind, and preconscious. Moreover, all three entirely and systematically coexist. Our psychic apparatus is in place to keep internal energy in constant equilibrium. It allows us to process information coming from the two worlds, the internal and the external, the conscious and the unconscious. Our personal identity is certainly complex, and another reason many psychonauts use binaural induction and lucid dream recall, helping to better understand the unconscious mind.

Incorporating Preconscious

Remember our personal identity iceberg? Firstly, we have the conscious we can see above the water. However, under the water is the unconscious mind, one we strive to learn and understand in our journey to ego death and self-transcendence. The preconscious is the part we can recall with effort. The preconscious includes imagery, thoughts, or expressions that we can reflect on with conscious effort. Through mindfulness, meditation, or more advanced technology like mind audio solutions, software, and apps, some reach this understanding state. Therefore, we will call this The Mindful Toolset. For instance, those seeking personal identity answers will often use these technologies because understanding the preconscious is no simple process. Unconscious content is temporarily barred from consciousness by internal forces such as repression. The Mindful Toolset might assist in your discovery of self.

Experience A Reality Shift

The Mindful Toolset

Our personal identity is incredibly complex. For example, while we might understand our conscious world well. However, the unconscious and preconscious aspect of our psychic apparatus often remains hidden to even the most in-touch of us. To complexly kill our ego and experience ego death requires self-transcendence and understanding of our hidden conscious. The Mindful Toolset comes in here. While Sigmund Freud believed in free association, hypnosis, or automatic writing for unlocking consciousness, times have changed. Lucid dream recall, binaural audio induction, and powerful software and apps now exist to help our journey to self-transcendence and ego death significantly. Above all, just be sure to go with a professional solution and a company with a long experience with mindful technologies. Moreover, your journey to self-transcendence might not be as hard as your first thought.

What is Self-Transcendence?

What is Self-Transcendence

We, as humans, have a desire to become more than our personal identity. Likewise, this desire might manifest in religious, spiritual, or mystical settings. Self-transcendence concerning psychic apparatus can be basic: care for others’ well-being over self-interests. Let’s make it even more fundamental. Self-transcendence is about rising above the self and relating to that which is greater than the self. The realization that things are equally crucial to self is the first step in ego death. Even “greater than self” goes beyond the concept of our fellow human beings. For instance, what is greater than the self? It can be a range of things like nature, the universe, or divine power. However, the personal journey of identity is for you to have and define with self-discovery or mindfulness.

Spiritual Self-Transcendence

Let’s discuss the connection between spirituality and self-transcendence. It is easy to see the link. For instance, many of us believe self-transcendence to be the idea of “beyond self,” that there is something higher. Maybe religious, divine, alien, or other. Your personal identity is yours to define. It is a beautiful aspect of self. Many people achieve their personal self-transcendence through religion or other ideas of soul and faith. Using this as an example, these people find meaning and fulfillment in religion, satisfying their journey of self-transcendence. However, your personal self-transcendence doesn’t have to be religion. The only important aspect of transcendence is that you find it in a way that works for you. In the same vein, let’s cover some real-world examples of self-transcendence and personal identification that might jumpstart your journey to self-discovery and ego death.

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Self-Transcendence Examples

Firstly, it is challenging to identify self-transcendence examples, but it has four distinct characteristics you can look out for as you align your identity. Above all, there is a distinct shift in focus from the self to others – this shift from selfishness and egoism to consideration is a defining factor of self-transcendence. Moreover, there is also often a shift in values. For example, those who achieve self-transcendence and ego death don’t drive by self-motivation. Even more, those who have gained an understanding of their personal identity also tend to increase moral concern. So, for example, do you know anyone who works to meet the needs of others, is driven not by reward and is always concerned with doing the right thing? Certainly, open avenues of communication and learning because this person has achieved self-transcendence.

Experience Ego Death

Experience Ego Death

Have you worked towards self-transcendence and a proper understanding of personal identity through your psychic apparatus? In addition, are you ready to let go of your ego to experience ego death? Be warned. Ego death is one of the most profound and sometimes frightening experiences someone can have in their life. The ego is a sense of self that you develop at a young age. Likewise, to lose ego is a profound and enlightening experience. For example, your ego is how you identify. It is you ID. To suddenly lose your ego is quite an experience – you realize that you are not the things you’ve potentially identified with, and the ego (or sense of self you’ve created in your mind) is a fabrication. The experience can similarly be terrifying and result in the sense of detachment or disassociation.

Letting Go of Ego

If you want to attain self-transcendence and ego death for yourself, there are ways to go about it. Firstly, it’s not an easy journey, as it represents true discovery above and beyond self-actualization. For example, ego death is not a casual experience. It changes the course of people’s lives entirely. Ego deaths are different for everyone. Some attain it naturally, achieving a spontaneous spiritual awakening. Meanwhile, some have achieved it using powerful mindful induction techniques like those developed by the iDoser.com Company (for example). If you’re looking to experience ego death for yourself, it’s essential to look at your objectives, why you want to get rid of your ego, and how you plan to do it. From here, you can attempt to induce ego death.

The God Frequency

What About Superego?

How hard will it be to achieve self-transcendence and ego death? To put it bluntly, even if you are using the most advanced induction technology available, it might not be easy. In addition, the superego is the section of personality composed of the internalized ideals that we have acquired from our parents and society. Moreover, the superego is the last component of personality to develop and might be the defining hurdle towards achieving actual ego death. The superego is part of the psychic apparatus that has defined our whole lives from those we respect and love. The primary action of the superego is to suppress any urges or desires that are considered incorrect or socially unacceptable. Have you been able to achieve self-transcendence, ego death, or enlightenment?

How To Experience Ego Death

Today we learned that personal identity is our source of impulse. To achieve ego death, we must understand our psychic apparatus that consists of conscious and unconscious components. Tell us, have you reached self-transcendence and ego death? Share your story in the comments.


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16 Replies to “Experience Ego Death: Transcending Personal Identity”

  1. Lou Miller says:

    You only have these initial thoughts and fears prior to self-realization and illumination. The interesting thing is all the parts of this article only matter before achieving it. Then it seems so simple.

  2. Guaranteed Ego death = 5 Grams Psilocybe Cubensis.

  3. Yea I have been trying to achieve it even with psychoactive substances for 3 decades and have not reached it. You start to think real ego loss doesn’t exist.

  4. chris winter says:

    Learn meditation first. Then learn enhanced meditation with binaural beats they mention I Doser and agree here. I have gotten to some higher planes using mixed methods.

  5. Lady Pyramid says:

    What happens if we have achieved ego death and want to go back? I miss my ignorant life before awakening.

  6. Can someone please let a naive girl know if this really works?

    1. Christina says:

      Of course, all these things and so very much more is Attainable but it comes at a very high price, a lot of hard work and years, often decades to reach the state of Sita, where you are constantly present to the Bliss of the soul.
      God bless and best of luck to all the seekers.

  7. shayne fixter says:

    Be wary of the LOADS of fake and scam videos on youtube and elsewhere claiming to offer advanced mind audio. Do some research. You mention I-Doser – they are one of the few that have actually been around for many many years but most are fly by night scams and youtube pump-and-dump channels.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Microdosing mushrooms is a great way to edge things along in your ego death.

  9. Henrybound says:

    It is not something you will be able to do quickly or on-demand. It takes years of practice to achieve.

  10. graliontorile says:

    Very good written article. It will be beneficial to anyone want to experience ego loss, including yours truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – can’t wait to read more posts.

  11. Christina says:

    🤣 omG I suppose that’ll get her done as well my friend

  12. zoritoler imol says:

    Letting go of Ego is one of the toughest things you can you. I have to say, I thought this blog was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

  13. Samantha Bushika says:

    Love this and I will definitely share. I have been searching for a blog like this for a long time. Thank you!

  14. bill kiefer says:

    I have used the idoser ego death sessions and have had a complete reversal of my thoughts on personal ego. It has been very eye opening.

  15. hiyanthi peiris says:

    Worth noting this can be a very extreme experience when you kill your ego, even if for a short time.

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