Can We Live Forever? Finding the Fountain of Youth

Can We Live Forever? Finding the Fountain of Youth

Can we live forever? Today we explore the human lifecycle and common causes of death. Finally, we take a deep dive into the technology and science for extending life. Can we find the true fountain of youth together?

Exploring the Human Lifecycle

Exploring The Human Lifecycle and Common Causes of Death

We will refer to the experts when discussing the human lifecycle. Firstly, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tells us that human bodies change meaningfully over time. Moreover, the common source of this life energy is the food we eat every day.  Before even considering the concept of the fountain of youth (and can we live forever?), there is the understanding that we all need a particular set of nutrients. Above all, these are amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids, and specific vitamins and minerals required for all of us to sustain life. The difference is, as we age, the amounts of these nutrients our bodies need will differ. We will cover this a bit more deeply when we cover the common causes of death. However, depending on your stage of life, your nutrient requirements change.

12 Major Stages of Life

The human lifecycle has 12 stages. These include Prebirth, Birth, Infancy (0-3), Early Childhood (3-6), Middle Childhood (6-8), Late Childhood (9-11), Adolescence (12-20), Early Adulthood (20-35), Midlife (35-50), Mature Adulthood (50-80), Late Adulthood (80+), Death. Which stage of life is the most important, and what are the common causes of death in mature adulthood? What is these life cheat codes you keep hearing about? What is the critical stage to answering the question, “can we live forever?” For example, it is infancy, re: the fountain of youth? Some claim that childhood is the crucial stage when the human brain is wide open to new things that change us for the rest of life. However, maybe it is young adulthood when our health is in perfect form? In late adulthood, we have the knowledge necessary to navigate life and guide others.  Or, all stages are essential.

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The Future of Evolution

The “can we live forever” debate is shattered by the truth that there are certainly common causes of death – it is a fact of the human lifecycle. Spoiler: Nobody found the fountain of youth yet. However, what about the future of evolution and where we go from here? That is to say, we now have a direct means to control our evolution in the form of genetic engineering. By using complex techniques, scientists can modify our genomes. Moreover, the concept of future evolution is that researchers may someday uncover genes underlying intellect, vigor, athleticism, longevity, and other desirable traits. Will the future of evolution be engineering us to be superhuman? Subsequently, some believe that engineering might lead to the next level in the human lifecycle. Until then, we need to face the cold hard facts about our end of life.

The End of Life

The End of Life and Common Causes of Death. Can We Live Forever?

The human lifecycle is particular. For example, we are all born, live, and die. There are certainly very few things in life so definitive. While the joy of a new life is celebrated and conversed, discussions about death are uncommon until we suddenly face it head-on. In addition, life is unpredictable, and our first experience with death is often with a family member or friend.  There is a lot of anxiety about death and the afterlife. However, the more people that engage and understand death, the more culturally open we may become. Can we live forever? Not, not yet. Is the fountain of youth close? Are we almost there? Maybe we will have a better understanding if we explore the common causes of death. To live forever, we would have certainly to eliminate all causes of death.

Common Causes of Death

Our exploration of the human lifestyle is coming to an end. Later, we explore the theoretical idea of the fountain of youth and “can we live forever?” However, we are in the final stage of the human lifecycle. What are the most common causes of death in humans? Above all, heart disease and cancer have claimed the top two spots as the most common reasons of death for decades. For example, heart disease and cancer are responsible for almost 50% of all death. The rest are common offenders, with the next in line being accidents followed by respiratory disease and stroke. We certainly have a lot to overcome if we want to live forever. What should we do today?  Lifestyle changes are ideal for both our body and mind, with mindfulness being our focus.

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Preventing Death Through Lifestyle

Now that we know some of the common causes of death, what can we do to search for our abstract fountain of youth? Firstly, we are a mindfulness blog here, and we have gone as far as we should in human lifecycle discussion. We are here to help you learn about yourself. Meanwhile, countless resources are online for body wellbeing, cancer prevention, heart health, and more – we are not doctors. Most importantly, If any of this concerns you, please speak to a medical professional. Even small changes in nutrition and lifestyle changes today can certainly go a long way in prevention. However, we can recommend not to forget mindfulness. There is impressive technology for mindfulness and meditation. Your mind is as critical as your body. With advanced apps, there is no excuse. So, can we live forever? No. But, what if we could? Let us speculate.

Can We Live Forever?

Can We Live Forever? Finding The Fountain of Youth

Let us get this out of the way. Can we live forever? No. Therefore, we explore life extensionists as the maximum we will push this topic, but it is interesting to consider the possibility. Maybe someday in the future, the human lifecycle will not have an end. Until then, the common causes of death are preventing the fountain of youth from being found. It is an interesting speculation. After that, even considering logistics like population, ask yourself this: When you accomplish everything and have seen everything, experienced all that interests you, what would you do with another 100, 500, infinity years? John Mellencamp once said, “Life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone.” For example, do we even want it to go on forever? Interesting to think about, no?

Lifespan Through the Ages

Can we live forever? Not now, but when? For example, will we ever be able to drink from the fountain of youth? Right now, the human lifecycle says no. However, there may be some hints in our common causes of death list. Think about this: over the past 100 years, life expectancy has certainly doubled! Most of us have never had to worry about polio or smallpox. Therefore, advances in science mean we are living longer than ever. In the 1900s, infectious diseases like tuberculosis accounted for nearly half of all US deaths. In 2010, those conditions accounted for only 3%. What will the future bring? If we can someday cure cancer and heart disease, how close does that get us to “forever.” Of course, another obstacle is certainly the natural aging process, but one step at a time.

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Meet the Life Extensionists

Firstly, life extension is the concept of extending the human lifecycle beyond its general limit of about 125 years. Those who pursue this endeavor are considered Life Extensionists, and they are actively searching for the conceptual fountain of youth through attainable goals. For example, some include vitamin regimes, mindfulness technology like binaural beats and audio induction, or more drastic methods like stem cell replacement therapies. Secondly, while many of these Life Extensionists may be considered “extreme” in their pursuits, many are just following everyday strategies with a mindful eye on life extension. Even so, what some regard as an extreme strategy to extend life might someday be a norm. Until that day, let us daydream about that conceptual fountain of youth we keep mentioning. Moreover, what can you do today to extend your life?

Finding the Fountain of Youth

Persut of Eternal Life. What is the Fountain of Youth?

The fountain of youth is a magic spring of water that restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in it. Tales of such a fountain have certainly been recounted worldwide for thousands of years. It appears in countless writings. Further, maybe this is the magical way to answer our “can we live forever” question. For example, while we may prevent some of the common causes of death through diet and health, we will be referencing the fountain of youth in a conceptual sense. Today, the fountain of youth might be digital. Most importantly, mindfulness technology is easing stress and anxiety, a leading cause of health issues. Likewise, it seems the entire world is meditating with powerful software and apps. What is next, and what should we do today?

Mindfulness and Length of Life

In researching topics like the human lifecycle and common causes of death, prevention measures often mention nutrition and health but failed to reference mindfulness. In the same vein, maybe the fountain of youth is not some magic spring that restores youth – it is the fantastic apps, software, and mindfulness technology available today. Stress, anxiety, fear – these certainly take a toll on our body just as a bad diet or no exercise might. In recent times, the benefits of audio induction, ASMR, flotation therapy, and other mindful technology have come to light. Likewise, the “can we live forever” debate may never end. But what is some of this technology for life extension if you want to take mindfulness and meditation to the next level? There have certainly been some utterly unique advances.

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Technology for Life Extension

So, there is no current proven technology for life extension past the inevitable. Likewise, until we cure all common causes of death and leap some other physical obstacles, the human lifecycle will certainly end when it ends. The answer to “can we live forever” is an unfortunate “no” for now until either that magical fountain of youth appears, or we make some advancements. However, anything is possible, and who knows where we will be in another 100-500 years. Until then, the best thing you can do is eat well and exercise. Subsequently, do not stop your workouts with your body. Your mind is equally critical. A small amount of meditation certainly goes a long way towards stress and anxiety relief. With leaders in audio induction like i-Doser, Calm, Headspace, and more – it is easier than ever to get started.

Can We Live Forever? Finding the Fountain of Youth

Can we live forever? No, but today we explored the human lifecycle and common causes of death. Finally, we took a deep dive into the technology to help you start with mindfulness. Maybe we came one step closer to our conceptual fountain of youth?


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  1. Gordon JCP says:

    I have reservations about the idea of people living forever. One is overpopulation. How could that be controlled?

  2. lady bard says:

    As someone who is later in life and looking towards the end I can say that by the time you get there you are more ready spiritually than you might think especially if you are very young. Enjoy life, it is short my friends.

  3. Part of me found this to be very depressing. Maybe because I am only in my late teens. I did learn in school though that other cultures don’t get depressed about death and actually look forward to the next stage of existence.

  4. I read bout life extensionists before and I think it is a sad way to live

  5. Who else found this depressing?

  6. Carley Stronnen says:

    Very interesting deep dive into life. For those that found it sad I think it really depends on your age and your outlook.

  7. One of the biggest takeaways from this article should be that mind health is just as important as body else maybe even more so.

  8. Chris Stoll says:

    Jack And Diane what a great song.

  9. Matt Smith says:

    I am amazed at how far some these of meditation and mindfulness software and apps have come. I personally use Calm and Headspace on my phone and i-Doser on my mac and windows computers. Back in my day all we had was meditation tapes.

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    Wow, awesome weblog format! Love this fountain of youth article especially. How lengthy have you ever been blogging for? you make running a blog look easy. The overall glance of your web site is fantastic, as well as the content.

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