Tasteless Cannabutter Secret Recipe

Cannabis Edible Recipe Tasteless Cannabutter Recipe and Marijuana Butter Alternatives

Tasteless Cannabutter Recipe teaches you to make perfect marijuana butter for a cannabis edible recipe. Learn about marijuana butter alternatives, secret methods, and directions to consume THC in this cannabis editable recipe. Ready to make tasteless cannabutter?

Make Tasteless Cannabutter

First of all, as we learn to make tasteless cannabutter, there is one word I want to focus on: “Tasteless.” Certainly, it is possible to use marijuana butter alternatives to mask the distinct taste of cooked marijuana. Above all, how do you make it tasteless? Most noteworthy, cooked marijuana gives off a subtle toasty herbal flavor as it cooks into butter and other fats. Hence, this taste transfers over to whatever editable you are making. Some enjoy this toasty herbal flavor. However, some do not appreciate how it tastes. If you want potent effects from your edibles, without the herbal taste that marijuana adds. Since this recipe gives powerful results, we would be amiss if we didn’t include some directions to consume THC.

The Secret of The Recipe

A cannabis edible recipe is nothing new. You can certainly throw some marijuana into some simmering butter, strain it, and will have a workable base for your edibles (story on that later). Consequently, to make tasteless cannabutter is slightly more steps, but well worth the extra time. Furthermore, while discussing marijuana butter alternatives, we will also cover the secret methods to make it extremely strong. Hence, none of the toasty herbal flavors that cooked marijuana adds. Likewise, a strong cannabutter with no taste is a dangerous thing, indeed. Certainly, stick around for some sage wisdom. Directions on how to consume THC follow. What is the Secret of The Recipe? How do we make it “tasteless” but still extremely strong? Stick around, my friend. We need to cover the basics first.

Siimulate a Marijuana Edible

Way Beyond Butter

To make tasteless cannabutter, you need butter, right? Probably. Yes and no. Most noteworthy, while butter is the tried and true base for a good cannabutter, there are marijuana butter alternatives. Much of this will depend on your cannabis editable recipe. Where will you end up? Will you be using this to make brownies or cookies? Butter might be the right choice. Even more, maybe you to explore other culinary options. Hence, oils can be a good option. Likewise, olive, vegetable, and coconut oils can make for a fantastic infusion? What about butter alternatives like emulsified oil mixes? Are the directions to consume THC different if you use oil or butter? Above all, we will give you some great options and discuss why you would use them.

Why Make Edibles?

Before you start pulling out pots and pans, ask yourself: Why make tasteless cannabutter? Furthermore, do you dislike the taste of weed but still want the effects? Even more, are you looking for marijuana butter alternatives, maybe healthier options? Above all, just looking for an amazing cannabis editable recipe base for your cookbook? Are you new to edibles and need some background and direction to consume THC? Being a mindful blog, we ask you to take a minute to think about your intended outcome. If you decide to follow this recipe, you will already have the world’s best cannabutter because it was made by you, with love. However, we will teach you how to make the most refined, robust, and reliable marijuana butter. Finally, ready to begin?

Marijuana Butter Alternatives

To make tasteless cannabutter for the first time, we recommend starting with butter. First of all, butter is the classic, the original, and is what everybody used before all the various emulsifications we now have available in our supermarket. Hence, our recipe will call for one cup of fat per 10-20 grams of botanicals (start small). Even more, if you want to take the extra step, you could clarify butter (google it). Finally, if your cannabis editable recipe is going to be a dessert, butter is the right choice. Even more, since most people are familiar with how cannabutter tastes, it will also give you a good comparison of this secret recipe to the norm. But, let’s take a minute here. Outside of directions to consume THC, your choice of fat is the most important. What if you want to try an alternative?

Marijuana THC Crystals Directions to Concume THC

Marijuana Solubility in Fat

If your end goal here is a “tasteless” product, then use any fat you like. Hence, our method will work for butter or oil. First of all, the secret to our tasteless marijuana butter has nothing to do with your choice of fat. However, there are certainly some excellent marijuana butter alternatives, depending on your cannabis editable recipe. For instance, coconut oil is a prevalent vegan alternative. Even more, olive or vegetable oil is also a popular choice. Finally, if you are looking for the most substantial results possible – try our secret ingredient. You might find this under the brand name Earth Balance but look for a “butter-free” spread containing a mix of oils. This combination of oils (palm, canola, soybean, flax, olive) makes for an excellent base to absorb THC.

Cannabis Editable Recipe

Finally, ready to make tasteless cannabutter? First of all, we have discussed the reasoning behind our fat choice, and now it is time to collect the ingredients. Don’t worry; you only need a few. You can certainly scale the recipe as needed.

1 cup of fat (unsalted butter, oil, or spread)
10-20 grams of marijuana (start small)
Water (filtered)
Fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth

First of all, let’s talk about your marijuana choice. We have certainly discussed marijuana butter alternatives, but what about the weed? Indica strains are more physically sedating, perfect for relaxing. They can also aid sleep and help insomnia. Even more, sativas will provide stimulating, elevating cerebral effects that pair well with physical activity, parties, or social situations. Finally, hybrids fall somewhere in between, offering a balance. In our directions to consume THC, we will cover the effects a bit more. As for the water: use well filtered or purified water.

How to Make Cannabutter “Tasteless”

There is a big secret to make tasteless cannabutter. First of all, before you begin cooking in butter (or marijuana butter alternatives), you need to do a soak. One of the big reasons your cannabis edible recipe won’t have that toasty herbal flavor is because we are going to soak those flavors out of it while maintaining all the strength. Finally, we are then going to decarb, or activate the THC before we cook it in our fat. First, break up your marijuana into small pieces, you can choose to grind it here, but it might be easier after. Even more, soak the cannabis in water for seven days, changing the water every day. Take that week to be mindful and reflect. Don’t worry. Since THC is not water-soluble, we are only washing away the water-soluble parts of the plant that will give off a taste when cooked. Finally, strain and bake at 240F in your oven on a cookie sheet to decarb the marijuana. Now you are ready to make your cannabutter.

Marijuana Tolerance Break Directions to Consume THC

Processing Pure Marijuana Butter

Take a deep breath! Finally, we are nearing the end and our directions to consume THC. Hence, you have evaluated butter and marijuana butter alternatives. Even more, you have a good cannabis editable recipe ready to go (brownies, maybe?). You have soaked your marijuana for seven days and cooked it to decarb the THC for consumption. As a result, it is time to make the tasteless cannabutter. First, melt your fat over low heat. Keep it above 160F but never exceeding 200F. Grind your marijuana (if you haven’t yet) and simmer in the fat for 2-3 hours. Most noteworthy, it should never reach a full boil. Finally, strain the cannabis out of the butter and refrigerate. An excellent option for the cooking portion of this recipe is to use a slow cooker. A slow cooker set at 160F is a hands-off approach for this lengthy process. Finally, now you are ready to consume.

Directions to Consume THC

First of all, it wasn’t too hard to make tasteless cannabutter, was it? What marijuana butter alternative have you used? What cannabis editable recipe did you use? Cookies, brownies? Or, something else? Let us know in the comments. Your butter’s strength depends on several things because it is hard to determine how strong your starting material was. Even more, the solubility of your fat choice comes into play. It might determine how strong your final cannabis edible recipe will be. Finally, the heat and length of your cooking will vary. Most noteworthy, our simple directions to consume THC is simple: be careful. Most noteworthy, eating marijuana is much different than other forms of consumption. For some, the effects will come on fast. For others, it might take longer. You can do a potency test to check the strength. In fact, we recommend a potency test after every new batch of cannabutter you make.

Eating Marijuana: Less Is More

After you make tasteless cannabutter, test the potency of your finished product. Consequently, the test will work no matter if you use butter or a marijuana butter alternative. Even more, it is always good to test strength before you apply it to a cannabis editable recipe. Spread ¼ teaspoon on something like a cracker or piece of toast and see how that dose affects you after an hour. Decrease or increase the amount as needed. You can then certainly use this personalized “standard” baseline for any cannabis edible recipe you make with it. Even more, it will depend on how long it takes for the effects to kick in. Due to that, give it at least an hour; two is even better.

Simulate Marijuana Sativa for Your Cannabis Edible Recipe

Eating Marijuana: Timing is EVERYTHING

The first time I made tasteless cannabutter was a disaster. First of all, not in the process, that was easy. Consequently, I through a few handfuls of marijuana into some simmering butter for awhile and strained it. Even more, I did this before I even know about marijuana butter alternatives. My cannabis edible recipe was just some supermarket boxed cookie dough. Likewise, I did not know and had no directions on how to consume THC or CBD. I made the cookies and ate two as soon as they finished cooking. After an hour, I felt nothing. After an hour and a half, I still felt nothing, so I ate another cookie. Five minutes after eating my third (!) cookie, the first two kicked in, and I knew I was in trouble. A half-hour later and I was laying in bed having an anxiety attack. Most noteworthy, test your dose strength, and give it time!

Our tasteless cannabis edible recipe taught you how to make the perfect marijuana butter. You learned about marijuana butter alternatives, secret methods, and directions to consume THC in this cannabis editable recipe. How did your tasteless cannabutter come out? Let us know in the comments.

Cannabis Edible Recipe Tasteless Cannabutter Recipe and Marijuana Butter Alternatives

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    This is very interesting. I love the idea of marijuana treats but I could never stand the off-putting flavor, even if it is subtle. I might have to give this a try.

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    Methods that have been around for a very long time but nicely written. Well done.

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    Can you use BHO or oil when cooking? Someone let me know?

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    Well written and easy to follow!
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      Have you tried this method with your butter yet? Interested if it works.

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